222 – Sharing me with his BFF – fiction – Part II

This is a continuation of the previous post, so if you haven’t read the first part, you really should do so first.

Sir looked at his friend and asked him, “well, would you want her to stay with you tonight?”

Our friend David looked at me, then looked at my Sir and said, “if you are sure this is ok by you, then yes, I’d love to release some of the pressure that’s built up over the last few months.”

While looking from me to David, he added, “but I must warn you both, my ex-wife caused me a lot of stress and took a lot of money from me in the process. I’m still pretty angry with her at how she just used and abused me like that, so I’m not sure how nice I can be tonight.”

My Sir let out a laugh and said, “Don’t worry my friend, we both know how much pent up anxiety you’ve had. Use my wife’s holes anyway you’d like and allow yourself to have fun. My wife provides the best stress reliever there is! Which is ultimately why I wanted to share her with you too. I knew you needed to pound away at a woman tonight way more than I did. She’s tough and can handle anything you give her. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”

I smiled and said, “oh Yes Sir.” Then looking at our friend, I added, “Tonight is about you Sir.”

My Sir looked at me and said, “Now you know my love, that tonight is not about you. You may or may not get to orgasm, depending if David allows it. But your needs are irrelevant tonight. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I do indeed understand and I wouldn’t have it any other way!,” is how I responded.

Sir looked at his friend and said, “This is one time you need to be completely selfish and let her be the whore she is for you tonight. Of course, she’s actually better than a whore, because she comes to you free of charge.”

Our friend smiled and said, “it’s rare that I get anything for free. People see my money and want to know how much they can have. You are a true friend!”

Sir then said, “it’s the least I can for my Best Friend! I knew you needed this and I have the cure for you! Be sure to use her to get every ounce of happiness you seek and all she will ask in return is that you snuggle a bit with her at the end. That’s when you’ll need to reassure her that she’s made you happy and that she’s a good girl.”

He continued. “If you want to let her orgasm, you can but you don’t have to. She will ask when she feels she needs to orgasm, but she always seems to ask before she truly needs it too. I almost never say yes the first time she asks but tonight, it’s your call. Maybe you want to feel that orgasm of hers glide over your cock welcoming it more into her folds. It’s up to you.”

Finally he said, “I only ask though that if she is not completely compliant and attentive to you and your needs, you punish her before the night is through. She knows her place and she needs to know you will keep her in line. All good?”

With that, our friend David smiled, gave my Sir the kind of man-shake hug that men do while patting each other on the back with their free hand.

Our friend drew back and said, “thanks man. Not many people would be so kind.”

Sir replied, “you’re my best friend, what’s mine is yours. I’m glad I can help.”

I was just watching this entire exchange from the bed, patiently waiting to be acknowledged. At that moment is when Sir came to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, while facing me squarely and said, “be a good submissive slut wife tonight. If you aren’t, in addition to whatever punishment David gives you, I may well do more at home tomorrow. Don’t embarrass me with my friend. Do you understand?”

I was so excited to be shared with his friend and possibly make this a future thing too, that I smiled at David and then looked to my Sir said, “oh yes Sir. I know my responsibilities tonight. I won’t let either of you down. Thank you Sir!”

My Sir kissed me then and said, “alright, have fun you two. I’ll see myself out now.”

And he left the room, with me on the bed naked and David fully clothed standing and staring. I wasn’t too sure David knew how to start. He was like a little school boy at that moment, so with my hand I beckoned him to me with a sly grin, I said, “Come to me Sir.”

And he did. I raised up on my knees and moved to kiss him. My hands found his zipper at the same time and unzipped his pants. He let them fall to the floor.

I started to reach for the buttons of his shirt when I felt his hands moving that way already. So instead, I pulled his boxers down and let those hit the floor too.

While he finished taking his shirt off, I moved my face down to his cock. I slid my mouth down upon it with my hands cupping at his balls, and proceeded to start sucking him harder than he already was. I was moving slowly and gently, kneading his balls with my hand as my mouth stroked at his cock.

I heard his shirt drop, followed by a sigh of happiness. He said, “Damn woman, David taught you to suck cock like a pro!”

Hearing those words of encouragement, I was inspired to do more. As I started to move more swiftly, that’s when he grabbed either side of my head with both of his hands and he held my face still. He started moving his cock in and out, face fucking me. He started going faster and faster, and that’s when he jammed his big cock down my throat. I was concentrating on not gagging as I knew I shouldn’t.

He did this over and over again, and then with one big jab he pushed as deep as he could go and held it there for what felt like an eternity but likely only a few seconds. As he held it deep inside my throat, it cut off my air way and I almost pulled back from fear of not being able to breath. But at that moment, he released the hold on my face with his hands and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

While climbing onto the bed, he said, “you are a good fucking whore! I’m already impressed with how well you are trained. David has done an amazing job with you!”

“Thank you Sir. I’m glad to be able to serve you.”

