220 – Fifty years and one day later

For my birthday, i received amazing gifts, time with family, great food, and LOTS of candles on my cake too! i am still very happy, very grateful, and very thankful too. i wake up today feeling renewed and refreshed.

As we were lying in bed last night preparing for sleep, David asked me if i had a good birthday and of course, i absolutely did.

Then he reached over, pulled the covers back, and exposed my pussy. Bare. Void of all hair and clothing, as usual. He said, “so should I let you come again?” and he started to play with my clit.

Just the idea of being able to possibly come again amped up my sexual mind (and clit) to the next level. Yes, THAT fast!

i responded with, “that would be the perfect end to the perfect day!”

And he proceeded to get me off with the touch of his hand alone. He didn’t stop with just one… again. He let me orgasm twice more.

He asked, “So was having to wait for an orgasm better than having it anytime, all-of-the-time?”

“Oh yes! For sure!”

Then he said, “I agree. You appreciated this day so much more than I think you would have otherwise. Not to mention, you’ve been a very good girl lately, except of course your miscue earlier today.”

** rewind…. It was almost time to eat (gorge on!) our Thanksgiving meal……

As he was finishing the cooking (i do NOT cook, unless of course we want to be poisoned, which we don’t!), i started to get out the plates and silverware. i set them on the counter, just under the cabinet they are stored in, which is right next to the stove. i wasn’t going to leave them there, but rather used it as an organizing and stacking space to get everything together at one time. He said, “You shouldn’t leave those there. I’m still cooking here.”

i looked at him and in an unintentional, snarky voice, i said, “i wasn’t planning on it!”

As soon as it left my lips, i was regretful and wished it hadn’t come out the way it did. He raised his eyebrows, turned his back where only i could see and hear him, effectively building a shield between us and the rest of family that wasn’t even paying attention anyway. And that’s when he said, “do you think that was the right tone to use?”

i immediately said, “No Sir.”

He said, “Then why did you speak to me that way?”

i said, “i didn’t intend it to come out that way. i am sorry Sir.”

He gave a nod to me then that conveyed the message, “because it’s your birthday AND thanksgiving AND family is around, your apology is accepted. But do NOT allow it to happen again or else you’ll find yourself Assuming The Position to be spanked!“

Y-E-S … i DID get that much out of his look! i know him THAT well.

i didn’t allow it to happen again and kept my actions and words in check the rest of the day.

And clearly, as we were heading to sleep, he hadn’t forgotten my words from earlier.

Even on my birthday… i am still his submissive wife. Always.

*** rewind done…. Back to our bedroom just before sleep……

When he was done playing with my pussy, i asked, “so will we back to no-touch and no-orgasm tomorrow? And if so, for what duration this time?”

His response was a matter of factly stated. He said, “I haven’t decided on either yet, but it’s really not your concern right now. Whatever I decide, I’m sure you will obey, correct?”

As i was put in my place (and i was A-OK with that!), i responded with the words he loves to hear, “Yes Sir.”

Then he asked me if i wanted to play with myself even more. When i said, “yes please,” he smiled, let out a small laugh, and said, “you may play and orgasm all you want… until midnight.”

And with that, i grabbed the vibrating rabbit dildo and got myself off just that quickly! He then said, “Do it again!” And i did. (Had to obey an order, right?? 😉)

With that, he turned out the light, turned over, said, “I’m going to sleep now. You have until midnight. Don’t keep me up or wake me up with noise, otherwise, Happy Birthday my love. My Good Girl!”

i responded with, “Thank You Sir.” And i opened my tablet to my favorite (literature) porn site with my rabbit inside me.

** side note: i prefer to READ porn over watching it. When i read it, it is a bit slower build up to the good parts and i can imagine myself as the submissive with David as the Dom. Not to mention, i think my imagination is far wider than the porn i have watched too! Here is my favorite site… in case you wanted to know: Www.Literotica.com

*** Another side note: at one point, i set up an account as an author and wrote a couple of stories. i submitted them for review (and hopefully to be published), only to find their editors were intense. They gave a lot of feedback, to which I didn’t much care for. Most of it was grammar and spelling, but also a bit more to the content too. Does anyone reading porn really care if you start/stop a paragraph after there is a “quote”? Or if the comma is inside the “quotation,” or not? << see the examples? Well apparently they do! And i guess maybe their readers do too!

So it made me mad and that’s what prompted this site! i wanted to write whatever… whenever… and however….and not have an editor! i am a bit selfish, aren’t i?? 🤣

i only lasted one more orgasm longer. i was so relaxed and contented with the day, i actually ended up falling asleep shortly thereafter.

This morning now i have NO idea if no-touch/ no-orgasm is in effect again, but i would be shocked if it’s not. i have learned a lot these last 17-days (yes, i was counting!), including how to pay more attention to Sir’s words, be a better good girl for him, appreciate orgasms more, sleep in a chastity belt (while being grateful to NOT have easy access to myself), and in the process….. growing deeper in my submissive mind too.

As much as I hate to admit it….. orgasm control/denial is a GOOD thing for me …. and Sir too. And we both know it now too!

**** while it won’t arrive that quickly …for my Christmas present, Sir agreed to let me order a Fancy Steel belt. i know it will be a good thing for both of us! He is going back out of town today (Friday) for 2-days, but this time it is just he who is going. He even commented, “if the FS belt were here already, I’d lock you in it and take the key with me to ensure you remain a good girl this weekend!” And my pussy got wet at the thought! The Chinese belts are ok for up to about 24’ish hours, but then it starts to chafe in odd places. Whereas the FS one shouldn’t do that as it is custom made to fit me with my measurements. So for longer periods of time, like 2-3 days …. Or really as long as we (or should i say HE) might desire…. The Fancy Steel belt will be much better for long-term wear!

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving and my birthday!




  1. Don’t those little spontaneous warnings really trigger something in us? I know they do for me. I find that the confidence a Top has in issuing such admonishment when combined with our knowledge that they are just as likely to act as forgive, imbues them with quite a bit of punch……even if there’s no punishment. And for me? Depending on who’s around, Rosa wouldn’t hesitate to make such a warning more openly.

    A long while back I wrote about a trip to a store with one our “friends-in-the-know” and Rosa very casually advised me not to go too crazy with purchases. She didn’t say it meanly, just casually. But I kind of complained that she needn’t have said that in front of Marta, and without missing a beat, Rosa said, would it have been less embarrassing if I said “if you buy too much I’m going to spank you when we get home”? And Marta roared.

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