42 – Corset on. Bra Off. Check

Thanks to @Implacable, i was asked if corset/ waist training was still a thing for me, especially given the braless recent rules in place too. So since i haven’t spoke about corset training lately, it made me realize i should.

We have gotten to a place with both corset and bras, that it is working. i’ve accepted both in my mind and body. And this level of submission with these two things has taken a very long time.

When i first started wearing corsets, it has always been understood it would be the under-the-breast kind. (Not sure what that is called). But NOT covering the breasts. So i wore a bra with it too. The point of it hasn’t necessarily been to create a sexy look, but to train the waist to be smaller, to cause the breasts to lift up (stick out) and the same with the ass. If you push the stuff to another place, it will eventually stay there. With training. Consistent and regular training. But it is good to take a break from it because otherwise, those muscles atrophy and you lose the purpose of it. Just like runners train a day (or two) and rest a day (or two), same concept here.

So i wear the corset on Mon-Tues-Wed. And the rest of the week off.

Likewise, i’ve finally convinced Sir to let me wear bras to work (mon-fri 8-5). But since he didn’t really want to compromise at all, we have compromised and said, “if the outfit of the day doesn’t matter, then no bra.” In other words, if i’m wearing something that it would be obvious (colors, shape/ fit), then bra is okay. Otherwise, no bra is expected.

Well, when you wear a corset, you can’t exactly wear a lot that is truly form fitting. Because the laces and fit of the corset will show through. So – Sir said “no bra”. Well, this was the first i’d done that but i reluctantly complied.

i actually found i liked the corset MORE without a bra than with!

That’s because it comes right up under my boobs and stops, right at the place where a bra starts. So the two fabrics coming together right at the same spot sometimes pinched. Or overlapped and stuck out. But when i only had one, it felt better.

Not to mention, my boobs just stuck right out there tall and proud.

But still, you can’t quite tell that THAT’s what’s happening because the outfit isn’t that tight fitting.

i will say i get a LOT of compliments – from women mostly – on days i wear the corset. They can’t figure out ‘why’ i look different, but they know ‘something’ is. They say stuff like, “Have you lost weight? You look great!” And i just say “Not really, but thank you.”. That’s NOT a lie….

i think my waist looks better when i have the corset on and even into Thurs-Fri it holds it’s forced form, but by Sunday it seems to have relaxed.

So more-than-not, i don’t wear a bra and 3 of those days i have a corset on.

i’m learning to like it. It has become a routine that i can rely on. i like being restrained by the corset and left free from the bra. My life is good and it makes Sir happy, which makes me happy!




  1. Hi Marie,
    It’s great that this is working so well for you. It must be a constant and welcome reminder of your submission to your husband to be able to be dressed like that through the day. That it attracts positive comments from your colleagues is a great bonus.
    All the best,

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