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i don’t typically write twice on the same day, but i am in awe of David today and felt the need to mention this now. He has grown in his confidence and he beams. He tells me things that he would not have before. He doesn’t ask as many questions so much as now he makes statements.

While i’ve grown in my deeper submission, he too has grown and developed as a stronger leader for me and our family. He has truly become my SIR.

But i won’t deny, it truly has been a process. We officially started DD almost two years ago. When we started, it was ME wanting it. i asked David rather slowly and tentatively. At first, David was more or less just going along with it. While he didn’t exactly say these words to me, i think he basically was thinking, “okay, it’s her latest and greatest kink for the bedroom. I’ll go along…” and he did.

But that’s just it. It wasn’t a kink (okay, maybe it IS…. but still!) just for the bedroom or a fad that would go away. i wanted this to be a new way of life and a new lifestyle to which we were committed to and would define our relationship. And slowlyyyyyyyy over these two years, i’ve seen him take on a true Dom personality that has REALLY culminated in the last few weeks, but especially the last couple of days.

i told you how in the fall we fell out of the DD lifestyle. Because i didn’t really think he liked it, that he was (still) just going along with it, and didn’t really “care” about it, i basically didn’t either. And because the fall season is always busy at our house with our son in high school, so… i just dropped it.

But coming up to Christmas – i missed it. i missed who we were. i hoped he would want to get it back. i had noticed we were always fighting about stupid stuff, i didn’t show him respect – in my actions, words, or thoughts – and well, things weren’t going well. So that’s when i texted him i miss spanking and he texted back, “Me too”.

With that response, THAT was when i realized for the first time that he truly had come to like the DD lifestyle and being my Dom. And i was equally excited … and sad. Excited because i had a chance to get back what i thought was lost and sad for having lost it in the first place.

From T-H-A-T day in January until now, he has started truly being in charge, telling me what to do, and disciplining when it’s needed. He has set new rules and enforced them too. And he is adamant about NOT missing maintenance either.

THIS time, it’s different. It is intentional on his part. Not just mine. And in the past 24-hours, he’s been more Dom-like than ever before.

First, he texted saying if i could go home early for maintenance, that would be preferable. So i did because i could. When i got home, he was eating a late afternoon meal and watching t.v. i greeted him cordially but i wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to do maintenance then, later, or what. So i asked him.

And his response was, “From now on, assume that when you come in the door on Friday after work, you are to……go straight to our bedroom, get completely naked, stand with your feet on the floor next to the bed, bent over at the waist. And on your back should rest the paddle. You shall wait until I am ready to come in and join you, however long that may be. Don’t make noise, don’t ask questions, and do NOT move from that position until after maintenance is complete – no matter HOW long you have to wait for me to arrive! Do I make myself clear?”

Wow. Okay then. That is without a doubt, THE most dominant thing he has EVER said to me. It was direct, clear, un-questioning and un-waivering.

“Yes Sir, it is very clear.”

And i turned and went to do as he said. Which then resulted in the most painful spanking to date. Without preamble. Without much notice. And definitely without asking me “if it’s okay, I’d like to….”, to which i was incredibly thrilled about!

That brings us to this morning….. when i told him that in my deeper submission thoughts…. that i want to implement a new rule about “what he puts in, only he can take out” he said, “okay.”

Hmm. His response wasn’t too excited or convincing. Maybe he doesn’t really think this is a good idea and this is just me “topping from the bottom”. Oh well, i said it and that’s all i can do for now.

i went on to say that i would NOT talk about it (“it” being whatever he put in), whine about it, beg for it to come out, or otherwise mention it. That i would trust that he would remember, not forget about me, and tell me when he felt it was time to come out. Again, he said, “okay”.

Geez, me and my big ideas.

And that’s when he left the house to go play golf. He texted me shortly afterward though and said, “I didn’t have time to put the purple metal plug in, but you need to do that now. Text me a pic that I can see it went in.”

Oh well, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea afterall…..

And i did as he requested…. at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

When i texted the pic, i asked him, “Does that make you happy?” (Genuine, not sarcastic). And then i went on to say that i see giving him the authority to decide if/ when it comes out as another sign of submission and it makes me happy.

And he wrote, “Yep and Good!”

Man of few words, but i did anticipate a little more than that too. This is really not my best idea. Well, i guess i’ll see how today goes. But i’ll leave it in and hope you don’t forget.

He got home from golf at 3:00 and he has not said ONE-SINGLE-WORD-ABOUT-THE-PLUG-ALL-DAY.

IT IS STILL IN. This is THE longest i have EVER worn a plug. And …. while it’s uncomfortable from this length of time in, it’s not “that bad”… but if he said take it out, i’d be all-too-happy to do so too!

But it made me wonder, “Did he forget?” So – i debated – but i worked up the courage to ask……

i said, “Sir, while i am NOT complaining or asking for relief because i said i wouldn’t do that, did you forget about the plug?”

