193 – C is for cum, D is for Discipline

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. For me, i sometimes forget to be follow the rules. Or maybe i don’t exactly “forget” so much as “ignore”. And the re-learning of those very same rules comes at a price.

i know i am supposed to shave my pussy every-single-day. David wants it kept clean and free of all hair at all times. It makes me feel a bit like a little girl, but in some ways, that’s okay. Think about it, i AM his girl, and i am “little” compared to him.

Of course, the primary reason he likes it kept clean is that he can SEE if i am cumming… but also so hair doesn’t go up his nose when he wants to lick it too. It is obvious when i am cumming as my puss visibly pulses.

Today, i didn’t feel like shaving. i stood in the shower and just basked in the warm water, thought about my day ahead, and relaxed. But self-indulgence isn’t in my arsenal of weapons. That is about the least favorite emotion that i sometimes take advantage of and, if not caught, it doesn’t usually have a big impact. Until i am caught….

As i was drying off from the shower, David walked up behind me and hugged me tightly. The towel was still around me, so he couldn’t really see what was (or was NOT supposed to be) underneath. He nipped at my ear and it immediately turned me on. i tilted my head to the side to give him better access, but especially so that he could know how much i loved what he was doing at this moment.

He then released me and said, “go lay on the bed and spread your legs. I think you’ve had a lot of stress lately and you ought to let some of that go. I’m going to make you cum now.”

OH NO. CRAP. He’s going to IMMEDIATELY be upset with the hair that was left behind. Why did i have to be self-indulgent today.

Too late. Not much else to do but to come clean…. well…. i wish i could be clean. Clean of hair. But not an option now. The only option i have available is to admit my fault.

“Sir, i can do as you ask. But i have to tell you i did not shave this morning.”

He looked at me with a confused expression and said, “What? Why? Don’t you know I like to see all of you?”

“Yes Sir. i was just trying to relax in the water and didn’t feel like it today. So then i just didn’t”.

i feel so ashamed. i have let my Sir down. And we both know it.

He said, “I see….. So what do you think we ought to do about this? Do you deserve to CUM or to be DISCIPLINED?”

i had to tell the truth, because, let’s face it, this was a rhetorical question.

After he agreed that discipline was in order, he said, “Well, I think the kind of discipline you need is not to turn your ass red, but rather to give you a taste of what WOULD have been the outcome for this morning.”

Now it was my turn to be confused. i looked at him and said, “i’m sorry Sir, but i do not quite understand what you mean.”

He said, “Go lay on the bed with your legs spread, as I had originally instructed you to and I will be there in just a minute. Be sure to put your hands onto each of your shines, holding your legs apart and giving me access.”

So i did as instructed and i waited.

i didn’t have to wait too long and he came in. i immediately cringed at what i saw though.

He had a lubricated, albeit only slightly, ass plug. He held it where i could clearly see. As he talked, he had the plug in one hand and with his other, he started playing with my clit.

He said, “I’m going to bring you to the brink of CUM and then stop. I’m only going to edge you. You are NOT to cum. And while I can’t see your self-indulgent cunt the way I’d like, make no mistake, I can still see it. So don’t even think of cumming. When you get close, you need to tell me.”

“Yes Sir”

And, of course, it took only a couple of mere minutes before i was calling out “SIR! i am going to cum!!”

And he responded swiftly by saying, “NO. You are NOT!”

And i felt his hand move away from my clit and come back down onto it with a swift SLAP!

That slap to my cunt was hard! And it immediately stung! i started to allow my legs to close and roll onto my side, when he grabbed me and pushed me back into position. He said, “you aren’t allowed to move. Stay still!”

i’ll admit, i’m not honestly sure if it stung more physically or mentally though! i knew this discipline was earned …. And unfortunately… deserved.

He said, “Do you feel like cumming now?”

In a quiet and small voice i said, “No Sir”

He said, “then let’s see if we can get you there now.”

And he started to touch my clit once again. He was intent on getting me to the edge. And with his enthusiasm, it certainly did NOT take long before i was once again calling out.

i cringed at the thought of another harsh slap to the puss. It was going to hurt that much more this time as it became more and more turned on and swollen.

And sure enough, David did NOT disappoint. One more harsh slap was felt so much i instinctively pulled my legs together, and turned onto my side on the bed. This time he allowed me to do so.

With that turn though, he took advantage of the position and said, “Don’t move”

He leaned into me so that i was pinned on the bed, on my side, with my legs pulled up to my chest, exposing my ass to him fully.

i expected more of a true spanking at this point, but that’s not what happened next.

Instead, the slightly lubricated butt plug was felt at the opening of my ass hole. David put the tip of the plug to my opening and said, “this is about to be seated deep in your ass. While I’d like to care if it hurts you while going in, I don’t. I don’t care now because you didn’t care about me before when you made the decision to be self indulgent in the shower. I wanted to make this a pleasant morning, but instead, you forced me to discipline you.”

And with that, as he pressed on my body to ensure i didn’t move, he pushed the plug deep into my ass in one swift and fast movement.

i cringed and cried out. But it wasn’t but a second later that he said, “it’s done.”

He pulled back and instructed me to stand in front of him. He spoke softly and lovingly, “My love, I so wish this had turned out differently but your failure to follow clear instructions that you have learned long ago, has brought this upon yourself. Do you agree?”

“Yes Sir”

He continued, “you will wear this plug all day. Tonight, I will remove it, and I will fuck your ass. You will not cum today. At all. But I will dump my load into the hole that seems appropriate now, given your behavior this morning.”

“If you feel you need to take this plug out before tonight, you are to text and ask permission to do so. Additionally, for every hour it comes out earlier than I intend for it to do so, you will endure that many more days of edging and no cumming. So it if comes out 1-hour early, one additional day will be added to your edging without being allowed to cum sentence. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir”

With that, he reached up and punched my nipple while giving me a passionate kiss. When he was finished there, he slapped my ass and said, “now off your go. have a good day at work my love!”

And he walked away with a smile on his face. While i am now off to work to concentrate on not taking this plug out at all early!



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