221 – Sharing me with his BFF – fiction

THIS IS LONG…. and i started to cut it down after I had it written down and realized just how long it became. But… i also like it as-is. So read as much, or little, as you like. i am ok with that. But if you do read to the end, leave me a comment so I know …. but also what you think of it too….. and without further ado.

This is a story that came to me as a result of a current nonfiction real life situation/story, but then i amped it up to the next level, making it go from no sexual nonfiction to sexual fiction….. in other words, the Best Parts are Fictional. But maybe… one day… it all might come to fruition too.

Here’s the part that’s nonfiction…..

My husband plays golf quite a bit. i play too, but not nearly as often as he. About 3-years ago now, he was playing golf with a member he was paired with, who’s name is also David. With a shared name and love of golf, they quickly became friends.

Over the years, we have gotten to know David fairly well. We’ve learned he doesn’t have a lot of friends, mainly because he has a lot of money. i have NO idea how much money he has but i know it’s a lot. The phrase about money opens doors is true, to an extent. At some point, the greed of some people starts to show itself and it’s hard to differentiate which people are genuine friends versus friends just to get to your money.

David was married. Recently he has gone through a divorce because his young model wife was arm candy, but she started finding nose candy just a little too appealing. When you have access to that much money, you start to believe you are invincible and when she started doing drugs she got caught. One too many times, in fact, where the last time David warned her “do it again and we are done.” And well, she refused counseling saying she could control herself and she didn’t. She did it again. And she was caught. David has now divorced her. Of course, she got a LOT of money in the process. Nowhere near even half, due to good lawyers and prenups, but absolutely enough to keep her well set for life if she were smart about it, but somehow I don’t think she will be, which is sad really.

This is where nonfiction ends and fiction begins……

David and David were playing golf Saturday morning where friend talked to Sir about how horny he was. Sir told him to pay for pussy, since we all know that would barely be a drop in his bucket. David told him he didn’t trust paid pussy to not give him some disease that no amount of money could cure.

That’s when Sir got the idea to loan me out. He knew it would be a perfect match for all if David would agree. David could get what he wanted, his cock deep inside a good pussy. Sir would get what he wanted, a good night’s sleep without being bugged about me orgasming. And I would get a second Sir, who could keep me in line while keeping my holes aligned too.

So throughout the rest of the round of golf, Sir talked to his friend more and more about our relationship. I’m not sure how much our friend really knew about our relationship before that day, but by the end, he knew a lot more for sure!

Upon arriving home, David told me what all he’d told his friend. While I was embarrassed and worried about what it would mean to have someone know who we really were and how we really operate, David assured me that this would be good for all of us.

He told me how David was pretty skeptical about it all and really wasn’t about to be the one to break up our long time marriage, so we were meeting David for drinks and dinner. I was to freely answer any and all questions that David posed, but to especially be honest.

And of course, Sir was hoping that by the end of our date night, I would go home with David our friend instead of David my husband. And that I’d service David’s cock properly and in the way he deserved. I may not be the model on the cover of the magazine like his former wife was, but I could make him happy too.

That night, David picked out my outfit. I wore a very low cut dress, the crotchless yoga pants, and boots. The only jewelry I wore was my wedding ring and my collar. The collar that is both function and fashion. The one that is locked and thick enough to be pulled where I will follow, but look like regular jewelry to anyone else too.

Sir made sure we arrived at the restaurant first. He asked for a booth where he told me to sit across from him. When our friend arrived, David greeted him and told him to sit next to me. And he did.

It started out innocently enough with ordering wine and food, chatting about everything and nothing. We finished off the first bottle quickly and David ordered another. As the dinner progressed and the small talk out of the way, Sir looked at me and smiled. Then looked at his friend and said, “Do you want to ask her anything about our relationship? Or anything about how she’s ready to go home with you, should you wish?”

Sir looked at me and said, “why don’t you put your hand on his thigh? Let him know how you feel while making the other restaurant patrons think he is your husband, not I.”

I said, “Yes Sir” and did as I was told.

Our friend David was just drunk enough that he didn’t stop anything from happening, but instead looked at my Sir and said, “you weren’t kidding about any of it, were you?”

Then he looked at me and asked, “are you okay with this?”

I smiled and said, “absolutely!”

He asked again, but slightly differently too, “So this damn fool over here,” he motioned toward my husband as he spoke, “He’s not making you do any of this, is he?”

