18 – Red Beans and Rice.

Red Beans and Rice

LONG post – sorry, but hopefully you will understand…. and read through anyway.  🙂

So today was NOT my best day.  And Sir is requiring a blog posting about it “now”.  So here i am, being vulnerable, and telling you how my day has gone.


Let me tell you about how my day started…

#1 – our son had a failed attempt to spend the night with a friend last night.  A friend was having a sleep over and at 3:00 am this morning son texted me asking to go get him and bring him home.  The (teen) boys had had a fight and he just wanted to leave.  So i was up earlyyyyy.  And i (basically) didn’t go back to sleep after getting him home and listening to him tell me the “whole story”.

#2 – a friend who lives out of State, who i haven’t seen in 10- years was in town for just the weekend and (after getting Sir’s approval) we agreed to get together this morning.   And i was super excited to get to see her today.

#3 – David was going to church early due to being on technical team and the original plan was that i would drop our son at church, and then go see said friend from there. (i was allowed to miss to go see my friend).

So with that.  i texted David at 8:00am to report the events with our son and to confirm it was okay for our son to skip church also.  Well, like all texting convos, while i was telling him about our son, he was asking me to do some tasks before i left.

He asked that i would rinse the RED BEANS and put them in water to soak.  And if i did that, the beans would then be ready to go when he was home from church, so he would set them to cooking to be ready for tonight’s dinner.

He proceeded to give me explicit directions on EXACTLY what to do to get the beans soaking in the way he wanted them.  This was all via text and between me saying, “yes Sir” i would also write more about our son’s mishaps that occurred overnight and got permission to allow our son to sleep in and also miss church.

So with that,  i went to the shower, dressed, and left the house.  Went to meet my friend.  Off and on texting with Sir about having fun, etc.

And a bit later,  i received a text from Sir that said, “Forget something??” after he had gotten home from church.

Oh crap.  i forgot the beans.  How to respond?  NO WAY i can deny that i didn’t know how to do it.  He texted EVERY step.  

i responded, “Yes Sir.  i did.  i forgot the beans.  i’m so very sorry”.

To which i received a text saying “What ELSE?

What else?!  Uhmm.  NO idea…. Yikes.

i responded, “i’m not sure i know of anything else Sir.”

To which i received a text saying, “Your Collar?!”

(i have a collar that while it’s not been exactly or explicitly made clear when it is expected to be on or off, i basically “just know”.  And it is basically, “All the time, but especially when leaving the house”.  So i knew this was a time i should have worn it!)

Oh double crap.  i clearly wasn’t thinking about anything Sir wanted or expected when i was dressing and leaving to meet with my friend!

i responded, “yes Sir.  i have failed to wear it today.  i’m sorry.”

To which i received a “Hmm” text back.  Oh triple crap.  NOT good!

Well, he didn’t text again.  And the entire thing weighed heavy on my mind the rest of my friend meeting.  And i texted, “i’m heading home now” at the conclusion of our meeting.

And i got a text back that said, “You need to stop and buy a bag of Red beans.”

“Yes Sir”.

i did.

And with that, Sir greets me and says, “I’m going to take a nap.  We will deal with you after that!”

The waiting continues.  The weight on my mind is NOT alleviated at ALL yet.

After Sir gets up, he says, “Go to the bedroom, take off all your clothes, put ON YOUR COLLAR and wait for me on the bed.  I’m going to order pizza so we have SOMETHING to eat for dinner!”

Five very long minutes later…..

He comes in, with the bag of red beans that i had bought, and says, “You’ve had trouble listening and follow through with tasks today. When I tell you to do something, I expect it to be done.  Now you have to learn a lesson.”

And he proceeded to pour the beans onto the floor, near the wall.   He points to it.  He says “Kneel.  Now.  Put your nose to the wall.  You will be here until the pizza is delivered.”

And he left.

WELL – the first thoughts i had was, “This isn’t as bad as i feared.  In fact, i’m not sure this will be any consequence or punishment at all!”  But that feeling did NOT last long!

The minutes ticked away.  My knees started to feel it.  i shifted my weight from left to right.  i thought, “Wow, that hurt!” but i also felt the beans “move”.  Well, i wasn’t too sure how Sir would respond if he came back and found that the beans were basically NOT under my knees.  So i leaned back, pushed them together in a cohesive pile, and went back to position.


And i waited.  My back was starting to hurt from leaning into the wall for my nose to touch.  So now my knees AND my back hurt.

And he came back.  He asked, “How are we doing??”  i had NO real idea how to respond.  i worried that saying i was in pain would seem like a complaint, but to NOT say that would be a lie.  So i opted for the truth to which he responded with, “GOOD!”

