149 – When Tone matters… or not!

Sometimes David says things to me in the form of a question, but it’s not at all intended that way. And sometimes he says things that sound like i actually have a say -so, but we both know it isn’t. And sometimes i call him out on it… in a Passive-Aggressive way.

Why do i call him out?…………..Because sometimes i can’t help but think, “Just say it. Just direct me. Quit giving me directives disguised as options.”

And today was one of those days. That he gave a question-directive and i called him out on it.

i told you about me texting him, requesting he be more dominant. He hasn’t done “much,” until this morning. So it probably wasn’t in my best interest to act this way today. But… alas, i did!

i was drinking coffee and playing on my phone when David said, “is it time to go edge?”

(Now he hasn’t asked/told me i had to edge in a long time now. So i was a bit taken back when he said this. And i was focused on coffee and still waking up…… so i said…… )

“No, i don’t think so.” And i kept drinking my coffee.

(Here’s the passive-aggressive part)

He said, “I think it IS time.”

i don’t think he saw, but i rolled my eyes at that moment. i did set my phone and coffee down and walked towards the bedroom. But i was annoyed for sure.

And i went to undress and lay on the bed, when he said, “You knew I was telling you to go do this.”

i said, “i suppose i did, but you did ask a question. It wasn’t a command, or said with much authority.”

(Okay, this wasn’t really passive-aggressive so much as just aggressive.)

He said, “My tone shouldn’t factor into your decision to listen to what I say. Correct?”

And i paused. (Yeah, probably shouldn’t have paused, but i was back to passive-aggressive).

When i spoke, i said one word, “Correct.”

That’s when he took action and said, “Assume the Position.” And he followed me to the bed, got out the paddle and it collided with my rear immediately. Multiple times and without warm up. As it did, i heard, “your tone needs to change. The sass needs to end. I’m really tired of it!”

(i did have sassiness. We both knew it. i was calling him out on his passive-aggressive ways with my passive AND aggressive ways.)

“Should my tone matter?”

No Sir.

“Will you follow my directive more quickly next time?”

Yes Sir.

And with several more BIG SWATS….. my ass was stinging!

Then i heard, “are you going to do better?”

Yes Sir.

And then he said, “Now turn over… and start to edge. Like i told you to do the first time.”

And i did. My rear was stinging so much it hurt to lay on it, but i wasn’t about to argue at ALL.

And i put the vibrator to my clit. It was a bit hard to be “in the mood,” when i had no interest in doing this. But i did it.

David proceeded to get dressed, including shoes and socks on, while watching – but ignoring – me. That’s when he leaned in and out two fingers in the front and two fingers in the back. It felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… especially after i had been edging for a good 10-minutes at that point. Because try as i had been, anytime you put a vibe on a clit for any length of time, and it WILL respond.

That’s when he moved his fingers in and out and said, “DO NOT even THINK about cumming!”

He did this for several more minutes and i was truly begging him to pleaseeeeeee let me cummmmmm.

And finally…. he did! i exploded all over his fingers in a magnificent way.

That’s when he said, “this will be the last time you get to cum when you haven’t listened and responded properly to my directive… whatever tone I use. Do you understand?”

Yes Sir, i do indeed understand.

[Careful what you wish – and ask – for!]

My Sir has truly shown me who is in control….. just like i knew i needed. i just hope i don’t have to endure much more of the spankings like this morning…. next time, i’ll try to keep my big ,outhitting shut!

That said though, while my rear end was tender for a bit today… every time i sat down, it ultimately made me happy.




    • Hi NicoleLinn – This is not stupid. In fact, when I wrote it I debated if it needed to be defined. It is when you stimulate yourself (or someone else) to be aroused right up to “the edge” of climax. And stop. And you don’t orgasm. Then when you back down from “the edge” just a bit, you repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

      Typically (for most people), it results in a larger orgasm and most people say it is worth the wait. But it is SO hard to make yourself stop before going over the edge too.

      I hope this helps. Marie

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