195 – Pick one… second chance

As i got out of the shower today, David asked me to “Pick One”.

My choices were:

1) Anal Plug

2) Inflatable Dildo

3) Chastity

When i started to ask questions like “purpose, length of time (to wear), would the inflatable go in my front hole or back, i was greeted with a look that said it all. It was a look i have seen and know well, that said, “You should know better to ask questions. You should show your trust.”

And the only words he said was, “I asked you to pick.”

All of these have consequences, and rewards too.

i chose anal plug.

He smiled and responded with, “can I assume you’ll wear it much longer than you did this last time?”

“Yes Sir”

He said, “Good. Now present your bottom on the bed while I go get it ready”

So i went to the bed. i got on all fours, with my ass in the air, head buried in the bed. i used my hands to pull my butt cheeks apart. And waited.

It wasn’t but a minute, when i felt David touch the tip to my anal opening.

He said, “I’ll press it a bit but then I want you to push your muscles open so your sphincter will open to it. When you are ready, you should then press back onto it so it will go in slide your ass. I want to ultimately have you put this into your own ass while I just hold it.”

“Yes Sir”

And i did. i am always grateful when he lets me do it this way because i can accept it slowly into my ass at my own tempo. It is always an easier entrance for me, plus of course, he also has a VISIBLE confirmation that i am doing this of my own free will.

Side bar – sometimes i get emails or comments that people are concerned about my well being. i truly understand that you may not think it, but i do this of my own free will. i can promise you, i am well – mentally and physically. i truly DO love my Disciplined Life!

So after i got the plug fully seated inside my ass, David pulled me off the bed and toward him. He wrapped his arms around my naked body and pulled me to him. He kissed me passionately. Then he smiled at me and said, “you make me so happy. I am proud of you and all that you do for me.”

He continued, “Now get dressed. Remember no bra or panties. You’ll have to hold the plug in without aids today. We will see how your day goes, but if you are good, we can probably see about shortening your no-cum week. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.”

He released his hold on me, gave my ass a big hard (playful) slap, and said, “now don’t make us late for church. Hurry it up my sweet girl.”

As i was headed to the closest, he added, “Oh, just so you know…. This is your second chance this week. Had you picked one of the others, you wouldn’t have a second chance just yet. But with the same sexual tool in place now as what you had a few days ago, I want to give you a second chance to be the best submissive wife you can be. I will let you know when it comes out, and if you make it, you can have a reward tonight!”

T-H-I-S is love between us! i love how we have sexual energies, as well as tensions, in our marriage! The love i have for T-H-I-S man is extraordinary. And when i perform acts of submissive service that please him, like wearing an anal plug for some undefined time – just because he wanted me to, i know he loves me too.

Wonder how long i will make it today. Hopefully much longer than Thursday!! And hopefully the week will be shortened!

Stay tuned…. We will see if today is better!

And now off to church to worship Christ while giving my submissiveness to my husband.



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