That’s when he slipped his fingers between my legs and i squirmed.  OUCH.  That squirm made the beans shift and sent pain through my knees.  He saw the movement and said, “DO NOT MOVE! And don’t even think of Coming!”.  He rubbed my clit and it was wet in an instant.  i always get wet when he touches me.  And then he pushed a finger in my ass.  In. Out.  In. Out.  Deeper in.  All the way out.  Faster in.  Faster out.

My head leaned back.  i could feel the orgasm building.  And he said, “Nose on the wall!  I said do NOT move!” and he pulled fingers out and slapped my ass.  Over and over.  And while it didn’t hurt, it did a nice warm-up too!  And i did not and was not allowed to cum.

And he left.

And i waited.  And the beans shifted.  So i shuffled them back together.  Again.  And IT HURT!  You’d think i’d have learned the first time!  But no, i didn’t.  This time, tears came to my eyes when i made myself get back in place.

45-long-minutes-later, i heard the door bell ring.  i was never so happy to hear that bell!

And just a couple of minutes after that, Sir came in and asked, “Have you learned that you need to remember to do as i ask?”

“Oh yes, Sir, i have!”

“Do your knees hurt?”

“Oh yes, Sir, they do!”

“Good!” (then he told me to stand, gave me forgiveness kisses and hugs) and he also said, “Now get dressed, get a Ziploc and clean up the beans.  Do not throw them away.  Keep them.  i may need to repeat this at some point!  Then take a picture of your knees.  Keep it as a reminder.  And let’s go eat dinner… albeit PIZZA and NOT red beans and rice!”

“Yes Sir”

And we ate Pizza.   Afterward he said, “Now go blog about this.  I want you to remember this! and post the Picture with it”

In case you are wondering, YES, those are my knees in this picture above.  (Sexy, right?! LOL).  And 2-hours later, they are still indented, although not as bad.  And they still sting too!

Red beans will be tomorrow’s meal.  And i hope to NEVER have this repeated.

Hugs and Kisses ~



  1. 1- Seems an odd thought but I like the picture. The colors, shapes and whatnot give a very artsy look to it. (Ok, kid is the artist. I know squat but I also know what I like. Pardon complete lack of proper terminology in my compliment.)

    2- How would/do you feel if the child fails at a clearly communicated task? Is the punishment cruelty or is it to ensure better future outcomes? I mention this simply because it reinforces an oft missed detail y’all appear to get. I can appreciate his action and the way it was carried out.

    Going forward, reread those message chains.

    • Hello and Thank you for the comments. 🙂
      1 – Thank you for liking the pic. I did too actually.
      2 – I think this is the essence of DD. It set about to ensure better future outcomes. And maybe that IS what D/s relationships are ultimately about – and maybe that’s why i can honestly report less disagreements, fewer problems, and a better relationship.

      • I like that y’all have a better world for it. If knees like that bring you two to a better, stronger relationship the next day then they are worthy of a big, silly grin.

  2. red beans…ouch! i was once ordered to wear nipple clamps until told i could remove them. HE FORGOT!!!! 3 hours later i took them off without permission. damn though, my nipples hurt and were bruised for a week. lol another one of those ‘hot punishments’ that reminded me of Sir’s control and my place each time i moved. instantly wet from the reminder and the tinge of pain. 😉 sucked horribly in the moment, but was fun later. 😉

      • nope. not that time. when i whined about how bad my nipples hurt, it just pleased him and he told me i’d not misbehave next time and it would serve as reminder that he was always with me. (Daddy would never do this… )

  3. Do your sons see you in collar? Do they know about your DD lifestyle? Is their father teaching them?

    • Hi HamiltonMan,
      Thanks for the comment/questions. My collar is one that is somewhat “undercover”. It is one I can, and sometimes do, wear to work. To someone in the lifestyle, they would know it’s meaning. To anyone else, it would look to be just another necklace. I’ve been asked by a male colleague “who holds the key to your heart”. And I smiled (slyly) and said, “my husband of course.” And he responded with “I suspected none other”. To this day, I’m not sure if he knew or didn’t, but I suspect as covert as he was in his choice words, so also is how my collar looks to the untrained eye. So yes, our son sees me in my collar.

      Does our son know? We have not specifically said “this is how we live.” But I think he recognizes that I show respect to his father/my husband and in the end, my husband has the final say. And in times when we fall out of the lifestyle, and we fight, our son says stuff like, “why can’t you get along… like you used to?”. That’s always a clue to me to be more submissive.

      Our son has never seen (or heard) me spanked, but he knows that sometimes Mom needs a break and I go to the bedroom for awhile. That’s typically when I have to stand in the corner or some “silent” punishment is taking place.

      I don’t know if my husband is truly “teaching” our son this lifestyle, but I know we are ultimately teaching by example too.

      Long answer to short questions. Ha! I hope this helps, but ask more if you like. 🙂


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