225 – Cuckquean fantasy

When i first found out my husband was cheating on me, i was hurt. Badly. It hurt SO much, it took me a very LONG time to overcome. But over time, i have come to realize that watching my husband fuck another woman is a serious turn on for me. To the point that as i look back on it, and reflect about “her,” she would’ve been a perfect girlfriend for us now. But definitely not then. i have thought about it so much, that i’d probably say i could see “her” as the person in this story i am about to tell you.

i have serious fantasies about watching a woman satisfy my husband and i really SO wish this fantasy story i am about to tell you were true. Alas… it is not. Maybe one day…….

It finally arrived! The Fancy Steel chastity belt I have seriously wanted and all but begged to have. It is more durable than the cheap Chinese belt we’ve been using and made to order. Meaning, this belt was made with MY measurements alone and made specifically just for me.

Because of the fit and the durability, Sir can literally lock me in it for days on end if he wishes to. And he wishes to. And THAT turns me on too! His power over me, mentally and physically, is what I crave and now I have both or rather HE has both.

It is Wednesday. As night time approaches, he says, “Time to get ready for bed. Let’s get you locked into your new belt.” And after it’s in place, I have to say… it feels AMAZING! I can tell already it’s not going to chafe in odd places like the Chinese one did since it fits like a glove. Of course, it’s such a great fit, if I thought I might could get a finger to my clit in the one before (which i really couldn’t!) there is NO way to do so now. That’s ok, I shouldn’t be touching what doesn’t belong to me anyway!

While I normally sleep well in my belt, I guess I was so excited to have this new belt that I just didn’t. I couldn’t. Typically when I wear my belt to sleep it allows me to just rest my mind and turn away from the things I shouldn’t even be thinking, let alone wanting to touch! I just tell myself, “go to sleep already. Ignore any feelings of heat and arousal.” (And yes, I feel like I am in HEAT when Sir owns my sex and I’m not allowed to orgasm!)

As Thursday morning comes, I ask permission to be released and he says, “WHY?” When I indicated to use the bathroom, shower, dress…. Aka: daily activities (!) he said, “NO.”

“Wait. What? Why not?”

The words he spoke next were absolutely true. He said, “Because this fitted belt is designed for long term wear and that’s what you’ll be doing now. I will release you at my discretion and at the right times. Now is not the right time. So go do all those things while wearing your new belt and be happy about it too.”

While I was surprised, I was also turned on. My first real challenge in chastity and this will be fun! I hope anyway!

Thursday came. And went. I learned some new skills, like how to use the bathroom in chastity effectively and how to smile when Sir says, “get naked so I can see my beautiful new belt.” And I’m happy. Truly happy.

Friday has arrived. The belt still fitting nicely, but my new reality setting in. “Sir, can I be released today?”

He said yes.

“Wait. What?”

He said, “don’t question my decision.” And he suddenly produced the key, that was otherwise intentionally hidden from me, and just like that I was released. The release felt lovely. While I admit the belt was indeed more comfortable than the cheap Chinese one previously, I was craving the break from it too.

As I walked to the bathroom to shower, he followed me. He’s never done that. When I inquired about it, he said, “You will shower and dry off. And back into the belt you’ll go. I will be watching to ensure you don’t touch yourself anymore than necessary to simply clean it.”

Oh wow. Really? This really IS my new reality. He intends to have me locked up more than not! But this power exchange that he now exerting is seriously a turn on!

I sure enjoyed my shower, maybe a little too much honestly, but not in a bad “get myself in trouble” way. David didn’t say a word, thankfully. And after drying off I laid on the bed to get strapped in once again. I’m not entirely happy about being strapped back in so soon, but I accept it too.

Surprisingly just before officially locking me up, Sir put his tongue on my clit and began to suck. Oh yes, an added benefit for being a good submissive wife! And then I felt his finger go straight up into my pussy just as quickly and as immediately too. OH MY STARS!

