192 – Recalibration Weekend

In part because we have wanted one for ages, in part because of COVID (and not going places/vacations have helped to save money)….. we had the money to put a pool in our backyard this year. It’s been finished for about a month now.

David said, “While our son is away for the weekend, I see no reason for you to wear anything at all. I want and intend to enjoy your body thoroughly throughout.”

i simply responded with, “Yes Sir”.

Of course, as i turned my head, i was rolling my eyes and to my surprise David saw it. He wasn’t happy. He said, “while I have been amiss in allowing your lack of submission to be disciplined as of late, it’s time to change that back.”

While it’s true, we have slipped out of full routine, we haven’t gotten too far off either. Just mostly a “little lazy” about the little things really. (i have been overwhelmed with life and haven’t had much capacity to write here. When you feel like there’s “too much going on,” you find ways to eliminate things …and i am sorry friends, my blog is what got away from me. And this morning i felt inspired to write again…)

Well, because i didn’t respond with gusto to the new directive i was just given, David said, “come here. N-O-W!”

Ahh crap.

i stood up and moved from the couch i was on, to the chair he was sitting in and stood in front of him. In a stern and “I-dare-you-to-defy-me voice” David said, “take your clothes off.”

With my eyes and head dropped, i obeyed.

He said, “lay over my lap now.”

i did.

He wrapped his free leg around mine, so as to secure my legs from flailing, while laying his right arm and upper body into my back, causing me to be pinned.

That’s when i felt his left hand on top of my bottom. He gently laid it there. And he said, “you will remain naked for the duration of the weekend. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

He asked, “why did you roll your eyes at me?”

“i’m not entirely sure Sir. Maybe because you have been lax about enforcing discipline lately.”

“While I appreciate your honesty, you do understand that the eye roll was not necessary, right?”

“Yes Sir.”

“So lax or not, this weekend will be a reminder for both of us. Ready?”

i knew he was asking if i was ready to have his hand swiftly and firmly come down upon my bottom with an enforcing reminder of who i submit to. And because i #LoveMyDisciplinedLife (just don’t like the inconsistencies), i responded with, “Yes Sir.”

With that, his hand pulled away from my buttocks and i cringed as my mind prepared for what i felt just a swift second later.

Wow – he wasn’t kidding.

My Sir’s hand had to hurt as much as my bottom as he wasted NO time delivering 10-strong, hard, and fast spanks to my bare ass.

My legs automatically tried to lift up, but with his leg pinning me in place, there was nowhere to go. As i flinched and tried to wiggle, there was nowhere to go there either with his upper body laying into my back.

When 10-were delivered, i felt his body loosen from the grip and mine relaxed as the tension was released. He asked, “how close are you to tears?”

Admittedly since it had been awhile that i had been in this position, i said, “very near Sir.”

He asked, “is that from the humility that you are feeling in your mind or the sting you are feeling in your ass?”

“Both Sir.”

That’s when he said, “then 10-more it shall be. But my hand is hurting and I want to use the paddle for a stronger reminder. Go get your paddle for me now.”

Geez. Talk about more humility.

i did as i was instructed. My head held low as i did so. When I came back, he said, “look me in the eye and confirm you are ok.”

He likes to do this. Even though we agreed to a domestic discipline lifestyle long ago now, he likes to know that he’s not abusing me or forcing me to do anything against my will. And … he wasn’t.

While the pain was strong already, and about to get even more so, i was happy to see him taking (full) charge and not allowing even the smallest of transgressions to pass. So yes, i did look him in the eye and said, “i happily accept your discipline Sir. i am glad to know you are in charge and i willingly submit to you. You are hurting my bottom, but my will and desire to submit has not been hurt nor changed.”

He smiled and said, “great. I love you even more for your submission. Now let’s get the last 10-done now.” And he patted his leg.

i know the paddle hurts more than his hand, and while it’s only been a few mere minutes between the time he spanked with the hand until now with the paddle, i suspected the pain would be swift and strong.

He did not disappoint.

After we were right back in the same position and i felt the paddle laid flat on my bottom to let me know what was about to come, just as quickly and without an utterance of a sound, i felt it pull back.

It instantly collided with my bottom. Instinctively i flexed my back, where i felt his arm and upper body flex back pressing me back down.

One after another, they were so quick i hardly had time to process it. The sting in my bottom was so intense and i found the thoughts, “pleaseeeee end soon already!” seeping in. That’s when i felt the release of a tear from my eye. Then the other eye.

And it was over. As quickly as it started and as unexpected as it was, it was hard, fast… and … well…. deserved. Truthfully, it has been deserved for awhile now. Not so much about this one transgression with the eye roll or the delayed response to the directive to undress, but in general with all the recent days’ minor transgressions that he allowed to be ignored.

As he stood me up, he was still seated and i was between his legs. This is where he grabbed my hands and looked up into my eyes, and he said, “are we ready to have a good weekend now? We haven’t christened the pool yet…. And with you staying naked all weekend, i suspect i will be moved to take advantage of that frequently. Why don’t you go cool your bottom off in the pool now? Allow yourself to feel the water flow over you untethered by clothing. And let’s spend this weekend recalibrating….”

The couple of tears i felt spring forward from the spanking was nothing compared to now the recommitment i feel to My Sir. The tears flowed freely and he smiled. He knew it was tears of love as i smiled through them.

He dropped one of my hands and moved it to my puss where he quickly inserted two fingers. He said, “now now my love, let the tears flow if you wish, it you don’t need to cry. I love you for your strong character snd commitment to our marriage, and willingness to submit to me.”

His fingers were moving in and out quickly. i arched my back and my eyes rolled back in my head. As he saw that, he pulled his hand from me and one swift swat came across my puss where i was immediately brought back out of my mind and into reality.

He said, “Make no mistake… I will use you freely this weekend. But you are to ask to cum every single time. If you do not ask or do not receive my approval, and you cum anyway, you’ll be shedding tears of pain. Don’t make us go THERE this weekend! Now go get in the pool and I’ll be there shortly….”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

Life is good and i am #LovingMyDisciplinedLife!




  1. Good to hear you are back writing again, I have missed you!! Glad you got a pool to cool down your red bottom, Marie!! That 1 st spanking on a Virgin bottom hurts so much worse when it hasn’t been spanked in awhile so I know it must have been really painful. So don’t go cuming without his permission so you don’t get any more of that dreadful paddle used on you, Marie!!

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