229 – Caned on Christmas!

i think it’s been nearly a year ago that we bought a cane. When i say we, i really mean ME! i was fascinated by it and wanted to know what it felt like. i wanted to know if it was better, worse, or just different than the paddle.

i asked David if i could buy one and he agreed. If i remember correctly, his words were something like, “be careful what you wish for.” And i (naively) said, “challenge accepted!” and i was super excited and got a cane.

We used it a couple of times for pure fun. David discovered how silent it was. He threatened to use it on vacations or at other similar times where silence (or near silence) is necessary to spank me for discipline reasons. i say “he threatened,” because we have not taken it out of town with us, nor have i otherwise been disciplined with it…. ever… until today!

After feeling the cane the first time, i decided i liked it better than the paddle.

In terms of how it compares to the paddle, it is actually a bit of a similar feeling. i wouldn’t exactly call it pain, but rather a stinging feel. The biggest difference is the coverage of my ass. The cane is extremely localized as the cane itself is quite thin, compared to the paddle that pretty much covers my entire ass in one smack as it is just bigger.

To better describe the feel, the best analogy i can think of is that the paddle is like the stinging you feel when your foot falls asleep and then try to walk on it immediately after. When your foot falls asleep, it hurts to stand up on it as it feels like needles are stinging all over. Of course, when your foot wakes up, the stinging subsides and eventually stops. That’s where the analogy breaks down because with the paddle, the sting builds more and more rather than dissipating. Oh eventually it does dissipate, but that is (typically hours) later and only after the intensity had of course amped up, not immediately down.

To better describe the cane, it feels like a bee sting. It is localized and specific in the coverage, but the actual stinging feel is the same really.

That was at least how i thought of the cane….until today. Today, changed my opinion of it. As i realized that a for-fun caning and a for-discipline caning are NOT the same!

But i suppose that ultimately, until today, i did not respect the cane the way i should have. Now i do!

i now think i ultimately decided before that i liked the cane better because it takes longer to feel the sting all over because of the localized feel. It takes longer to feel the sting on the entire land space of my ass. (i don’t have a big ass, but when i describe the paddle and cane here, it sounds like my rear is ginormous!). But little stings can be super intense and super stingy (is that a word?) even without the coverage. And today, i felt the true cane’s impact.


Ok, alright…. i will tell you….

Today did not start out as the Merry Christmas it should have been! But the holiday is ending super well, so all’s well that ends well.


Well… so… this morning David’s parents called his phone to wish us a Merry Christmas and thank us for the gifts we sent. He put the phone on speaker and started talking to my in-laws, whom i love and adore.

Well…. As they must’ve also been on their speaker phone, both of them started talking while David was too. They were having a lovely conversation wishing Merry Christmas’, thanking for the gifts we sent, and describing what else they also received. And i really had no opportunity to speak but i knew i should too.

When they asked about what i received (new clothes), David pushed me from behind onto my shoulder. If i had been standing, it would’ve been like he was pressing me forward but of course i was seated. Instead of me speaking and answering though, before i even knew it, they were saying other stuff and then soon after hanging up, where I said absolutely nothing. i never even wished them a Merry Christmas or said goodbye.

i didn’t intend to NOT speak at ALL to them, but i guess I didn’t really try too hard to speak either.

David IMMEDIATELY came around in front of me and was angry. He said, “THAT was incredibly rude! Go to the bedroom. N-O-W!”

i stuttered. i tried to start into an explanation about why i didn’t speak. But the same as my words to his parents never materialized, neither did my words to him! Not that he even cared then because of course, the time to speak had passed.

Instead of me speaking or him listening, he spoke. He said, “I don’t care W-H-Y you didn’t speak. You didn’t try hard enough. Not a single word came out. GO! NOW!”

He was angry! As you might think he would be!

He followed me to the bedroom. As i got undressed and into position (on the bed with a pillow under my hips raising my rear higher in the air, and my head-shoulders-arms on the bed), he went to get what i thought at the time was the paddle but i soon found out it was the cane.

Our son was in the house and this was the first time ever that he intended to spank me when our son would hear. The paddle is rather noisy, but then so am i too! But sound wouldn’t be a problem with the cane. There would be none, unless it was from my lips, which i refused to do and we both knew it.