His tongue and his fingers felt amazing. It was just a couple of minutes of intense ecstasy when I arched my back and was thanking him for this unexpected pleasure. I was just about to ask if I could orgasm when he pulled his tongue back and his fingers slipped out of my dripping pussy. Suddenly I felt his hand come down hard slapping at my clit, causing me to flinch. Taking me from pleasure to pain in one split second!

He spoke sternly saying, “That’s enough. Anymore and you might just think you can orgasm. But that ain’t happening!”

And just like that, it was all over and I was locked in again. To say I was sexually frustrated was a complete understatement, but mentally I was happy to be a pleasing submissive to my Sir. As always, I thanked him for using me the way he wanted to, even though I had so clearly wanted so much more than what I received!

Friday mid afternoon, I received a text from Sir as I was at work. It said, “Tonight we are going to have my lady friend over. Do you understand what I expect from you?”

Because this wasn’t the first time we’ve done this, I knew exactly what was expected from me as my Sir’s cuckquean submissive wife. I was to:

1) She is my mistress, the same as my husband as my Sir.

2) Get them both ready for sex.

3) Clean them both afterward.

4) Never speak, unless spoken to AND given permission to respond/speak back.

5) and NEVER ask to orgasm. I may or may not get to, but it will be at their discretion and will NEVER be allowed if I insist on asking!

So because I know the expectations, I texted back, “Yes Sir. I do know. And I’m looking forward to it too!” And I meant it too! This is going to be a super fun Friday for sure!

I don’t have ANY real idea or understanding as to why being locked in chastity AND being a cuckquean wife is such a turn on, but to deny that this is how I feel is unnecessary too. I own my truth! And tonight, it is about to be even more real!

He wrote back, “Good girl! I’m looking forward to tonight too!!”

And he knew I really was excited about our upcoming night. I know my services will make them happy, and if I am lucky, they will allow me to participate and/or have an Orgasm, but if not, I understand. But when I follow the rules, I almost always AM allowed to orgasm, so I am always on my best behavior for these date nights too!

As I arrived home from work, Sir was getting ready for our date night already. I wasn’t sure what the plan was, so I asked what I could do to get ready too. He said, “take your clothes off, make up the bed nicely, and kneel beside it. And wait.”

Of course, because he didn’t mention anything about the chastity belt coming off nor did he produce the key, I assumed the belt was to stay in its place. I was naked and in place in no time at all.

While it seemed forever that I had to wait, eventually I heard her voice. Sir wasn’t in the bedroom with me for most of the time I waited, as he was not concerned with me but rather waiting on his girl to arrive from the living room.

I heard the familiar clink of glasses as I realized they were getting drinks from the alcohol cabinet. I then heard them talking and laughing. Followed by a moment of silence, which I suspected was my husband kissing her deeply. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to the feelings of jealousy that sometimes arise, which is what I was feeling at that moment, but probably not what most people would think either. It was the feeling of being left out that was nagging at me, as I wanted to join in, but so far I was not yet invited to do so. I was told to kneel and wait. So that’s what I will do. And in the end, I know that whatever I end up with is intentional and what’s supposed to happen tonight too. At at this exact moment, I’m jealous while I wait.

Eventually they came to the bedroom, they were holding hands and smiling at one another, while each holding a drink also.

She came to me after dropping Sir’s hand. She bent over at her waist where she took my chin in the palm of her hand and tilted it up to greet her. I smiled but I didn’t dare speak. She said, “open your mouth.” So I did.

She poured the remainder of her drink down my throat and I swallowed as quickly as possible since there was a lot left with a seemingly endless flow. I was grateful for what she shared.

She turned to my Sir and said, “I think she liked it. This is a good thing as that’s just the first of what she’s needing to swallow tonight! Now. Where were we?”

With hearing her talk about me and the promise of being used, my pussy was set on fire. I felt my clit swelling, while pressing hard against the steel that was covering it. I pray the belt comes off and they use all my holes tonight!

