49 – My Valentine maintenance session

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Maintenance spankings really suck. In the moment anyway.

i asked for maintenance when we first started this lifestyle to ensure we stick to this Domestic Discipline lifestyle. i am committed and want to do this lifestyle…forever…. and in my sane, very-sober moments maintenance sounds really good.

We have maintenance every Friday. Without fail. Rain or shine. And we N-E-V-E-R miss. If for some reason…. apart from one another for (say) a work trip, illness, or guests in our home…. we do it on the first available and possible “make-up” day.

And today was no different. My butt is red and throbbing as i type this.

And Sir just asked me if i wanted session number 2 for the day! I declined. He smiled. He then said he loved me and Happy Valentine’s Day.

So for someone reading this thinking, “WHY would you submit to being spanked every-single-Friday?”…. i will tell you why….

It is a way to bond, connect with each other, spend quality time together, build up who we want to be together now and always, and ultimately… instill, and reinforce, that i am submissive and he is Dominant.

i yield to him my entire being, including my butt. It is an active choice. NOT something done to me against my will, but something i want to allow and encourage him to do. By encouraging David to spank me with my willingness and acceptance, it gives him the confidence that if i will submit now to this, when he makes other decisions for our family, i will also submit then too. …

And for the record, i am NEVER restrained and have every opportunity to resist or fight it, but i don’t. When i submit, he is rewarded with confidence and pride instilled in his mind that i yield all authority to him to run our marriage and family, and yes, that happens when i submit my physical body for a maintenance spanking.

So a maintenance spanking is more than just a spanking. It is a bonding experience, and a way of life for us.

But today, on Valentine’s Day, i wasn’t in the mood for it. In fact, i tried to talk David out of it. i said it’s Valentine’s, it won’t hurt if we skip one week, i have been really good…. and his response was, “NO. We will not skip even once because once turns into twice and three times and eventually never. And then we don’t live the lifestyle we both have committed to. So get over here and pull your pants down and get into position “

So… i did.

But in the moment… as that paddle is swinging and stinging my ass….it’s not very “good” at ALL. Despite wanting to live this lifestyle and having been the one to say i wanted these maintenance sessions, it’s definitely NOT good! No… it just plain hurts. And of course, that’s by design. And it’s effective. It grounds me. It reminds me who i am alone and who we are together.

And in the moment, i literally hold my breathe, waiting for the paddle to leave it’s mark, and i pray… yes pray. Oh i don’t pray what you might think i’d be praying at that moment… (Lord let this stop soon) but rather more something like this, “Lord bless our marriage. Bless David. Help me to be completely submissive. Help him to know i yield and accept the authority that you’ve given him to be the leader of our house. Help me to accept this spanking with grace and mercy.”

The longer the Spanking, the more difficult it is to stay focused on my prayers because… well…. it hurts. And i am being spanked.

Tonight, it was extra hard. To focus and the paddling. And i know that David knew this too because he asked me, “are you close to calling yellow?” He probably wanted it to be extra hard tonight, for some reason that he had and to which really didn’t matter. And i had to say “yes” and he just said, “yes…what?” i said, “yes Sir.”

So i probably needed a spanking… i have been sassy and forgetting to say Sir lately… obviously…..so… it did what it was supposed to… it reinforced that i am NOT in charge and i was reminded of that tonight.

Hugs, Marie


  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve never really understood maintenance spanking. The reasoning behind it. I think I just may talk to my husband about possibly adding this into our regime. Would be good for both of us, I think.

    • I’m glad to hear that. I never really understood it either until I read JENNIFER’s post about it…. if I knew how to tag other people and/or their posts, I’d link it. (If you know, please tell me so I’ll know for next time!) And decided to give it a try. Some times, I won’t deny, I wish I had NOT wanted this…. but most of the time, while it does hurt IN that moment, within seconds later, I’m grateful for it.

    • Thank you! i’m glad it is appealing/ intriguing. I have found out a lot about chastity belts. I have one on order and was going to wait until it came in to give more info, but you’ve inspired me to post what i know already. So…. after this comment, i’ll have a new post! THANKS! 🙂 Marie

  2. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  3. Thank you for the talking about your prayer in this post. So often I don’t find people bringing out the Christian aspect in CDD and it leaves me wondering if it really serves that purpose. Really appreciate you showing how it does!

    • PK – Thank you for your kind words and posting. I think it’s interesting how people balk about the “Christian” part of the DD dynamic, seemingly more than the DD part. I think they think it is an oxymoron and not possible to co-exist. Obviously I disagree. And it seems you might be disagreeing (with popular opinion) and agreeing with me as well. I do pray often and regularly, and I don’t always talk about it here…. but I should. I should do more talk of it here. I think I will! Hugs, Marie

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