55 – Deeper submission

“Deeper” submission…. get the pun??!?! ….in more ways that one…. deep in my ass and my mind!

Yesterday’s maintenance session was intense. My ass is bruised today, especially on my right side.

As we were laying in bed, David said….

Him: “I decided to see how long you could handle being spanked in just one spot. Did you notice that I concentrated primarily on just your right ass cheek?”

Me: oh YES Sir i did! i may not have called yellow when i did if you’d moved around a bit more than you did.

Him: no words….just gave me the biggest grin!

Today….. i feel like the session served it’s purpose. My ass is bruised and still sore. But i am content, relaxed, and loving my Sir more than i did yesterday even.

For those that think, “how can a spanking (bruises) cause you to want more?”… well, it’s a bit hard to expexplain, but i will try….

By submitting myself to Sir, it is an intentional show of my love. It shows that i trust him fully with my physical being, my life, and our family. And he knows and respects that it is INTENTIONAL that i’ve chosen to commit myself thoroughly to him, and ultimately he does the same in reverse.

i love the bond that only we know about. My family and friends think i am a stereo-typical, average middle-aged woman, with a suburban life, middle-class, (overall) conservative life. And they ARE right. Mostly.

There’s just more than meets the eye. In fact, much of it is hidden underneath clothing … like bruises and plugs… which brings me to the deeper submission part of this….

Today we implemented a new rule. One that i came up with after reading other blogs here and being inspired, and he thought was perfect for us.

It is:

What he puts in (or tells me to put in), shall not come out without permission and/or only by his hand. And there’s to be NO whining, begging, pleading, or bartering otherwise. In fact, i shouldn’t even mention it or remind him either. i am to trust that he won’t forget or neglect me, and further trust that he is in control and knows what’s best.

So with that …. he put in a metal plug that has a purple jeweled end, his favorite color. Then he stood me upright, planted a warm kiss on me, squeezed my (sore!) ass, and went to play golf.

i have no real idea how long it will stay in, but i know – without a doubt or question in my mind – it WILL stay in until he gives me permission to take it out or tells me to bend over and does it himself.

A constant reminder today that i am his. And my life couldn’t be better!

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