That’s when she lifted her arms and pulled her shirt over her head, and she dropped it to the floor. She had no bra on. Sir set his drink on the table and grabbed up her beautiful boobs, one in each hand and began kissing her passionately. I was watching, but not speaking. How I soooo wanted to hold her breasts in my hands and touch her nipples with my tongue. I wanted to suck her nipple hard and cause her pussy to drip and get wet for my Sir, the way my pussy was now! That wasn’t what I was allowed to do though. Instead, I just sat and watched, while waiting to see if I would be used at all. And the more I watched, the more my pussy started to throb. I knew I was dripping wet already, and no one, including me had even laid a finger on my body.

That’s when Sir looked at me and said, “Hey wife… I know you are distracted, but I need you to focus and quit daydreaming! You need to be taking my pants off now. You need to start getting me ready.”

I snapped to attention. I was so excited to be invited to participate! I reached up and unzipped his jeans and pulled them to the floor as he was still kissing and fondling her breasts. I wedged myself between his legs and hers, and took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it hard. He continued to kiss her and rub her boobs. I heard him moan at the same time I also felt his cock swell in my mouth.

He pulled back and said, “ok, that’s a good girl. But don’t forget, you need to get my girl ready too.”

She had on a skirt, so all I had to do was lift the bottom of it over my head where I found she wasn’t wearing any panties at all. I lifted myself up on my knees to greet her sex, where I started to lick her pussy. I decided to use my one hand to stroke Sir’s cock to keep him hard, while I used my other hand to stick a single finger up deep inside her pussy!

With my tongue trying to duplicate to her what my Sir does to me, and my hands working too, I struggled to coordinate my motions and my thoughts. Everything was happening so quickly and my mind was racing! I found myself thinking about how Sir was doing this very thing, licking my pussy, just 12-hours prior as he was getting me ready for the day after my shower! Of course, I wasn’t allowed to orgasm but I know that’s exactly what his girl will be doing very soon.

Suddenly I felt her move her feet, right along with her pussy too, which caused my lips to loose the suction I had established. This was a cue to change our positions though too. After shedding their remaining clothing, they both laid on our bed. The bed that is mine and Sirs usually, but not tonight.

I stayed kneeling on the floor waiting for further instructions when I heard her say, “Didn’t you tell me her new belt came in?”

Sir said, “Yes, it did. She’s wearing it now. Wife, stand and show my girl your new fashion.”

So I did. And she gasped and said, “oh, wow, it looks amazing! Do you just simply love it?”

At first, I wasn’t sure if she was asking me or Sir that question, and since I knew better than to speak without permission I stayed silent.

That’s when she said, “Cuckquean. I asked you a question and I’d like an answer.”

I said, “Yes ma’am. I do like the way it looks and also how it feels too. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I hope it will come off tonight and I will be invited to play with both of you.”

That’s when I heard her almost choke on her spit or maybe she was choking down a laugh. I couldn’t exactly tell. At the same time Sir said, “oh my love, I’m so sorry but that’s not in either of our plans. The belt stays on. Know your place tonight my good girl!”

I was mildly disappointed but didn’t want it to show and said, “Yes Sir.” Oh shit! I had verbalized my response. He said, “I don’t remember asking for a response. Assume the Position. NOW!”

I wasn’t allowed to speak! But I did. I fucked up in a big way! I immediately moved to get into the position for discipline.

Sir then said to his girl, “I’m very sorry about her miscue and bad behavior. She knows better than this. I regret that I have to take a minute to discipline her now, but I do hope you’ll be understanding too. I will make it up to you. I promise.” And I heard the tell tale sound of kissing lips.

To which his girl said, “I’d love to teach her a lesson if you’d allow me. She shouldn’t have caused us to be distracted from one another causing a delay to my much needed orgasm. That was incredibly obnoxious and rude of her and I’d like to teach her a lesson! Will you allow it?”