He responded with an incredulous look and said, “NO, I did NOT forget. And why are you asking when you said you wouldn’t? I assume I don’t have to talk about it or confirm it is still in. Is it still in?”

“Yes Sir”

“Show me. Now.”

So i turned around, bent over, and pulled down my pants.

He said, “Looks great.”

THAT’s IT? AGAIN? …. i thought there should be more….

i said, “So do you want to touch it? Can it come out? Are you surprised i left it in?”

And he said, “You are asking a lot of questions. Do you want to be spanked?”

“No Sir”

“Okay, so where’s the trust you texted about? Do you NOT trust me to remember, to make good decisions and to tell you what I want?”

“I do”

“Then stop asking questions before I put even more bruises on your already bruised ass. And go away and quit asking… with the plug IN place!”


i said, “Thank you Sir. i love this confident dominance you are showing me.”

And with that, he smiled and said, “Good! Go put on a thinner fabric, tighter fitting shirt, so I can see your nipples better. And plan to wear it to dinner tonight.”

i’m not allowed to wear a bra unless i’m at work in a shirt that requires it.

So i did.

And so here i sit – with a purple plug in my ass still and a form-fitting shirt, no bra and no panties, and preparing to go to dinner……. where people could see my nipples.

But i am confident that my husband is a CONFIDENT SIR. And he will NOT forget about me, he will beam when others look at my nipples, and i will be proud of who i am and who he’s become.

And i feel most confident that my latest kinky sex fad is now a permanent lifestyle that has changed my husband into my very confident and dominant husband who i call Sir!



  1. This is great and I’m so happy that you have both rekindled your love for kinky sex. Just a couple of things though, first of all, it’s absolutely fine for things to come and go in waves, allow it and even expect it to! Things will happen in your lives that may make you more or less inclined to play, please don’t think you’re doing kink wrong. It’s 100% normal and something that even we, with more than 10 years of kink together, have experienced. Also, while I completely back him being your Dominant husband (massive kudos there!), do make sure you have an open line of communication in case things do get genuinely unbearable for you. Good luck to you both and I will look forward to reading more! Elena xx

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment and perspective. I think we differ just a bit though and that’s ok.

      I believe I am made to submit to my husband in all ways, including his desires. And if his desire is to have me braless, and someone else sees my nipples through my shirt out in public, then that’s what I’ll do. Because what makes him happy, makes me happy too. It truly does make me happy to see him happy, because submission is 100% of the time for me.

      I know this way of thinking isn’t for everyone and I respect that and that’s why I respect your comments too.


      • If you have to submit to his desires, what if he told you to let multiple other men gang bang you while spanking you, would you allow.

      • Hi Mel –
        I saw your question a few days ago and wanted to contemplate my answer first. So that’s the delay in responding.

        I decided I wanted to dissect your question and address several parts so this may turn into a long response, but I hope it answers your question thoroughly too……

        You used the words “have to submit” – it is a choice. I don’t have to. I actually believe submissives have a lot of power because we chose to do this. This is NOT forced on me in any sense of the word. It’s what I WANT to do.

        “His desires” – we have talked long and hard about what he desires, AND what I desire. And we have come to agreement on the things we want to do, how to do it, why we do it, and it works as a result. Communication is key. So after being married for 20-years and now practicing DD for 2, we have a mutual understanding of what each of us wants and needs. So his desires are basically mine now too. We have grown together and are very similarly matched as a result.

        “Multiple men gang bang you” – well, oddly enough, this sounds very much of a turn on for me. I’ve actually asked him to arrange it and he said no. He said he doesn’t want to share me. But I might get him to change his mind 😉.

        “While spanking you” – I’m not sure how that would actually physically be possible, but again, I’d be turned on and willing to submit to this as it is a fantasy of mine.

        “Would you allow” – yes, I would. Because again, me allowing this is indeed my choice and I would think it an amazing fun way to be filled and loved by lots all at the same time. But it IS my choice and YES I’d chose to say yes…. for all the reasons above. ☺️


    • Well personally i’m happy just hearing about what’s happening from one day to the next in your journey and in your family life as well it’s fun and interesting ..BTW my Master is also reading and enjoying them as well

  2. I LOVE this! I hope things are still going strong with you two. I am very glad I found this blog.

  3. i am literally falling in love with you both and feel like your a close friend already,just by reading your blogs! i feel your emotion and sincerity in what you write and am SO HAPPY for you that he’s becoming the true dominant you have wanted and needed him to be.. i think you and i think a lot alike in the way you are already living the lifestyle and the way i dream of living it someday with my Dom,we met in August and we are both realizing we are definitely compatible and believe we will have that long-term forever D/s relationship we both Want and Need!!..please don’t ever stop writing!,..your friend and admirer,Bobbi Jean

    • Bobbi Jean, I hope I’ll never stop writing, but I do wonder of at some point I’ll run out of things to say. Kinda like Forrest Gump just stopped running and went home. Lol. That’s when you can give me some ideas! 😉. Keep reading AND commenting. Love it. Marie

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