99 – O-B-E-Y… an action and more!

The word “obey” has been everywhere for me lately. It has popped up in ways i wouldn’t typically expect. It’s been everywhere… that’s how the word O-B-E-Y has surrounded me.

It started on Sunday at church. Our pastor’s sermon was posed around the question, “what does it mean to O-B-E-Y God?” And the entire sermon was all about obeying God. i heard the word obey about 30’ish times, about once per minute. Enough to cause it to stick in my head as a word of the day.

Ironically though, the word O-B-E-Y apparently wants to be more than just the word of the day! Because it has crossed my path several more times in as many days.

After church we went to lunch at a burger place nearby. The kind of place where you go to the register to order, and with self-serve drinks, pay, and wait for food to be delivered to your table. After our son ordered, he went off to get his drink. Then Sir ordered for me (he rarely does this, but i love it when he does!) and finished with his own order too. And while we were waiting for the credit card to process, he noticed the cashier had a grey shirt on with the single word O-B-E-Y on it.

As we both stood there waiting for the card to finish processing, he said to her, “Is that word OBEY meant for you or others?”

She turned red and said, “uhm.. it’s just a tshirt brand.”

He just shrugged and said, “ahh, I see. Well, that’s a shame.” Then he turned to me and said, “We need to get you one of these, don’t we?”

i looked at him and said, “Yes Sir.”

And then i looked at her and she caught my eye but immediately turned to hand David his card. i think she was unsure what to make of the entire exchange really. He smiled and said, “have a great day!” And we went off to get our drinks, not even waiting for her response. i now have an O-B-E-Y shirt on order…. and mine will have more meaning than “just a tshirt”.

Well apparently the word stuck in Sir’s head the way it did mine then because now i’ve heard him use it a couple of times also. Specifically with him asking me if i want to O-B-E-Y him, which was the point he was making when he told me i’d be sleeping in chastity for the first time the next day on Monday night. And of course, i do want to O-B-E-Y, so i did sleep in chastity without questioning it. (Which by the way was SUPER easy! i was skeptical, but it was no big deal. Thankfully.)

And now this morning on the way to work, on the radio station, the morning crew typically keep it light and upbeat. But today, they started talking a little more intently about different things and one said how “you should O-B-E-Y what God lays on your heart.” The announcers continued this conversation between songs for my entire commute, so i heard this message to OBEY all the way to work.

i decided to google the official definition of O-B-E-Y.

It says:

verb (used with object)

to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of; to submit or conform in action to (some guiding principle, impulse, one’s conscience, etc.).

i am first struck by the type of word it is….. verb…. an action. It isn’t something done to me or for me. No, it is something i chose to do and work to do. Active participation required. Additionally it is a continued effort….by me. It isn’t one and done. Oh, i suppose it could be done just once, but it isn’t too effective unless it is continually implemented. It does take effort to O-B-E-Y.

i chose to O-B-E-Y God and my husband. Everyday. Even when it doesn’t suit me. And sometimes it doesn’t!

And when i fail to O-B-E-Y, punishment ensues which is most often in the form of Domestic Discipline …. or said more plainly….. spanking. i happen to think i’m a pretty strong-willed person overall, which is why sometimes even i surprise myself at how much i want to O-B-E-Y (in theory), but don’t put it to use (in practice)…. resulting in a very red ass!

Why does punishment have to happen if something doesn’t suit me? Aren’t i allowed to disagree? Well, certainly yes, i am. But it is most often the way i reacted or responded that caused the punishment. i am still expected to handle myself appropriately and to still O-B-E-Y … or in other words…. i am still expected to follow instructions, restrictions, or the wishes of Sir even when it doesn’t suit me. And when i disagree (appropriately), Sir considers my opinions and sometimes changes the instructions, but not always.

My life is pretty easy when i just do what the pastor says, the tshirt says, or the radio announcers say… JUST O-B-EY!

And let it become my action of the day, but more than that too…. action of week, month, and years to come! And the new tshirt will be a tangible reminder every time i wear it too!




  1. Obeying can be so hard! I don’t think people who aren’t in our lifestyles or even our dominant husbands can fully understand! Being submissive requires work and thought and follow through, it’s not just hanging back and waiting to be ordered around! Obedience is an active trait, not a passive one.

    Just an FYI, the OBEY shirts are from a movie called They Live, which has gained a cult following in the last ten years or so.

    • Valerie, thanks for your comments. Yes, I agree obedience is definitely active, even though at first glance, it doesn’t necessarily seem so. I did look up the obey tshirt history before making my post, but I didn’t find this movie reference. So now I’ll have to go back and check out the movie too. Thanks for telling me. Marie.

  2. Great post, Marie! I love that you looked up the word “obey”… I derive a lot of pleasure from looking up words and considering their true meaning. Obedience is not easy.

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