Sir handed her the paddle and he said, “by all means.”

Double shit. This is going to fucking hurt!

I heard her say, “I’m going to deliver 10-very-hard stinging swats. Then you’ll thank me and we won’t hear your voice the rest of the night.”

And without delay and quite immediate, the paddle collided with my ass where the belt barely moved. I am glad to have the fitted one on now as it held up nicely! And she didn’t lie, that swat hurt! One after another. She reigned down fast and furious while saying things like, “be a good wife!” And “do not be an interruption ever again!” And, “if you want to fucking orgasm ever again, you best act better than this!”

And with the last one, she paused with the paddle resting against my ass and said, “and now. The last one!”


Tears fell from my eyes after just the third one, and I was grateful she didn’t make me count aloud even though I had done so in my head. After the last one I uttered, “Thank you Ma’am.”

That’s when she said, “now make yourself actually useful! Do your job cuck! Get on the bed and lay on your back. I’m going to sit on your face so you can get me ready to accept your husband’s big hard cock!”

Of course, I moved quickly into position and worked to dry my tears in the process. As I lay flat on my ass, it hurt! I felt how raw my ass was. She tore it up in no time at all! It genuinely hurt to lay against the sheets but I wasn’t about to complain!

I immediately began to lick at her pussy, but from how wet she was already, I could tell she enjoyed spanking me too. My face was covered with her pre-cum juices as I lapped at her sex with genuine interest. Suddenly all the bad of the spanking was gone and the good of licking her delicious pussy was amazing! I became needy and was licking as fast and hard as I could. I needed this!

While we were doing these things, Sir was laying on the bed next to me stroking his cock. He said, “wow, that is such an amazing view. Seeing my submissive wife’s ass turned red by my lovely girlfriend’s hand. And now seeing her lapping at your pussy like she’s never been fed before! And you, my girl, looking deliciously happy. This is the hottest thing I’ve seen in awhile.”

That’s when Sir beckoned to his girl and said, “But now babe, I’m so ready to feel your pussy around my cock.”

She looked down at my face as I was still sucking her and she said, “oh guess what? I’m about to get fucked by YOUR husband’s cock! And guess what I’m about to do that you won’t be doing tonight?” She mockingly answered her own question by bringing her hands together to form the letter “O” while saying the word… O-R-G-A-S-M.

i felt Sir straddle my body where his legs pressed against the chastity belt, causing me to be keenly aware of the position I found myself! He pushed his girl face forward where her pussy still hovered over my face while her body was pressed into the doggie style position above me. She was on all fours, on top of my face. I felt my Sir shimmy up my body and say to me, “good wife, take my cock and position me to be able to penetrate her opening.”

I lifted his cock off my face and pushed it close to her opening. As I held it still, he pressed further forward and his cock disappeared into her wet and waiting pussy.

I watched as I saw every inch of my husband enter into his girlfriend’s needy pussy. There was nowhere to go. And nothing for me to do. There was no escape for me. I was physically pinned between her pussy and his cock as I watched him fuck her harder and harder.

My pussy throbbed under its lock and key. I felt it, but could do little to alleviate the ache that it caused. I arched my back and pressed my pussy hard against the belt’s front plate, hoping to feel some relief. To no avail! My pussy throbbed with need that was going to be left unsatisfied.

All this happened mere inches above my nose!

Sir said, “Good wife, put out your tongue and lick my balls as they move back and forth. You need to do your best to keep me happy while I keep her happy.”

His girl was indeed feeling happy. She was getting all the stimulation I so yearned to feel too. As my husband fucked her harder and faster, she suddenly let out the words, “oh fuck yah! I’m about to orgasm. Don’t stop! I want you!”

All the same things I wanted to say and feel, she was getting! And all I could do was enjoy the slap of his balls against her pussy and my tongue.