I was still smiling as I said, “While I am a submissive slut wife, and I do obey my husband, I am still doing it of my own free will and mind. I enjoy making him happy, but I also enjoy making myself happy too. And being here with both of you, makes me happy.”

He asked more questions, “So David told me that you were the one who asked to submit to him. That you wanted a Dom to keep you in line. That he turns you over his knee when you are bad. Is that all true?”

I said, “yes… and no. Mostly yes. The part that’s not quite true is that I am NOT turned over his knee, but rather told to Assume The Position on my own accord. That position is naked, on the bed, ass held in the air with a pillow under my hips and wait to be spanked.”

He registered a smile but also shock. He said, “So you don’t deny you submit to him and you asked for it and you are punished when you don’t comply?”


It was then that Sir cleared his throat with an obvious admonishment to me. Followed by him saying, “Nope?!? Is that a proper response?”

He obviously didn’t like how casual I was with my word selection. I looked at our friend and said, “I’m sorry Sir. I should not have said ‘nope’ but rather, ‘No Sir.”

My husband then looked at me and said, “much better. That’s a good girl.”

Our friend looked at me and back at my husband and said, “Where do I get one??”

My husband laughed and said, “well, they aren’t bought. That’s for sure. But lucky for you, if you want to borrow her, I will allow it. And she would love it too. Isn’t that right honey?”

I looked at Sir and then to our friend, as I gave his leg a squeeze I said, “Absolutely yes!”

David then added, “There would be a few rules she has to follow and I’d expect you to enforce too.”

Our friend asked, “Like?”

David said, “Like, she has to mind you. You have to put her in her place should she not behave properly. While she’s well trained, she doesn’t always stay within the lines. When she tries to go outside the lines, you have to be prepared to discipline her properly. Can you do that?”

He looked a bit confused and said, “I’m not sure I can. I’ve never hit a woman before in my life.”

That’s when I corrected him by saying, “it’s not hitting me when you are spanking me. There’s a profound difference. Spanking is on the bottom, the tits, or the pussy. It’s with controlled actions and intended to go far enough to correct the behavior, but not to cause any permanent bodily harm. I accept it willingly when it’s done this way. If I ever thought I was being abused or that either of you were doing it to cause me harm in your anger, I would never allow myself to stay in that position.”

Our friend responded with, “I’m not sure.”

That’s when I said, “I bet I could convince you this is a good thing for all of us.”

That’s when I took his hand and moved it up under my dress. He found my clit quickly and easily. It was dripping wet.

I said, “see? I’m turned on by all this. I’ve told David I need a second Dom for times when he’s busy, stressed, out of town, or wants a night to himself. This could be absolutely perfect for all of us.”

He looked at my Sir and said, “How can a man with his hand in your wife’s pussy, say no to that offer?”

And we raised our glasses to that and drank more.

Our friend did say he’d like to see how to discipline me first and my Sir said sure, he’d show him. Tonight. Right after dinner.

When dinner was complete, my David told our friend that we would all go to his house where I would be a model submissive wife and receive a discipline spanking as an example to our friend of what to do to keep me in line. Sir looked at me and asked, “are you ok with this? Do you accept this?”

I said, “Yes Sir. I know David needs to see it in action and I am willing to let him see.”

That’s when Sir told me to ride with our friend in his car to his house. That my Sir would follow behind in our car. Sir added, “be sure to lift your dress in the car and play with yourself for David to see you get yourself ready for him. But make no mistake, you are NOT allowed to orgasm!”

“Yes Sir.”

Our friend was shocked once again. He said, “Wait! What? You control her orgasms and she allows that too? When does she orgasm?”

Sir replied, “When I allow it. And if you become her second Sir, when you allow it too. Usually it’s when I’m deep inside her cunt, but it doesn’t have to be.”

“So she’s going to just sit in my car, play with her pussy, and NOT cum all because we told her to?”

I said, “Yes Sir. That’s right.”

He shook his head while he rolled it in the palm of his hand and said, “I had no idea this is how your marriage worked. I wish I’d known this when I was married. I would’ve had a much better time of it if I could’ve gotten her to listen to me just a little more than she did.”

I responded saying, “I did think she was a bit of a brat, and nowhere near appreciative of you or what you provided to her. But maybe now it will be your turn to be pleased and made happy, at least just a little bit.”

He said, “well, let’s go then!”

