260 – Forced Abstinence

3-days ago:

i think i am in a period of NO-ORGASMS-ALLOWED.

i say “i think,” because earlier tonight David said “no orgasms for 3-weeks,” but he said it while laughing AND he said it after doing a FORCED orgasm session. So maybe he’s just messing with me. i hope he is, but i suspect he’s not.

Let me back up and explain a bit more….

This morning i was feeling quite aroused after my shower. David was heading out to the dentist office so he had no extra time to touch, lick, fondle, or fuck me. So i asked if i could play with myself.

He said, “you can edge. But no orgasm!” And he kissed me goodbye and left.

i wasn’t sure how i felt about this because the answer was better than a no, but worse than a yes. Edging is bitter sweet. It’s a “play with yourself until you really, REALLY…. R-E-A-L-L-Y …. want to orgasm and STOP!,” kind of thing.

But now i kinda wanted to play and decided i could make the most of it. My first mistake was that i got out my favorite dildo. Should have known better really. In hindsight, i see this now but at the time, i thought i wanted to “make the most of the situation,” and thought this amazing dildo would feel amazing and that counted for something. So i used it.

And i told myself that having to stop short of orgasm would be ok.

But. It wasn’t.

i didn’t even play with myself but about 1-2 minutes, and i felt myself relax and enjoy the moment. It wasn’t even another minute and i felt the interior muscles of my pelvic floor do a sort of twitch. This was my second mistake. i recognized that as my first indication that i was “getting close,” but instead of stopping there, i kept going. i didn’t fully recognize “the edge” as being that close already though. And 20-seconds later, my pussy told me “too late!”

Ahh crap. Not good,

As i felt it coming, i pulled the dildo out of me and stopped. But it was too late. i went over the edge. And now i’d have to tell David.

So I texted him and he said, “hmm.” He uses that “word” a lot and i really don’t like it much! It says a lot, and nothing at all, all at the same time!

Well, nothing else was said about it all day long. i actually forgot about it really. Until…. We were finishing up watching a tv show and David said, “time for you to get spanked. Go prepare yourself.”

i didn’t move too quickly and he commented on that, to which i said, “i couldn’t tell how serious you are being.”

“Do I sound like I’m serious?”

“Well, i guess. But i am unsure why Sir.”

“My how quickly you forget! You orgasmed without permission. Remember?”

“Oh. Yah. That.” Forgetting was my next mistake.

“Yah. Now you remember!”

And he proceeded to spank me. He’s been itching to try out the fly swatter. He thought about using it at some point over the weekend and i kinda wonder if he was looking for an opportunity to try it out. So he did.

Won’t lie, NOT an effective implement. Maybe for fun. Or maybe if a Dom has a LOT of time on their hands to spank repeatedly for a good long time, as the build up would start to be pretty powerful but otherwise just not effective.

David recognized that and got out other implements… the crop, the leather strap, and the paddle, where he spanked me some with each. Of course, after having my butt warmed by the fly swatter, these things all stung that much more than otherwise! But i didn’t cry. It wasn’t that bad of a spanking in total and for that i was grateful.

With that we prepared for bed. And i thought all was done and good. And that was another mistake on my part. i should not have assumed!

David reached over to me and i spread my legs. He was pleased to see me naked and available to him. He proceeded to finger my clit and make me beg to orgasm. After he said yes, i enjoyed the orgasm that flooded over me. i thought we’d be done, which was again, another mistake of having another assumption.

i wanted him to stop fingering me, and let me just bask in the orgasm. But he did not. i received NO reprieve from the assault his fingers were putting on my pussy. Instead, he forced another orgasm to bubble up in a matter of just a few short minutes, to which i begged for the release but this time he said, “no, not yet!”

i cringed as i knew i wouldn’t hold the orgasm in long, and begged again. He said no, but it didn’t matter. The orgasm released of its own accord. Of course, he noticed it. Without his fingers missing a beat as they continued to fondle my clit and opening still, he said with incredulous surprise, “did you just orgasm without permission??”

i had to respond, “Yes Sir.”

i barely recovered from the second one when i felt another coming up. And it came out too! (Pun intended).

In total, i had 5-orgasms tonight! The bad thing is, only 2 were with approval.

When he finished he said, “I think that will now be 3-weeks without orgasms at all. One week for each one you took without my permission. Besides the more you get, the more you want. And the more disrespectful you get by just taking it without permission. All you had to do was ask!”

He was right. But at that exact moment, i was enjoying the subspace i found my head floating in from having 5-orgasms. So i didn’t say much of anything at all.

After i came back down a little, i asked how serious he was and he said, “well, if you’d shown a bit of remorse, I might not have held to it, but now… now I have to.”

He laughed as he spoke again to say, “going to be a lot of locked up time for you in the coming month!”

i cringed but said little.

After another 5’ish minutes, he asked me what i thought of the next 3-orgasm-free weeks to which i replied, “i can only hope you allow it to be less.”

