194 – a longgggg week ahead

In my last post, i told you about my latest discipline……. You can read about it here

Suffice it to say….It is going to be a longgggg week.

i didn’t do too well.

My task was to wear a plug until David i was home and whenever wanted to take it out.

Well, i had good intentions. But i didn’t accomplish the goal either.

i was at work and heading into a meeting when i had to use the bathroom. And it was uncomfortable already, so i just decided to take it out.

The meeting was going to be so much easier without it…. And it was.

When i got home, David walked by me and immediately put his hand to my bottom and said “is it still in?”

Because of course, not only did it come out long before it should have — but i didn’t even ask permission— or even just tell him!

i didn’t have to answer his question. As soon as his hand reached the bottom of my ass, he knew. He commented, “uh… no. No it is NOT still in. And when exactly did it come out??”

i said, “mid morning.”

He said, “you seem stubborn today and refusing to learn anything today. Go to the room and assume the position now.”

“Yes Sir” (i am SO submissive in his presencebut clearly NOT so much when left to my own devices)

The “position” he was referring to is being naked, feet on the floor, bent over at the waist where my upper half is on the bed, and my rear is completely exposed and available for being spanked at his will.

i went to our room and proceeded to get into position, to presumably receive a spanking.

When he came in instead of picking up the paddle, he said, “use your hands to spread your ass cheeks. I’m going to fuck your ass, just the way I said I would. And you are going to make yourself available to me now.”

He was clearly ready and already hard as a rock because it was just a few seconds after I spread my cheeks that I felt the tip of his cock start to press into me.

He didn’t waste anytime in pressing deeper and deeper until his whole cock was seated firmly inside me. He did pause to give me a second to adjust, thankfully. He said, “I’m going to ride you hard so I can get off quickly. I have absolutely no intention of allowing you to cum. This is for my pleasure, not yours. It could have been yours too, don’t forget this is your own doing. Now don’t let go of your ass cheeks for any reason!”

And with that, he placed a hand on each of my hips to give himself leverage and started to pull back to the point he almost came out entirely, he paused, and then slammed in deep. As he got all the way in, he muttered, “hmm, you feel SO good around my cock.”

And he did it again. And again.

He started going faster and faster. In and out with such vigor and intention. He wasn’t lying when he said he was going to ride me hard.

i won’t lie, he felt good in my ass too. i was remorseful to the fact he would have been licking or inside my pussy, where i’d likely be on my back facing him, so as to smile and kiss upon my face too. But……alas, that’s not to be for today.

He continued to press in and out, going faster and faster, just as he promised. My ass will definitely be sore tomorrow!

At one point I lost my grip on my ass because he was pressing in and out so quickly that my hand slipped. He didn’t slow down. But instead, i heard him say, “get your hands back in place!” And he went faster yet. i heard grunted sentences under his breathe that were things like, “your ass feels amazing. I’ve needed this release.”

And finally, “give it to me baby. I’m going to fill your ass with my seed.”

And finally, only a few total minutes in really, he slammed deep inside and held himself there. I could feel his cock throbbing, knowing it was indeed filling my ass with his cum.

Almost immediately he pulled out and said, “don’t move,” while i heard footsteps. He was moving into the bathroom, presumably to clean up.

When he came back, he said, “get fully onto the bed and turn over onto your back.”

After i did, he handed me a tweezers and said, “you can come out of the room when all the hair is gone.”

As he turned to leave, i muttered something like, “what? You want me to pull out my pussy hairs with a tweezer?”

He heard me and turned around and said, “I bet next time you’ll be more appreciative of the razor when you are in the shower. But this way, you shouldn’t need a razor for several days to come too!”

Almost as a last minute thought, he added , “oh, and remember, I said no orgasms for you equal to one day for the number of hours that the plug came out early. It’s gonna be a long week for YOU!”

And he smiled mischievously at me, turned and walked out as I stared at my puss with a tweezer in my hand.

Needless to say, I have no more hair now…. (Ouch!)




  1. As someone who frequents an aesthetician for Brazilian waxes and has had to pluck hairs post shaving. God bless you Marie for submitting to plucking each hair out of your pussy with tweezers! That’s more punishment than a spanking ever could be!

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