86 – out of town

Our son is going out of town tomorrow for an overnight trip to the beach with friends. i hope Sir uses me to the best of his ability while our son is gone.

But it’s times like this that i get my hopes up, get all excited… get things in my own head (!!!) that are not in his. And i don’t exactly know how to tell him without topping from the bottom… but if i don’t find some way to tell him, i’ll likely end up being squirrelly-cranky by the end, which is likely to cause problems.

Pre-DD solutions……

And those “problems” in the past would have probably led to a fight. i can hear it in my head now….

David: How was I to know T-H-A-T was what you wanted? Did you tell me?

Me: No, I didn’t tell you, but I assumed you’d know. And if you didn’t just know, when I dressed with practically nothing on that it would attract your eye. Or at the very least, you’d ask why I was dressed (or not) the way I was.

David: I’m NOT a mind reader!

Me: And how exactly should I say, “hey, use me now?”

David: Just like that!

Me: Yes, but I wanted you to want me. Not me telling you to want (and use) me!

David: whatever. You are impossible to please!

(And now we use the silent treatment on one another for awhile and at some point apologize and it’s never discussed again. Leaving me disappointed, frustrated, and somewhat bitter that T-H-I-S wasn’t what I wanted at all!)

*** did you notice that David was not my Sir? Did you notice I was capitalized?

PostDD solutions…..

Problems…. if i don’t find a way to tell him and he doesn’t think to use me and i do get squirrelly-crazy … this is how the problem would be solved:

Sir: How was I to know T-H-A-T was what you wanted? Did you tell me?

Me: No Sir, i didn’t tell you, but i assumed you’d know. And if you didn’t just know, when i dressed with practically nothing on that it would attract your eye. Or at the very least, you’d ask why i was dressed (or not) the way i was.

(Now to this point, it is exactly the same as before.. except now he’s my Sir and i am little)

Sir: So i have a few things to say and you will listen.

Me: Yes Sir.

Sir: 1st, I am not a mind reader. 2nd, you know you are to dress sexy for me and in a way I like so that’s nothing new. 3rd, i have enjoyed seeing you in less clothing since it’s been unnecessary but I chose to look and enjoy in my way. As such, I have used you! And 4th and last, go assume the position because this assuming that you did, tell-me-after-the-fact how you feel, cranky attitude is never how we deal things now. If you’d found a way to N-O-T assume and to instead speak up earlier than now, this would not be ending this way. I’ll be there in a minute and you should be ready.

Me: Yes Sir

(Notice how he’s firmly in control, i am not, and the rules are pretty clear… and so are the consequences? And most importantly no fighting! And no lingering crankiness, grumpy, sulking ways.)

Back to now……

So knowing all this above… how do i tell him now to use me more than just for eye candy in the next 2-days rather than be sulky and lead to a red ass at the end … without topping from the bottom too? (i seriously struggle with this!)

Suggestions readily accepted…. but make it quick! (key is quick since this alone-time starts tomorrow!)




  1. I’m not going to be much help.

    Part of me says be bold and say “it’s been ___ long since we’ve had the house to ourselves. If it pleases you, i hope we could ___ during this time.”

    Then on the other hand – you’ve been working on trusting your Sir lately. Maybe this time is a good test for you. If it pleases him to not use you, could you find it inside yourself to be okay with this?

    Personally, I’m hoping this time is filled with wanton debauchery for you. 😁

  2. If i were in your place, and wanted to be used. i would probably be naked, and pose in a sexy position like hands and knees on the floor with butt high in the air in an area Sir is in. Enjoy your blog especially when told to “assume the position.”

  3. Hi Marie,
    I’m sure David would appreciate knowing that you wanted to deepen your submission to him and that he could assist you in this by undertaking activities that take advantage of your increaed privacy. That is letting him know your needs without topping from below and opens a possible conversation of how this might be achieved.
    All the best,

  4. Your Question “how do i tell him now to use me more … without topping from the bottom ”

    Try this. “Sir, I desire to be used by you. May I do something for you to justify, to repay you giving in to my desires? If I was was out of line in asking this, please punish me appropriately. I am your intimate servant.”

  5. My Master and i discuss your blogs all the time and he said he wouldn’t consider it topping from the bottom if i were to come right out and say “i really need you to use me while our son is away Sir,PLEASE??” i think begging goes a long way with Doms Lol.. i know this blog was written a while ago but i thought I chime in anyway

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