206 – Give it not one but TWO fingers!

** i wrote this at the end of the day of wearing the inflatable dildo, but didn’t post it as i wanted to sleep on it to re-read it and/or edit. So technically, this was the end of day yesterday now.

i came home from work today early. It was just Sir and i. Because i am SO turned on now from sexual teasing, i asked Sir, “Can we get naked and i ride your cock?”

He asked why. And i told him i NEED to feel his cock.

He responded with, “I would definitely agree that pussy is awfully needy. I see it has a need to be filled today. Of course, I thought we were taking care of that already. Maybe not enough. Strip off your clothes.”

i said “Yes Sir” and started toward the bedroom. He asked “where are you going? I said strip!”

i said, “oh, i thought i should do that in the bedroom.”

He rolled his eyes and said, “if I wanted you to leave my sight, I would’ve made that clear.”

So right there in the living room, i striped.

He smiled. He said, “I see you were a good girl and kept the dildo in its place today! Come here.”

i walked up close to the couch where he was. He grabbed the bulb and squeezed it many times, inflating it SO large that i felt the pressure of my vaginal wall muscles become very stretched to the limit.

He said, “So …filled …. your Pussy shall be!”

With that, he released the bulb and let it hang between my legs. Then he grabbed the base of the dildo and said, “Spread your legs.”

And i did. He said, “I do not think you need to feel my cock. Instead, close your eyes and just feel as this dildo in this very tight and filled oust, as it fucks you very thoroughly.”

With that, he proceeded to pull the dildo out very slowly and then pushed it back in as deep as it could go. He repeated this several times quite slowly and very intentionally as my tunnel became slick with every movement of the cock.

Soon he went faster and as he did, my knees buckled. He said, “you need to stand up straight. Do not move.”

i attempted to follow his directive, but soon failed. He was moving the cock in and out so rapidly, i just couldn’t handle the emotion i was feeling. i suddenly felt myself nearing the edge of orgasm and said, “Sir, may i cum please??”

That’s when he pulled the dildo out of my needy pussy and i felt his hand slap against my clit so quickly. It caused me to flinch and pull my legs together as i buckled over. While it stung a bit, it wasn’t that painful really so much much as surprised me. And in the surprise, the emotional high i felt evaporated in a blink of an eye!

He said, “No, of course you can’t orgasm! You set this NO-orgasm, NO-vember in motion and I’m loving it. This is fun!”

With that, he stood up from the couch, and he said, “open your mouth.”

When i did do, he inserted the inflatable cock into it. He said, “Now suck it clean.”

As i did as instructed, he continued to stalk, “As needy as this pussy is, I suspect it still needs to be filled and played with yet today. You need to stuff it full with your two middle fingers. Stick them in there now and don’t take them out until I authorize or indicate otherwise.”

i did as instructed.

He smiled as he cupped my chin and said, “Now that’s a pretty sight to see and now you are being a good girl. You are free to go about the rest of your day, as long as the fingers stay put until you are told otherwise. And once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the dildo, you may put it away too. Do I make myself clear?”

(i took the dildo out of my mouth to respond)

“Yes Sir.”

Then he kissed me deeply, and turned and left.

i picked up my clothes and started to move to our closet, where i was intending to put the work ones away and slide into the after-work-comfortable ones.

It was about that time that Sir walked back through the living room, when he did so, he looked at me. He stopped and said, “where are you going?”

“To our closest to find suitable clothing Sir” i said.

To which he responded, “there’s no need for clothing. You should stay naked the rest of the afternoon. I’d like to see you naked and stuffed this afternoon. Now go put your work clothes and the dildo away only.”

i responded with, “Yes Sir.”

When i was done, i sat….. naked…. On the couch…. Two fingers in my pussy…. And i grabbed the remote again to find a tv show with my free hand.

Sir sat down on the opposite couch and said, “Open your legs so I can see your pussy better as it’s filled with your fingers inside.”

And he added, “You know …. I love seeing you naked like this, all filled up. Let me see you finger fuck yourself now.”

i began to pull my fingers in and out slowly, being careful to not touch my clit anymore than was necessary so not to get too mentally involved but rather just carrying out the task at hand.

He turned up his nose though and said, “that doesn’t look like you are trying too hard. Take yourself to the edge with vigor.”

So i did. As i neared the edge, i arched my back and David saw. He said, “STOP! NOW!”

And i did that too. i pulled my fingers out and whimpered as i knew the orgasm wasn’t going to be allowed, there wasn’t much point in asking.

That’s when Sir said, “put your fingers back inside now. I never said they could be removed. That’s their resting place until further notice. You don’t need to use your left hand for anything else today.”

Then he finally smiled and said, “what a good girl you are! I’m having fun! Are you?”

i rolled my eyes and he laughed. That’s when he also said, “so what do we want to watch? Porn?”


It’s going to be a very long NO-vember month indeed.




  1. Soooo hot.🤤🤤🤤

    Here’s the thing. I am if nothing else a huge nymphomaniac. To have someone control my orgasms and deny me would make me so subservient and compliant it could be dangerous to my own well-being. The level of trust, love, devotion, comfort needed to give myself over like that…..

    dreamy, heavenly submission but….. few men can truly handle being given that gift.

    It seems you have found one. So happy for you❣️

    • I can totally agree with your perspective and it can be a well-being problem for many men and women. I try to make it a game and have fun though too. 😊. Thanks for your comment and kind words. Marie

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