As we got into his car, I pulled my dress up and exposed my pussy. He asked if I’m always this available, and I said, “usually. Sir likes to have easy access and I like to keep him happy.”

I began touching myself and swirling my fingers around my clit. It wasn’t long and I was moaning with desire, pressing my fingers deep inside me. I wasn’t able to talk, and I was glad David wasn’t expecting me too. He seemed content to listen and watch me, while focusing on getting us to his house safely too.

When we arrived at his house, we all got out of the cars and started to walk up the stairs and inside when I heard Sir say, “Take your dress off.”

I did. Right then and there. I knew David did it only to prove another point to his friend. David wanted his friend to see just how submissive I am. He had me on display like a dog at the dog show… jump, sit, catch, roll over. I was performing my tricks for our friend, and it was a turn on to me! I wanted to make Sir proud, while showing off what a good submissive wife should look like.

Our friend was still in shock at all of this and David laughed. He said, “you like this, don’t you?”

To which our friend said, “hell yah! Who wouldn’t? I don’t want to buy or build one. I just want to share yours. You’ve already done all the hard work, now I’m going to get to enjoy the results!”

I jumped like a little girl, clapped my hands, and said, “oh goodie!”

Our friend laughed and said, “I love how your tits bounced when you did that. Do that again!”

And when I did, he was clearly made happy too. He looked at my Sir and said, “I sure as hell wish you’d shared her before now! I could’ve saved myself a lot of heartache and pain, not to mention money!”

Sir added to me, “get the paddle out of the car and bring it inside with you.”

David asked, “How is it you have a paddle in your car? Did you plan to come to my house and spank your wife tonight?”

Sir looked at him and then at me, where he asked me, “You care to tell him why I have a paddle in my car?”

That’s when I looked a little sheepish and said, “Sir figured out long ago that I tend to act my worst when we are out and about. I guess I had a bratty-like way that dared him to do to me while out and about in public. One day, he bought an extra paddle and said it would always stay in the glove compartment unless there was a need to bring it out and use it.”

“And once, I guess I didn’t really think he’d actually use it on me in public and I pressed his patience to the limit. He pulled it out and took me to the side of the building, where he made me stand with my hands on the wall, legs spread, and he delivered three very hard and swift swats. They made a point in a hurry. Absolutely no one saw because Sir did it so quickly it delivered the impact punch he was looking to achieve and we were done before anyone had a chance to even walk by. It stays in the glove compartment and until now, it’s never come out since then.”

With that Sir said, “let’s go inside and let me show you how to discipline her properly. Then you can use any hole you want, in any way you want, while I will then take my leave at that point and go home. You’ll have to bring her home when you are done with her, but it won’t matter if that’s sometime tomorrow too.”

After I retrieved the paddle, we went inside and I asked David, “where is the bedroom?”

He lead the way. When we got there, I was mostly undressed anyway, so I took off the rest of my clothes. I left only my collar on as it was locked. Sir grabbed up and pulled on my collar, while speaking to our friend he said, “this is useful to lock her in place against a bed post or similiar positioning if you need. Or you can mount her from the back, in either hole, and use it to pull back for leverage too. But it’s also classy enough, she wears it out and about, serving as a reminder of who she belongs to too. In other words, quite useful for you!”

He let go of my collar, slapped my ass once and said, “ok my love, time to Assume The Position.”

I climbed on the bed and placed a pillow under my hips, then I placed the paddle in the small of my back, and I finished off by put my face and shoulders on the bed. I said, “I am ready Sir. I willingly accept my punishment.”

Sir picked up the paddle and placed it firmly against my ass where I could feel it held there in place on purpose. He then asked me, “why are you here my love?”

I said, “To show our friend how to properly discipline me.”

He asked me, “Are you in trouble?”

“No Sir. This is just an example of what could happen if I were in trouble.”

“Good girl. Now do you accept this punishment?”

“Yes Sir. I do.”

That’s when Sir looked at his friend and said, “I always make sure she knows why she’s here and what she’s being punished for, it does no good to punish a sub if they don’t even know what they are here for.”

He continued, “and I always ask her if she accepts it too. Because I will never proceed if she doesn’t. Instead, if she’s not ready for it, I have her stand in the corner and think about her actions until she’s accepting. She has to be remorseful enough to accept the punishment willingly, plus it ensures you are not beating her but rather disciplining her.”

