19 – Sir wants to be called Sir.


i know, Sir wants to be called Sir ….That probably seems obvious.

Yes, i know.

But……when we first began DD, there were a lot of things that had to be discussed, figured out, and decided upon.   There continue to be things that, as we go further into this, we are continually changing.

When we first began this DD, Sir said that i didn’t have to say SIR on a regular basis, because he “knew i meant it, even when it wasn’t spoken.”  But, like every good relationship, it is evolving.  It continues to evolve.  As we go deeper into DD, every single day, we are changing and evolving.  And for THAT, i’m happy.

If our relationship did NOT evolve, we wouldn’t be making progress.

After 17 years in marriage, our relationship had stagnated.  i was beginning to wonder if there just wasn’t “more to life”.  i wasn’t exactly considering divorce, don’t read into this.  But i was most certainly BORED.

And today, Sir said something that i couldn’t hear.  So i said, “What?” and he looked at me and said, “THAT is not respectful.  You should have said, ‘Sir?'”.

When i asked him why, he thought i’d lost ALL respect for him.  (i really thought my butt was about to be turned a bright color of red!).  But when i reminded him that was not a required word, his response was, “I can change my mind anytime I want.  It is YOU who gave up that right!”.

He was absolutely right.  And i was A-OK with that.  i just smiled and said, “i agree SIR”.  And smiled even bigger.

i’m thrilled that Sir is evolving in his Dom status.  i’m proud of his ability to take the control that i’ve given up and use it to the best of his ability to lead our marriage and our family.

i’m equally proud of how i’m also evolving as his submissive.  i am doing things i wasn’t sure i could.  i knew in my HEAD that i wanted this.  But sometimes what we think and what we really want are NOT the same.  In this case, i’m SO happy to know they ARE the same!

i will gladly call him SIR as often as possible, which is pretty much all the time!



  1. Respect (on both parts) hurts no one. You can let the lady go up the steps first on the way to her spanking. You can say “Ma’am?” when you fail to catch her question regarding which gag. You can also simply incorporate “Sir” into daily use. It can be anything from a question “Sir?” to a statement “Sir!” depending on tone. It will behoove you. Both.

    A welcome advantage to being a Southerner is that those words are simply punctuation here. Kind of works out nice.

    Good luck to you both.

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