65 – Topless

Sir is determined to teach me to trust him. He says i don’t. And while i would love to argue with him, it’s a matter of opinion… and ultimately if that’s how he feels, well, it isn’t wrong. And i have no right to argue.

Today our microwave blew up. (Almost quite literally had a fire in our house, but it was contained inside the microwave. So all good! Oh and no, there was no aluminum inside. It happened while making popcorn.). But that’s when he said “we are going to buy a new one. Let’s go.”

And the two of us got in the car. Just us. No child. And within 1-mile of our house, he said… “take your top off”.

i am not allowed to wear a bra in his presence and only when “absolutely necessary” at all other times too. So he knew i had nothing on under my top.

i hesitated. He looked straight at me, raised his eyebrows and said, “did i stutter?”

i said, “No Sir,” and proceeded to remove my top. Quite slowly, but still making forward motion.

Broad daylight. Mid afternoon.

It made me nervous. i was antsy and shifting and he saw it. He said, “put your hands under your ass. Sit on them. And sit up tall. Proudly display yourself! Show me my boobs!”

i said, “yes Sir” and did so.

And that was when he rolled down the windows. For anyone & everyone to see who drove past. And he said, “Chin up. Smile. Look confident my sweetheart. I am, and you should be too!”

When we got to the store, i started to put my top back on. He said, “No. Leave it off. You can stay in the car while I get the microwave. I’ll return shortly.” And he left me in the parking lot, topless, wishing like hell i had another option – and knowing i didn’t!

And of course, a few people saw me. Thankfully no one i knew saw me! (He had parked near the edge of the lot where just a few cars were at, and had also rolled back up the windows, so not that many saw!)

Then on the way home, he told me to pinch my nipples and do not stop without permission, to which i had to beg for release. And in no time at all i was begging! After making me wait until he felt it was indeed time for a release, he allowed it. It was repeated periodically all the way home.

When we got home, he asked me if i felt sore. Of course, i did. He told me that was to be a reminder to trust him (more) in the future. i shouldn’t hesitate, question, or wonder if he was in charge.

That’s when he also continued saying i did good today, but trust has to be built more. That his role as HoH should be respected and … well… trusted. Then he ended with “be assured this would be the first test of more to come that would build the trust that he deserves. And the tests will continue until it seems the hesitation stops.”

i simply responded with “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

i know he deserves my unwavering respect. i know we have agreed he is in control and my only job is to submit. i can do this! Even if my body parts end up sore in the process!

(and in case you are truly wondering, NO that pic above is NOT me.)




  1. Hi. I’m just curious how your Sir can justify having you do that with Christian standards of modesty? Even though my husband is who I submit to, if he is asking me to do something that I believe goes against our Godly convictions I would say no. If he truly believed I needed to do what he asked, he would have to convince me scripturally and we would have to pray about it.
    Yours in Christ,

    • Valerie,
      I think your question is valid. And I don’t know that I have a completely clear answer. I think it may have been a bit of Sir making a point that he is to be trusted.

      I see your comment about “he would have to convince” you. I understand where you are coming from, but ultimately, i haven’t thought about this in this way since the Bible doesn’t say to only follow/submit when I think he’s done something correct. So I guess I didn’t think this way when he told me to do this.

      I will say that I’ve found out that topless is ok in 33-states. That women have the same rights as men to bare their chest.

      And in the end, it did prove his point that I need to follow better. And it didn’t do any real harm.

      But again, I don’t think I have a good answer for you.


  2. I’ve been subject to almost the exact same thing on more than one occasion. Topless car riders as well as while waiting in the car for him. While public displays do have risks, they serve multiple purposes. One is to develop the habit – make that, the reflex, of trusting him. My husband has always done this after he assessed the risks and that should be good enough for me. No hesitation. It also helps decrease my personal preferences for modesty as my modesty is for him to define. It also serves as a clear reminder, one that is hard to erase, that I submit to him. Putting limits on that submission undermines that submission, not to say that I don’t have limits – but I set my limits sparingly. Not to say I would take issue with any women who would not accept this particular action, but for me, it is well within my level of acceptance.

  3. Marie,
    I just started reading your blog. It is very interesting and I have really enjoyed it. You write with a real honesty. It got me thinking what you look like and then saw this post and was wondering if this was a picture of you.
    Keep posting so I can keep reading!

    • Twinkle and Star –
      Thank you for your kind words. No, this picture was not me. I just liked it a lot and used it. I will say I don’t look too much different from this though either.

      And thank you for the encouragement to keep posting. Sometimes I wane and wonder “what’s the point,” but then find encouragement to keep going. 🙂

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