207 – 24-hours. Is a long time.

Today’s sexual escapade is….. an anal plug.

Yeah, i know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal anymore, right? Kinda not as it is part of my routine in a regular basis really. But today David (and i both) amped it up a notch.

It turned into a game today.

For whatever reason, that even i admit, i do not know WHY…. But …. i have had a “goal” of wearing an anal plug for a consecutive 24-hours. To date, i have never achieved this goal. The longest i’ve worn one was 12-hours, so a good long way still from the full 24-hours.

*** note to anyone wearing a plug long term — if your body says it hurts and it needs to come out: it should. It’s your body’s natural way of telling you something is not right. And if you ignore that body signal, and do NOT take it out, you could end up caused by bodily harm to yourself.

^^ this is why i have not ever made it 24-hours. My body says “nope. Done” and i listen to it!

So back to today…. Sir said he was going to insert the plug this morning. (Sometimes he tells me to do it.)

That means i get the plug ready with lube. And then i assume A position (not THE position to be spanked, but substantially similar too!) …. On the bed, on all 4’s, shoulder and head on bed, and both of my hands spreading apart my ass cheeks.

And in goes the plug! i feel it press to my hole and it just keeps going!

Sometimes Sir goes slowly, and sometimes not. Today, he did not. i (sort of) flinched as he pressed it in fully seating itself in my ass. i flinched at the very moment it pressed past my sphincter muscle. He said, “what? Why flinch? You should be used to this by now.”

“Yes, i should indeed. But today, it just felt like a bit ‘extra’ too”

He said, “hmm. Well. Maybe we need to do more of this.”

(As if to say i don’t already do it a lot!)

With that, i started off for the day.

After getting to work, i texted to remind him that i have a date night with a (plutonic) girlfriend where i’ll be home late.

** As an aside: i had previously obtained authority to go out with my friend-who-is-a-girl. While this isn’t officially a rule for me, i almost always do ask like this, “would it be ok if i went …..blah blah blah”. He typically asks details including where, when, cost, etc. And almost always Sir says yes. So despite the fact it isn’t a rule AND he almost always says yes, i do this as an extension of the rule “show respect at all times.” While it’s obviously not a requirement, it seems to me to be respectful to ask to be absent during what is typically “family time.”

In response to my reminder text, he asked me if i was going to wear the plug the entire time i was away, which would amount to having the plug in for about 15-16 hours.

(** it should be noted that it is expected that i always wear the plug, or any other device inserted/attached as long as possible or until Sir decides its time to come out, whichever comes first. But even if i need to take it out, i must ALWAYS ask. That permission is always granted, but it goes back to the “show respect” rule that generates the question. And it keeps David ultimately aware and more or less in control!)

i thought about his question for just a minute and said, “i’m not certain. i hope so. But if i get that far, i would think i could likely just go on to sleep and get the full 24-hours.”

To which Sir texted back, “there may be a reward if you do.”

And i wrote, “ Oohhh yeahhhhh??? What kind of reward???”

He said, “if the plug is there in the morning, when I tell you to Assume the Position for Maintenance, instead of being spanked, I will replace the plug with my cock and fuck your ass. If it’s not there, then maintenance may be particularly intense. Your choice.”

Oh wow!

So my ass will be fucked …. or spanked ….tomorrow morning. Pleasure or pain?!

** many of you might be thinking “PLEASURE? What pleasure?”. i’m sure you see this as a choice of pain INSIDE or pain OUTSIDE, but in no way is there PLEASURE. To each his own. i love anal sex and i find it a huge turn on! Even to the point that, without any touch to my pussy, i can achieve orgasm, which not everyone can do. It’s harder and definitely not as good, but it happens! Of course, i didn’t ask but i have to assume either way – fucked or spanked- i won’t be allowed to orgasm. Because it IS still NO-vember of course. And at this point already, i suspect that if i am anal fucked, i would orgasm easier than us usual!

*** i should also mention, NO-vember is about ME not orgasming. Nothing to say David is abstaining. i mean, why should he? Anytime he’s ever put me on EDGE and not allowed orgasm, he still does his thing… masturbate sometimes, but also uses my holes sometimes too. So even “if” he fucks me tomorrow, it will be for him to play with my mind… and possibly get himself off in the process too.

**** i should also say, i don’t see any of this as punishment, but a rather fun mind-game. It’s incredibly hard mind you, but absolutely still a fun game. i (strangely) enjoy this very much.

So…… What’s your bet — fucked or spanked?

Pain or Pleasure?

Orgasm or denial?

i have a feeling i know which of all those will be the likely outcome……. As the odds are NOT in y favor!




  1. Hi Marie, each day’s task seems to get more demanding both physically and mentally. Do you ever wonder what the people who report to you at work would think if they knew that their boss had a plug inside of her today or an inflatable dildo and how “hungry” and “edgy” you are. Would they be surprised? Does the idea that they don’t know that their boss is submissive turn you on even more… not sure how many hours it has been so far but how are you doing??? Each hour that passes, I’ll think of you… avner
    PS: I sent you an email with a few more questions to answer if/ when you have time…

    • I don’t really ever think about any of my coworkers this way. Because it doesn’t really matter what they think, it only matters what my Sir thinks. I say this because in the end, I will go home to him and at some point, we all get new jobs and move on, in which case I’d likely never see them again. Hugs, Marie

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