Day 15: My Submissiveness

DAY 15: “I WOULD LIKE TO…”Write about a BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.

There are several things i’d like to try actually… no particular order…..

1) All-inclusive-clothing-optional vacation. i’ve read about resorts (Hedonism in Jamaica) or a cruise (Bliss Cruise) where clothing is substantial unnecessary. i think this would be an amazing vaca! And since “people-watching” is always a favorite pastime, i think i’d VERY much enjoy that trip! [Anyone here want to join me??]

2) center-of-attention at a house party, maybe even blindfolded and tied up too. i’ve read what is probably nothing more than fictional erotica where the submissive/slave is the “party favor” for all the guests to enjoy… i’d love to be that favor. Talk about getting to a “Bliss”ful place in a hurry!

3) For a day… not permanently….. i’d like to be a submissive to my husband AND a mistress. It would be a serious turn on to be made to watch, edge, be denied while they play together for a bit, then they take me in anyway they want. But together i am made to serve their needs and mine are last, of at all. [This is a huge question for me if it would be better in my fictional thoughts than in a non-fictional reality!]

4) i’d like to be naked in my house all the time, including to answer the door for a delivery. 😉

That’s all i can think of at the moment, but if i gave it more time, i could probably think up more….

What would you add to this list?




  1. I’ve been to nudist clubs, and have enjoyed the freedom. I would like to go to a place like hedonism because having sex in front of others is a turn on. I have been the “nude entertainment” at a party of women. I wrote a blog about my memories of this event sometime ago. It was fun, but I think my fantasies about such an event are better.
    I would also like to be naked all the time at home—answering doors etc.

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