64 – “Go Assume The Position”

When i hear these words, i know it is time for a spanking whether it be maintenance or discipline. And i am to stop what i am doing and go immediately to the bedroom, undress fully, feet on the floor, bent over at the waist over the bed. Elbows, nose, and boobs touching the bed. Then i place the paddle in the small of my back. And wait.

When David comes in to start, while i can hear things, i (obviously) can’t see things. So i never know exactly whether he’s going to spank easy or hard, whether he’s actually going to use the paddle or another instrument, including perhaps something he may have brought with him into the bedroom (like a brush, a kitchen spatula, or just his hand).

Then when the spanking does start, he doesn’t make me count but he does typically talk to me throughout, and mostly about the way things should be and what hasn’t happened lately (maintenance) or what i’ve done wrong (discipline). i’m allowed to speak, in fact, sometimes it is expected, especially when i’m asked a direct question.

Sir: Do you know why we are here?

Me: Yes Sir

Sir: Tell me.

Me: Well Sir…. and i go from there.

Sir: You are correct (mostly correct, incorrect)…. and then he goes from there also.

But because of my car accident we have taken a major break from discipline of any kind really because not only did my body need to heal from the bruises, bumps, and back tightness, but also the things we had to deal with financially – the claim process, insurance, getting a new car.

So this morning, i was a bit surprised when he got home from the grocery store when he said, “You need to go assume the position”.

i hesitated. i’ve been anxious about this moment. i knew it would come but i have been worried how much it might hurt both on my ass but also the other body parts like my back fighting up. i’ve been thinking, “has my body actually and truly healed from that accident?” And this has been a running dialogue in my head for days now.

i’ve tried hard though to not bug David about anything DD being reinstated, to not push him into doing something he didn’t feel he or i was ready for, and to just trust he knows best. So i’ve not told him anything about these thoughts. i think he likely knew though that i was anxious and nervous about this pending moment too, especially when i hesitated and i NEVER do that!

So i did follow directions and went to the bedroom. And i “assumed the position” that i’ve been taught to both love and hate.

And i waited.

When he came in, the first words he said was, “oh i’ve missed this sight! What a beautiful sight to see.” And that’s when he asked me if i was nervous. i responded truthfully with “yes sir”. And he said, “well, you are merely nervous because it’s been awhile, so let’s get started and replace the nervousness and fear with truth”.

And he picked up the paddle from my back and smacked me hard just once on each cheek. i flinched.

And then he started with fast and swift swats in the same spot on my right butt cheek and he said, “You LOVE it when I hit the same spot over and over again, don’t you?” (He knows that i really HATE it when he peppers ONE spot over and again… so this was a trick question and i knew it).

i responded, “No Sir. i do not”.

He said, “You know you do! Just admit it” (Still trying to test my responsiveness)

i said, “No Sir. i can’t lie to you, so i won’t admit to liking it when i don’t.”

He said, “Maybe I should spank all over then.” And for about 1-2 minutes he spanked both cheeks quite quickly and fast. i was starting to cringe and lift my head off the bed.

That’s when he stopped, he leaned down onto my back, pressing me into the bed, and i felt his cock go straight into my ass. And he whispered in my ear, “What a good girl!”

i gasped with surprise. i didn’t even know he had his pants down. He must’ve taken them down before entering the bedroom because i didn’t hear the tell-tale sign of a zipper.

My hair was already in a ponytail so he grabbed hold and started pumping my ass with his cock hard and fast. i was immediately transformed from pain to pleasure. He pumped inside me while pulling my hair back, causing me to arch my back, and to be very still in the process.

He made a point to tell me i was NOT TO CUM! So i had to work hard not to, and i did succeed!

After he came in my ass and said, “DO NOT MOVE!” He pulled out and left to the bathroom. When he came back, i felt a very cold plug being pushed into my ass. He said, “let it in! This is to stay in until I say it comes out. Do you understand?”

i responded with, “Yes Sir”.

With that i thought we were done, so i started to stand up when he pushed down on my back and said, “We aren’t done yet”.

He pushed me hard into the bed and i once again felt the paddle on my ass. He said, “Do NOT let the plug come out!” And he turned my ass a bright red color while i focused on holding the plug in the entire time.

When he was done, he told me i did well while helping me stand upright, kissed me passionately, and told me to remember “Your ass belongs to me! I love you!” And i responded in kind.

So now i’m happily plugged as his cum seeps from my ass all day long.

The first spanking back was absolutely wonderful! i am loved and i know it!


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