“Let’s see what else can you do! Now lay on your back woman with your legs spread wide.” And I did so with a smile on my face.

“I’m already impressed with one hole, but now it’s time to try out another.”

He climbed on the bed between my legs and he said, “put my cock to your opening so I can use you the way I need to.”

I said, “Yes Sir,” as I reached between my legs and took hold of his cock. I pulled it close to my pussy’s opening as he then pressed forward to penetrate me.

After pressing in just one inch, he paused. He looked me in the eye and said, “do you think I’m going to be nice to you tonight?”

“I’m not sure Sir. But does it matter?”

“You’re right. It doesn’t!”

And he pressed all the way forward, balls deep, as far into my pussy as he could go. All in one swift move. I gasped as i felt the depth of his cock inside me. Then he swiftly pulled back all the way to the tip, and pressed deep once again in one more swift move.

Both times, I felt his cock spread my lips wide. His cock felt so damn good inside this needy pussy, so I told him that too.

It got him motivated to pound me hard and fast for the next many minutes. I was loving every minute of it. I said, “Sir, your cock feels completely amazing. Thank you for giving me this time with you.”

Suddenly, he collapsed on top of my chest, and just as quickly he rolled us both. I found myself on top of him just that quickly. He pressed me up to a sitting position. He grabbed my nipples, one in each hand, and he squeezed. That’s when he said, “Now you need to ride my cock like the bitch you are. Show me how much you want my cock inside you. Don’t stop until I allow it either!”

I started grinding on his cock in earnest. I was moving forward and back, going faster on his thick cock. He held tight of my nipples, so as I moved back my nipples were held taut and hurt. I reached up to my tits and grabbed the base of them, in an attempt to give them a little comfort. I didn’t dare ask him to let go, but I sure wanted to.

He said, “You are a talented woman, but I’m going to make you better! I can tell my firm touch to your nips is causing you a bit of pain but I think it’s nothing compared to that paddling you took earlier tonight. So let them be and relish in the thought that this makes me happy. Let go of your tits and let me pull at them as I wish.”

As he spoke, I felt my pussy contract. He was right. This was all good for me, My pussy squeezed hard on his cock and I said, “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

He suddenly let go of my nipples, and grabbed at each of my ass cheeks. He said, “now move woman!” And he started helping me move me up and down on his rigid member. I moved swift and we were both nearing orgasm.

I asked, “Please Sir, may I cum?”

He grunted out, “NO. Not until after I do! I’m going to cum deep in this cunt and I want to enjoy this moment on my own!”

I kept going. I felt his cock flexing hard. I was getting tired and I really wanted to orgasm. I asked again. This time when I asked, he slapped hard at my already-sore ass, and he yelled, “Fuck! I said no, I meant no! Get me off and then we’ll talk!”

“Yes Sir.”

I started working his cock in earnest. I wanted him to orgasm in my pussy so much, I started telling him that too. “Please Sir, use my hole to dump your cum deep into. You deserve to have a willing and accepting hole for your precious gift. I wish your ex-wife would’ve realized the precious gift you had to offer. But make no mistake Sir, I am grateful to be your cum dump now!”

I worked his cock as he helped by pressing my ass back and forth too. His head rolled back and he said, “oh baby, I need to cum! Keep working my cock. Don’t you fucking stop I’ll use that paddle on you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week!”

“Oh God Sir, you have the magic words to turn me on. I really need to cum Sir!”

“Then you better fucking get me off quick so you can have yours!”

It was just another minute, when he suddenly gripped at my ass holding me firmly on top of his cock. He didn’t let me move. His cock was so deep inside me and filled me so thoroughly, but I knew it was at that moment he was filling me even more with his seed. I felt his dick flex in my pussy.

It was then that he said, “NOW you may cum!” And he brought his hand around to my clit and started flicking at it. I asked, “may I ride you another minute Sir?”

He said, “absolutely. But you best be quick because as you milk the last of my cum from my dick, I’ll be soft soon too.”

I became hungry for my orgasm. Time was of the essence and I wasn’t going to miss out. With his fingers caressing my clit and my determination, I rode his cock as hard as I could, as fast as I could. I needed to feel it deep. And it was only a minute later I screamed out, “Sir. I need to cum. Now.”

He said, “that wasn’t a question. But yes, you may orgasm.”

That was all I needed to hear! I let the the orgasm engulf me entirely. It washed over me entirely. I went rigid almost immediately and just relished in the feelings.

I felt my clit pulse as the blood flexed through my veins. And that’s when I collapsed on top of my new Sir’s chest.

I rested there for a few minutes. He allowed me to gain my composure there as he stroked my back and told me I was a good girl over and over, which I cherished thoroughly.

He rolled me to his side, where we were then laying together spooning. We rested there a good long time, and I fell asleep just that way. I’m not too sure if he slept or not but I wasn’t concerned about him. I knew he was happy, and that allowed me to just fully relax.

