128 – Ice ice edging-without-orgasm!

We haven’t done chastity since before our CO vacation. i don’t know why exactly. It’s not like it’s not a thing. It just hasn’t happened.

But this morning, i am asking to wear it. Right now, i have been told, “maybe.”

So off to work i go. Wanting so badly to have my parts completely off limits and no-way-no-how to touch it.

Why? Well….. the edging has me mentally crazy! i so badly want to touch myself. And if i do, i know i won’t stop!

This morning as Sir was making his breakfast and i came out from the bedroom, dressed and ready to go to work, i greeted him properly with a kiss and a good morning.

He told me to raise my dress. i thought he was just going to confirm no panties (he does that from time to time. Random checks to see if i am compliant – and properly submissive).

Then he said, “Hold it up. Don’t move!”

And he walked to the frig and got a piece of ice out of the freezer. He turned back to me with an evil smile and said in a taunting voice, “Don’t cum…..”. As he walked towards me.

i was already bracing myself mentally!

His hand held the ice as it pressed against my pussy. i cringed and i flinched too. It was SO cold it was shocking!

He started to move his hand, along with the ice, up and down rubbing my clit and teasing my hole with his fingers too. His fingers slightly dipped into my needy cunt a couple of times, while the ice moved in sync with his hand. i thought he was going to plunge his fingers deep, along with the ice too, but he did not. Not sure if that was good or bad honestly!

As i made moaning sounds and leaned into his forearm, as it led from my pussy to his shoulder, he said, “don’t you even think about cumming right now!” with a serious and firm tone.

i simply said, “i don’t think that’s even possible! That ice is SO dang cold that i don’t think i can orgasm!”

Not to mention standing upright, in the kitchen, with my dress around my waist in my hands too! A lot to think about all at once!

He said, “I’m going to rub you now until the ice melts and you are so wet it runs down your leg. And you are not allowed to wipe it up when I’m done.”

“Yes Sir”

And the ice melted…….

Then he asked, “how was that?” Same as last night….. best and worst time ever!

i responded with, “Thank You Sir.” While i AM thankful for his attention, NOT so much for the continued edging or ice!

So that’s when i asked if i could wear chastity. To lock it up tight so i don’t go over the edge, accidentally on purpose! And he said, “Maybe. I’ll think about it. But not today. You need to go to work now.” i think he wants me to use mental willpower and not physical restraint. But my willpower is running on thin I-C-E right now! (Get the pun there!?!?! Lol!!)

So here i sit …. all sexted up and nowhere to go…. except of course to WORK!

(And when i went looking for a picture, i found this ice castle. And i thought it looked a lot like a vagina too. So it was fitting to post a vagina on ice….. since that’s exactly what i have right now!!!)

i’ll tell your more about previous swinging experiences and my stage fright in the next post now!




  1. This sounds like a lot of fun although ice is off limits for me. I am sorry not to have been keeping up with your journey properly. It sounds like a have missed out on some good stuff 😊

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