97 – Reverse Reverse Psychology

So David doesn’t read too many of my blog posts, but on occasion, he does indeed do just that.

And he read the last one about Reverse Psychology during the daytime hours when we were both at work. Afterward, he then texted me and said, “So the whole reason you want to be in chastity is because you will succumb to temptation and you consider yourself weak?”

i responded with, “Yes Sir. Plus it would then keep me being a good girl.”

He texted back, “you should be a good girl without instruments or assistance.”

i said, “the mind is strong, the flesh is weak.”

He responded back, “Hmm”

And that was the end of it…. until today.

i had a massive sinus headache yesterday and went to sleep taking two Benadryl. When i woke, the headache was gone, but i was still groggy. And i just got up and did the “old” routine of go to the kitchen for coffee and sit surfing while drinking coffee and waking up instead of the new routine of going straight to the shower.

And Sir was ready to leave by the time i drank coffee and THEN showered. So before leaving he said, “you didn’t adhere to the new routine. So because I’m leaving now, we need to put you in chastity.”

i was a bit surprised as i didn’t expect that, especially after the last (texting) conversation and all that he’s said about not being a “regular” thing. But i merely said, “yes Sir.” And we put it on.

That’s when he kissed me goodbye and smiled saying, “have a good day… and be a good girl!”

i just said, “Yes Sir, you have a good day too.” Thinking, “of course i’ll be a good girl. i don’t exactly have a choice... but THIS is what you wanted… to have your choice taken away to make it easier to submit. So be glad in it!”

So work was interesting.. for me anyway. i had not gone to work in chastity with a “normal” routine until now. But absolutely no one knew anything was different about me. It is surprisingly well-hidden under all clothing really. And thankfully, i have made appropriate adjustments to wear it long-term without any chafing at all. i have figured out that the tighter it is, the better. Because then it has NO ability to move around, and hence, no chafing.

Well, when i got home from work i expected him to say we would take it off, because i was a good girl today. i didn’t ask to not wear it, i didn’t ask to take it off, and i didn’t complain about wearing it. But when he didn’t tell me i could take it off, i asked if it could come off.

He said, “No. I’d like to keep it on. In fact, I’d like you to sleep with it. Ohhh and we are drinking wine with dinner.”

He KNOWS i get very turned on and very sexted up when i drink wine! And typically, i get sex or orgasm(s) or both when we share a bottle of wine. But no way while in chastity!

i must’ve had a surprised look on my face because that’s when he smirked and said, “well, you said you weren’t strong and your flesh was weak and you needed help…. so…. I’m giving you that help you so need.”

So here i am, locked up, feeling horny after drinking wine and SO wanting to suck or be sucked. i asked him if i could suck his cock. He said, “No. when i want you to do that, i will tell you. And tonight is not it.”

So instead, i get ready for sleep. And as we climb into bed, Sir says, “you gonna be able to sleep in chastity?”

i responded, “do i have a choice?”

He laughed and said, “no, not really…. although officially and technically you do since you have the key.” (Which he gave to me this morning for “emergency use only”)

i asked, “what will happen if i use it?”

He said, “do you really want to go there?”

Me, “No Sir”

Sir, “I didn’t really think so.”

Ultimate lesson learned: Careful what you wish for…….. or write on your blog! 😉

But… that said…… i couldn’t be happier than now with Sir taking charge, giving me direction, guidance, and leading me in every way! THIS is what i really want… to have him lead and know that he is respected and as such, i will obey. That even when i have the key and can make my own choice to unlock myself… we both know that i won’t!




  1. Oooh writing where our Sir’s can read is a very dangerous preoccupation indeed! I wrote in my journal a few days ago but then stupidly left it where Wolfie could find it and he updated himself. I was very, very tired and sore after that! Haha.

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