We laid that way for several hours. I slept so well in his arms, and I think he enjoyed me there with him too.

I don’t know what time it was when I awakened, probably 3 or 4 am, but I felt his arm hooked under my hips where he was clearly moving me into a particular position.

He must’ve figured out I was awakened, because before i could say a word he said, “hush baby girl. Don’t speak. I need to use another hole now though too. My ex never let me fuck her ass, and I’m going to fuck yours the way I wanted to fuck hers. Hard and fast! I’m going to own your ass and you’ll let me do it too.”

He added, “I want you on all fours. Now. Get into position and do not move until I allow it. Do you understand me?”

While still trying to wake up but also trying to be compliant, I responded with, “Yes Sir.”

With his arm on my hips and my help, I was immediately on all fours. And I heard him say, “I’m going to mount you like the dog I want you to be. You are my bitch and I’m going to fuck your ass hard.”

“Please Sir, use me as you want.”

“Oh believe me, I’m going to use you now for my pleasure. I don’t give a fucking rat’s ass if you orgasm, or how many times. Don’t even ask. In fact, don’t say a fucking word! What I care about is filling your ass with my cum. Just know, I’m not going to be nice or easy. I’m going to aggressively fuck you. Starting now….”

With that, I felt the tip of his cock start to enter my ass. I prepared to feel the pressure that I always dread as it starts to press against my sphincter muscle. I love anal sex, but not the first pressure that builds before the dick gets past that muscle.

I hold my breath. Despite his words, he was kind. He went slow. As I felt the pressure start to build, I gasped. He paused, and said, “get ready. I’m about to press on through. Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir. I’m ready.”

I pressed outward, opening my muscles to allow more room for his cock. And just like that, he pressed hard and fast. He was immediately as deep as he could be inside my ass. I gasped in hard. I knew how his cock felt in my puss, but he sure felt so much bigger now in my tighter ass hole too. He held that for just a minute and let me catch my breath.

Then he said, “that’s the last I’ll be nice. Now it’s all about me.”

“Yes Sir. I understand. I’m here for you to use.”

He said, “I don’t need to hear your approval. I know what you’re here for. If you don’t though, you are about to find out! Don’t speak another word!”

With that, I pushed my hand down between my legs and started playing with my clit while he started pounding my ass. I know he saw me reach down to play with myself, but I figured unless he said I couldn’t I would! And he didn’t, so I did!

He was popping my ass as he pulled in and out every time. I was loving how he was plugging my back hole. The more he pegged me, the more I played with my clit. Suddenly, I was in a full orgasm! As I did, all my muscles flexed hard. But it was short lived. David was not impressed.

He immediately slapped hard on my (still) tender ass. He said, “focus woman! I said you could orgasm, but not if you are going to get all selfish and not allow me to have your undivided attention!”

“Now stop playing with your clit. Focus on me and making my cock happy! I’m going to fucking cum in your fucking ass. And you’ll thank me for it when I’m done.”

That’s when he grabbed onto my collar and pulled back. He said, “this collar is useful. I’m going to use it to keep you in this exact position while I fuck you as hard as I can.”

And with that, he started pounding away at my ass. In and out. Over and again. I heard him muttering things like, “give it to me bitch!”

And “I’m going to fill this hole so it drips for hours!”

And “your ass feels like the best I’ve ever had.”

After all this, even without my fingers touching my clit, I felt it come up. My next orgasm. I was about to orgasm without even having any touch to my pussy. It was coming entirely from my ass being pumped over and again.

And finally, I heard him say, “Fuck! I’m cumming now!”

And he slammed into my ass, held himself tight against me, and I felt his cock flex in my ass as he dumped his seed deep inside me. Again.

And that was all I needed. I felt it some over me just like that. I orgasmed that fast. I didn’t even expect it to happen then, but it creeped up and eeked out. It over took me slowly and softly. I loved it!

He collapsed onto my back and whispered in my ear, “I love all your holes so much. I love that David my best friend and he has trained you this well. You make me happy.”

I thanked him thoroughly. I was so happy he was using me the way he was.

That’s when we fell asleep once more together again. His arms wrapped around me and we slept so well.

When we finally awoke and he took me home, he thanked David for allowing me to pleasure him. Then he asked my Sir, “can I start seeing her regularly?”

David said, “Sure man! What did you have in mind?”

And with that our friend, and my new Second Sir, said, “I’d like to hump her weekly… on hump day!”

David laughed saying, “I’m glad to hear she performed well for you. You have a deal! Every hump day you have a submissive wife at your beckon call!”

I walked up to my new Second Sir and said, “I’ll see you on Hump Day Sir!” I blew him a kiss and he left.

My husband then turned to me and asked, “have a good time, did you baby girl?”

I responded, “oh yes Sir. I love having a second Sir now and I’m glad to make you both happy.”

That’s when my Sir said, “then let’s go make me happy now too. Take your clothes off and I’ll see you in the bedroom in 5!”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir!”

The end.



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