He returned to me and said, “I expect you to count and thank me as always.”

“Yes Sirrrrrr.” As I said “Sir” he delivered the first swat. It was with force and intention. He had no intention of giving me a warm up.

“One. Thank you Sir.”


“Two. Thank you again Sir.”


“Three. Thank you again Sir.”

It was then that he held the paddle against my bottom and asked me, “what color are you wife?”

“Green Sir.”

And he proceeded to explain our red light system to our friend David. Telling David that at any point that he’s unsure where I am at for pain, mental or physical, to simply stop and ask me my pain levels.

And he delivered 3 more swift and hard smacks to my ass. By the 6th one, my voice was cracking and I had tears in my eyes.

He once again held the paddle firmly against my ass and asked me my color. I said, “yellow Sir. Tears are in my eyes and I am starting to wish I wasn’t in this position.”

David looked at our friend and said, “if you are wanting to deliver a true disciplinary spanking, tears must fall. As much as it hurts you to have to do it, it is completely necessary for her to have full remorse wash over her. She should basically be begging for you to stop by the end of it and swearing to never be bad again, even though we all know she will!”

That’s when I felt the paddle release from my ass and as I anticipated the next swat, it did not fall. Instead, I heard Sir ask David, “would you like to give it a try now?”

David wasn’t too sure still but did agree. I felt the paddle come back into place against my ass and without preamble I felt it come away and return with a serious PUNCH to my ass.

He asked me, “how did that feel?”

I responded, “Seven Sir. Thank you Sir. You learned quickly Sir.”

My husband laughed aloud and said, “well done David! Deliver another five like that, and I expect we will see the tears we are looking for.”

Then Sir asked me, “wife, are you ok? Are you still accepting of this punishment spanking?”

I responded honestly, “yes Sir, I do accept this, but I won’t lie, I wish there was another way to teach David to do this too.”

Sir came up beside my face and kissed my cheek. He said, “it will be over soon, I promise. But I am seriously proud of you right now too. Accept the last bit here and you’ll be rewarded nicely.”

“Yes Sir. I’m ready Sir.”

With that, my husband said, “you heard the woman. Wail away and let’s hear the tears flow!”


“Eight Sir. Thank you Sir.” My voice was cracking,

Just as quickly as the last….. S-M-A-C-K!

“Ninnneeee Sirrrrrr. Th-thank you Sir.”

I heard David say, “the tears are close. You can tell by the cracking of her voice. Keep going. Always let the ending be a reminder of why we are here. Add a bit more force to these last few and you’ll get the submissive wife we want!”


“Tennnnn Sirrrrr. Thank-thank… you Sirrrr.” My words were slurring and I was grateful for the end to come near.


“Elevvvvvvennnn Sirrrr. Thank youuuuu Sirrr.” And the flood gates opened, my tears flowed.

David said, “ahh… here are the tears we were looking for. She needs a few more to reinforce it home and ensure she didn’t force the tears to flow prematurely in order to get to the end sooner. Make these last few be the hardest yet.”

“Wife, I told you he would give you five, but you need a few more still. So let the tears flow over you while you take three more hard, solid, spanks more.”

“Yesssss (sob) Sir.”

He said to David, “Now deliver three in a row so quickly she can’t even answer you. Make sure they count, you are intentional, and she feels each and every one of them all.”

And with that, I felt the rain of three more swats so hard that my ass was on fire and burning from the pain. My make up was smeared from the tears and I was sobbing. But it was over.

I uttered the words, “Thank you Sirs. I am sorry for my misbehavior. I will endeavor to be a better submissive wife in the future now too.”

My Sir came to me. He grabbed me up at the arm pits, lifting the top half of upright where I was kneeling on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug while I was on the bed still.

He said, “all is forgiven my love. You are a good girl. You are a good submissive wife.” And we sat hugging like that for a couple of minutes while I calmed myself and regained my composure.

When the tears stopped, David let go of me and asked me, “How was that?”

I said, “effective Sir. David learned quickly. He will make a good Dom.”

He then asked me, “Do you want to stay with him tonight?”

“Yes Sir, if he will have me.”



  1. Your fiction posts are great! I look forward to reading part 2 of this story. Your stories are better than most Literotica posts.
    Keep the fiction coming!

  2. I read from the beginning to the very end!!! It made me sooo hot as I read it!! Thank you, Marie you are a hot writer for sure!!

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