129 – BJ

This morning our son left for school and i went to shower. When i was out, and before dressing, i asked David, “should i assume the position now?”

(i mean it IS Friday…. and that is Maintenance day!)

Instead of a “yes,” what i heard surprised me. He said, “no, get dressed and come see me before you leave (for work).”

i was pretty surprised we were skipping maintenance, but it worked for me! Although i wasn’t sure what the “come see me” part was about either…. but whatever. No big deal.

Then i finished preparing for work – i dressed, hair/make up, jewelry and i went to see him….

He said, “get on your knees. You’re going to suck my cock now.”

He has never been that bold or direct really, especially about a BJ. (He uses a lot of passive-aggressive sentences which i really don’t like at all!)

So i was a bit surprised and my face must’ve shown it as he said, “don’t look at me like that. Just do it”. And he dropped his shorts and i dropped to my knees.

As i gave him a BJ, he made comments like “it would’ve been nice to make your ass a bright red today.”

And “I could’ve fucked your ass if I didn’t think you’d try to orgasm.”

And “this is about me. I made you put clothes on for a reason. You don’t get yours until tonight!”

(i think my ass was on his mind…. no complaints from me!)

Hearing him say those things made me so wet! And he even said, “I bet you are dripping right now. Like I said, there’s a reason I had you fully clothed to do this. You would’ve wanted to touch yourself and you are just needing to wait a bit longer.”

Well……. i was indeed SO super wet, that i was dripping! When i was done, there was a huge wet spot on the outside of my jeans that i had to change my pants! It was so visible from the outside it just wasn’t acceptable to go out of the house that way.

When he saw it, Sir asked me, “you didn’t cum, did you???”

And i said, “No Sir. Just ready for tonight. And us being together with BJ.”

He said, “yeah, I get TWO BJ’s today…. from you now and them later.” (Oh how funny was that little pun!)

So i need to hang on for a few more hours to get my own BJ also!

Have a great day….. i know i will!!



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