You might would think i would be afraid…. i mean, David was angry! But i wasn’t afraid. i never am.

i KNOW David is a good man and will NEVER hurt me more than i deserve. He will never abuse his power of authority, but rather enforce it to the extent needed. And he is ALWAYS in control of himself. i have only ever, in 25-years of being with him, seen him out of control twice. And even then, he regained his composure about as quickly as he lost it.

As immediately as i was in position, i felt the thwack of the cane. i didn’t hear the swish sound in the air. Probably because i wasn’t listening or anticipating it. But i sure as hell felt it!

He swung the cane with ease, but in full control and with intention to cause pain and regret. It collided easily with my ass and i immediately knew David’s plan. i had never had a discipline spanking from the cane, but i was about to now!

He swung the cane the second time and it swished in the air. i heard it this time and one second later i felt it too.

Many times in a row, he moved it up and down my ass and the more i felt it hit my rear, the more pain i felt.

At first he didn’t speak, which made me even more unsettled and upset. That was when i started talking to explain why I didn’t speak, he then started to talk to me about how rude i had been. And that i shouldn’t have been. And that i knew better.

And He was right.

Thwack! Thwack!

i began to squirm unmercifully. My head/shoulders came up off the bed. He said, “Get back in position!” in a voice that was uncannily calm, which unsettled me further.

i did as i was told.

Swish, Thwack! Squish, Thwack!

i heard myself saying, “i can’t take anymore” in no time at all.

He said, “you know what you have to say for this to stop!”



Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!

“i know i should have spoken. i just didn’t. They were talking. You were talking. And i didn’t try hard enough. i am so sorry Sir.”

“Will this ever happen again?”




“Are you sure?”


Thwack! Thwack!

“Done. I believe you are remorseful. You are now done.“

He pulled me upright and he kissed me. He told me he loved me. And then said, “now let’s go get ready for Christmas lunch. Merry Christmas!”

And almost like it was on cue, my sister and her family walked into our house (the front door, not my bedroom door), our son came down the stairs, David went back to finishing our meal, and the merriment truly began.

i struggled to act completely “normal” as i greeted her family, but thankfully the holiday activities quickly provided a natural diversion. We started to open presents, and talk, all while my ass was stinging so badly and i just wanted the heat to dissipate!

i opened my presents standing up. i was able to make it look natural as my presents were on the coffee table too.

Only one other reference was made to the situation or the spanking the rest of the day when David quietly asked me one time when it was just he and i, “how are you feeling?”

i knew he was meaning to ask about my ass. I said, “sore. But it’s ok. It was needed.”

And he said, “and you accepted it like a good girl.”

i NEVER want to feel the cane again as a discipline. And i’m pretty certain David knows that now too, which makes me sure the cane will be his go-to punishment spanking implement now.

i had COMPLETELY underestimated the power of the cane! Never again!

My rear end has been sore all day, as a constant reminder of my submission. And while i don’t want to repeat that event ever, i am happy.

My day, my family, and my gifts were all wonderful. Including the gift of my husband teaching me a lesson i needed to learn. And of course, the gift of Jesus being the best of all!

Merry Christmas!




    • Storm,
      I have to say that my rear end did not think this was a good story, but I can imagine from another point of view it would be. 🙂 Merry Christmas! Marie

    • Nice story Marie. Lovely to hear that David has thoroughly caned you for Christmas. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall!

      • Merk –
        Had you been a fly, you’d have heard me begging for it to stop and apologizing for being rude to my in-laws. Too little too late though too! Marie

  1. Sounds like it was well deserved and well received. I will be curious to know if you’re feeling it tomorrow. I guess you are wondering the same thing. Were you able to sit the rest of the day?.
    . Definitely a memorable Christmas for a naughty sub. A great post . Thanx for sharing!

    • Paddlefan,
      Thank you for commenting. It was well deserved and received. This morning I am feeling a bit of the cane still in my bottom and while I have not looked in a mirror, I suspect there are a couple of remaining marks yet today. I was able to sit the rest of the day, after the initial sting wore off, but I did so gingerly too.
      I don’t intend to be naughty again for a long time and hope to never feel that cane as a discipline again! Marie

  2. I like to be caned too, but it does very rapidly become “too much”, especially if there is not enough time between strokes. Your bottom will be nicely sore about now, I’m envious.

    • Merk,
      I suppose I haven’t had this many strokes ever, but yes, they were quite closely delivered without any time in between. My rear is definitely still feeling some of the marks this morning yet. I’d really rather change positions with you if you are too envious! 🤓
      Merry Christmas! Marie

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