He didn’t comment back at all. i think i will be in chastity a LOT in the next 3-weeks!

^^ all of that happened and i wrote about it 3-days ago. i just didn’t get this message posted.

i have learned he is VERY serious about three weeks. Yesterday i was busy at work and didn’t get home til later in the evening, and … well.. didn’t have time to sit and contemplate it.

But today was a a different story. Today, even at the office, i had a desire to stick my hand in my pants and rub my clit til i orgasmed. But, i didn’t. i was a good girl.

When i got home, i got naked. David is really starting to enjoy me naked .

And i got into the hot tub after heating it just a tad. And the jets hit my mound.m getting me hot and bothered.

When we came in the house, I asked if David wanted to touch me. He said, “why, so you can be more frustrated?”

He continued, “you aren’t going to orgasm for three weeks. Get used to it!”

i tried to plead my case by saying he didn’t have to keep that timeline and i could make him happy of he’d change that. Ok, maybe i was bargaining!

He wasn’t buying it though. He said, “what have you done that warrants an orgasm?”

i couldn’t think of anything really. Ugh! To which he said he would’ve gone easier on me if their was a reason. But there’s not. And we both know it. i wasn’t even too sure he would’ve gone easier even “if” there was a reason! Whatever. It is what it is too.

Then as we were lying in bed chatting and reading, me naked (per usual now) and he in his sleep shorts, he reached over and tweaked my nipples. i tested the waters once more by pulling the covers back and spreading my legs, but saying nothing.

He said, “I didn’t need that. And neither do you. You have to learn you can’t and won’t orgasm without permission. You didn’t even ask but just took what you wanted. So now I’m not granting permission for 3, or maybe 4, more weeks.”

“No. It’s not 3 MORE. You said 3 weeks already 3-days ago,” is what i blurted out.

“Are you questioning me?” And without the word SIR too!?”

Knowing i had, but where that wasn’t my intention at all, i said, “i guess so. But i just don’t want to go any longer than what you previously said. Sir.”

He calmly said, “I can change my mind anytime I want. You know that. And I’m undecided at the moment. Don’t bother counting down the days because it won’t matter.”

“Yes Sir.”

Now i was utterly and completely frustrated, rejected, and annoyed. And turned on. And wanting (needing!) him to take me, mark me, claim me as his own.

Then he said, “I think you should go put the chastity belt on. You need to wear it tonight to help you with this frustration that I suspect you are feeling now.”

Yah, i am frustrated and i am needing the belt, or i may just touch myself to relieve the pressure that’s been building as soon as i am sure he’s asleep!

But i don’t want to wear it. i want to cum. Not be forced into abstinence!

i guess he IS claiming me and marking me …. Just not in the way I want him to!

i went and put the belt on. When i asked if he wanted the key, he said, “of course. And why do your voice sound dejected?”

As i handed him the key i said, “Because i am Sir, but i will get over it.”

“Good deal,” is what i heard in response. Followed by a “good night my love, sleep well.”

While i said i would get over it, i didn’t want to. What i wanted to do was talk about this with him more.

What’s more is that i KNEW he KNEW i wasn’t done talking about it too. But that didn’t have to be said aloud because it was irrelevant and he was done. Not to mention, he probably knew i would just try to (ultimately) wear him down to where i (maybe) would get what i wanted: the belt off and to be able to orgasm!

But i also knew there wasn’t anymore to TALK about, and by saying anything more out loud would just get him irritated and/or angry as he had clearly decided the conversation was over. And angering him would lead to a fight… or more aptly it would lead to a spanking.

While he’s never spanked me with the chastity belt on, i don’t need to test him to see if he would either! i don’t expect that a spanking with the belt on would feel pleasant at all!


Here i am.

In the belt.

Typing furiously with my fingers via my iPad, in the dark, in my bed, to get all my anger and frustration and annoyance and brattiness …. and … well…. whatever other negativity i am feeling and can’t even come up with the right words to describe all right here out on paper.

^^^^ and THAT was last night…….

Now it is morning and i slept terribly. i was still angry when i sat the iPad down to sleep. Despite the fact i was nearly falling asleep as i typed, and i thought i was over it, i wasn’t.

i tossed and turned all night long. When i got out of bed this morning, so did David. He doesn’t usually get up with me, but he did today. So he had to wait on his coffee, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Instead, after we were standing upright, he grabbed one of my butt cheeks and squeezed it hard while kissing me too. He doesn’t usually do that in the mornings as he’s still most,y asleep, but he did today.

Grabbing my butt cheek reminded me that he knew the belt was still on. And while he did it very lovingly, it was a reminder that the belt was needed and was serving its purpose.

i feel confident the belt will come off for the day…. But i won’t be surprised if i sleep in it again tonight!

i hope the frustration, annoyance, disappointment, anger, and (fill in the blank!!) negativity leaves me soon!



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  1. Your submission to his atteptd to control “his orgasms,” will pay off. It seems you have been learning things along the way. Hang in there!?

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