208 – Spanked again!

So yep… you were right NORA. i didn’t make the 24- hour goal. i did make it further than ever before. But alas, the staying power wasn’t sustained all the way to the finish line either.

i previously wrote about the challenge Sir issued…. Fucked or Spanked.

i had an anal plug inserted at 6:30a and the challenge was to keep it 8n my ass all the way to 6:30a the next day. It didn’t happen.

My (plutonic) girlfriend and i went to dinner, followed by a theater play together. And the seats were OH SO HARD! At intermission, i just couldn’t keep the anal plug in. It was a bit of a burning sensation. And it just hurt. That’s the best way to describe how my ass was feeling.

i thought about it a lot during the first act. i debated whether to try to keep it in longer or not. In the end, i made a choice. All by myself and ultimately without permission but i still knew David would be ok with it too.

At intermission, i made the choice to take it out. i went to the bathroom and pulled it out. After wrapping it in paper, i stuffed it in my purse and went to enjoy the second act. And just like that, i was much happier without pain on those very hard seats!

By the time i arrived home, David was sound asleep. In the morning, we were up at just about the same time where i greeted him with a “Good Morning Sir”,” where his return response was, “is it still in?”

“No Sir. It came out at intermission.”

“So you wore it about 15 hours! That’s the record for longest consecutive time wearing an anal plug yet! Very impressive.”

i smiled and responded with, “Thank you Sir.”

To which he then added, “But of course, that wasn’t the deal. Was it?”

“No Sir”

“So you need to Assume The Position. Don’t you?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Y-E-S….. what??”

“Yes SIR.”

“So let’s go ahead and start this day off right. Assume the position now.”

NOW. Ugh. At least it’s not a discipline spank, but a maintenance (weekly) one. that’s something.

Since i slept naked, it was easy to get into position quickly. we recently changed up the position. Instead of standing on the side of the bed, bent over at the waist and only having the top half of me on the bed, now i am entire,y on the bed. i put two pillows underneath my hips to raise my ass up more into the air, then put my shoulder on the bed and my hand/arms down on the bed and running between my legs.

What this adjusted and new position does is makes it MUCH harder for me to move around. In the old position, while i’m not supposed to move at all, i tended to pop up my head which causes my butt to move out of position too. Add to that, sometimes i even danced around for a minute when the intensity of the spanking became too much.

NOW… while i can lift up, it is a bigger challenge to do that when my arms are running down between my legs, and I most definitely am not able to dance and move around.

MUCH more effective positioning, where i feel the FULL intensity of the spanking. Every single swat hits it’s mark every single time!

So given that, i wasn’t looking forward to maintenance by ANY stretch of my imagination. But i assumed the (new) position willingly and immediately.

Before i was even fully in position, David had already retrieved the paddle and hit my bottom with it twice. That’s never happened. He always waits for me to be in position, and frequently lets me sit there thinking about it all for as much as 10-minutes or so. Not today.

He was swift! i immediately heard and felt the oh-so-familiar….. Smack, smack, smack, smack. Fast and furious. He smacked my ass with intention too!

He did about 10-15 total. i don’t know the exact number. They were fast and fell like rain in immediate succession.

i never cry tears with maintenance spankings, but i won’t lie that these spankings typically bring me right to the edge of it where the tears well up and i become aware that, “if he continues, i will be in tears soon.”

And that’s when he stopped. My ass was super red, my eyes were starting to feel blurred, and yet, once again the tears didn’t fall.

NOW this is the part that was especially different. Usually at this point, i feel Sir’s hand between my legs, or sometimes he drops his pants and i feel his cock. And he ALWAYS rewards my acceptable of maintenance spankings with the big O! Not today. Not during NO-vember. Instead, he sat me upright, kissed me, tweaked my nipples with each hand and then slapped my ass and said, “Good girl. Time for getting dressed to face the day.”

He didn’t mention or speak of the missed orgasm, nor did i. There was no reason or purpose. He knew that i knew why. He also knew that even if it weren’t NO-vember, he’s still always in control and orgasms are always at his discretion. So he could’ve easily just decided “not today” anyway. And it really wasn’t my place to ask. But even “IF” it were my place and even IF I had asked, i KNEW the answer would be NO!

So i dressed for the day and that was that.

My ass was super red and stung for a couple of hours, but David has never put any permanent marks on me and only rarely has the temporary marks lasted more than a couple of hours. Today was no different.

But …l no “extra” equipment on board today either. No plugs, dildos, belts. Just me, unless of course you count my Collar. It was by choice i wore it but i suppose that is “extra” too.

i’ll talk about my collar soon.

Until then…




  1. I am smiling about being right! But more so, I am happy that you listened to your body and took it out when your body told you it was time. Okay.. I have a details question. And I apologize if this is too invasive (just tell me to bugger off if that is the case). In the event when you wear a plug all day… I am assuming you must take it out when you need to take a #2…right? You aren’t holding that in all day, are you? Again, I am sorry for the nature of this question. I have never worn an anal plug for more than a couple of hours and so I have always wondered how this works for people who wear one all day. I am feeling so embarrassed to even be asking this….. XOXO

    • Nora – no need to be embarrassed. It’s a natural question to ask. Yes, I take it out to poop. But usually I go first thing in the mornings (only), so when it goes in (in the mornings), it is after I’ve emptied my bowels and it’s almost never any issue until the next morning too.

      To take your question one step further, it doesn’t come out when I pee. However, to relax your muscles enough to pee also relaxes your butt muscles. So the plug becomes loose and while I doubt it could/would fall out that easily, I always put a hand back there and hold it in while I pee just to be safe.

      What other questions do you have? I’ll answer. 😉. Marie

      • Thank you for being so open and candid, Marie! I have peed while wearing an anal plug and while it does feel like it might pop out, it never has (thankfully!). I will think on this and see if I have any other questions. Have a GREAT night! XOXO

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