It was a mere hot minute more when I felt her back arch where she ended up pressing the front of her pussy hard into my face, covering my nose. That wasn’t exactly her intention, but it was what I felt too. As she did, she exhaled deeply. I could tell she was feeling that tell tale moment of orgasm release where everything just floods out. That was enough to send Sir to the edge of his orgasm too.

He said, “subbie, get ready to feel my cum on your face!”

As he started to climax, he pulled himself out of her, pressed his cock downward and orgasmed mostly down my throat, but also over my face too! It was hot and sticky cum that covered me.

They moved off of me and Sir said, “go clean your face and come back to clean us.”

As I moved from the bed, my belt made the usual clank sound making its presence known to all. I wiped off my face, and headed back to the bedroom where I found them snuggling together while laying on their backs, side by side, kissing gently.

He looked at me and then at Sir and said, “can we keep her in that belt every time I am over? I don’t want her to ever think you prefer her crappy cunt over my warm soft pussy.”

I heard all this as I was climbing onto the bottom of the bed. I began crawling up to lick Ma’am clean. As I was licking, I must’ve gotten a little too ambitious as she said, “Fuck! Stop sucking me so hard! You are supposed to be cleaning me not sucking me!”

She then said to Sir, “Your stupid fucking wife is apparently wanting more and trying to be greedy in her attempts to get it. She obviously doesn’t know her place right now!”

Sir sat up, looked me in the eye and said, “Stop! Stop being a fucking brat submissive!”

I slowed up and got them both cleaned up properly, while my pussy was aching for relief that I now knew would not be granted. After which, his girl dressed and said, “unfortunately I need to head home tonight.”

He saw her to the door and told me to wait patiently. When he came back, he came to me and kissed me passionately, while pulling on my nipples. He said, “That was some amazing sex for me, how was it for you?”

I responded, “while I loved being your cuckquean, submissive wife… as I always do, would you now allow me to be released to orgasm too Sir?”

He said with a pity look on his face, “oh, no …. certainly not my good girl. You’ll be this way for awhile. It’s good for you! Maybe I’d have allowed it if you had been a better Cuckquean tonight. Having to spank you in the beginning followed by your intense sucking at the end was not some of your best moves tonight. But alas, maybe next time! You didn’t earn it tonight and after you stay belted for awhile still, you’ll have plenty of time to rethink your actions. I bet next time you’ll really do better! Am I right?”

“Yes Sir. I was a little too zealous tonight. I’m sorry Sir.”

He shrugged and with that, he ended the conversation by saying, “now that I’m well relaxed, it’s time to go to sleep. Maybe another week in the belt and another opportunity to be a better cuckquean will earn you the release you are seeking. Until then, sleep well my love.”

With that, he turned out the lights. In the dark, I heard him say, “I love you my dear and I know you are a good submissive wife. Right?”

Of course, I responded, “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir for your love.” I am always happy to submit and happy to be used for my Sir’s pleasure, but hopefully next time, I will also be allowed release… from the belt AND to Orgasm along with them.

I won’t deny… my pussy is probably going to be keeping me awake tonight and every night for the next week with the throbbing and aching it now has to endure without hope of release!



PS in real life, I am soaking wet and dripping now just from writing this! This is a serious turn on and maybe one day it can be a reality, at least once anyway!


  1. I always enjoy your fiction. Your imagination and your storytelling skills combined with the sensual aspect made it a thoroughly enjoyable story. May that reality come find you soon!Deebe

    • I’m SO glad you enjoyed it. And I blush at your kindness about my writing. I enjoy doing it and it’s encouraging to know others enjoy reading it! Hugs, Marie

  2. As hot and wetness inducing your story was (not just for you!), the reality will be even more so! Perhaps you both can add to your New Years resolutions.

    • Ohh Jennifer — sounds like you too were turned on by my fiction. 😍. And a New Years Resolution is a fantastic idea for sure! Hugs, Marie

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