45 – New and Old Rules.

After David and i talked a LOT, we started talking about what rules (or not) that we would have (or not). We aren’t officially formal like with a contract like some DD relationships are, but i know what’s expected. (i knew before too, but chose not to do it!). So we reestablished some old rules and created some new ones too.

Some of the old rules that we reestablished are:

  • No bra. (i’d started wearing it again. i mean, why not?!?)
  • No taking a (warm/ relaxing) bath without permission. (Ugh…. ok)
  • Refer to Sir as Sir. (not a problem. i rather missed this one)
  • Wear a corset to shape my body (i’d completely stopped this one because sometimes corsets aren’t comfortable at all)
  • Show respect at all times (of course, i’d unintentionally reverted to pre-DD style – see last post for more info really)
  • And … you guessed it …. NO MASTURBATION WITHOUT PERMISSION. (okay, i mean, THIS is the one that got me in trouble and caused all the trouble, so i KNEW this one was coming back!)

i decided to ask Sir, “Can i ask Why? i mean, i could see if you said no sometimes. But you don’t. And before when i didn’t ask, it was because i didn’t really think you cared enough to ever say no anyway.”

His answer, “sometimes i want you to know that you are MINE. And when you have to ask to touch yourself, it is forcing you to give up YOU and recognize – and respect – ME, our marriage, and my authority.”

Okay – i should have just asked the first time and not assumed so much or acted the way i did. i admit it. Now. Wish i hadn’t wasted 4-months figuring this out. But i guess this time off hasn’t been terrible either. NO not the best months of our marriage, but it was good for me. Because while i thought i wanted a DD relationship before… NOW I KNOW I DO!

And NOW i know there is not EVER any going back. I LOVE THIS MAN and the way we do this life, marriage, and DD relationship!

SO – a few NEW rules too….

  • NO PANTIES. EVER. (well this one will be a new experience!)
  • NO Pajamas either. (He’s never liked my soft, cotton, Mom-style PJ’s… and this too will be a new experience).
  • Dresses should be worn when possible. (Not ‘required’, but preferred. Because now there will be easy access with no bra and no panties on!)
  • Maintenance Spankings. Every Friday. (We technically had a rule about these before, but now they going to have a protocol that includes corner time and will ALWAYS be made up if missed for any reason… like our son/ holidays/ sickness/ etc… so my rear will hurt every weekend now)
  • And the biggest new thing…. a locking Chastity Belt. (for enforcing the last old rule above – NO MASTURBATION WITHOUT PERMISSION.

THIS is currently on order, been shipped, and expected to arrive at our house sometime soon…….

Image result for female chastity

Now i wonder what you are thinking. i certainly know what i was thinking….. “WHOA, what’s this about? WHY?” And then we talked about it. i’m not going to be locked in it 24/7, but rather to be worn at times when i need to be reminded that masturbation and orgasms are NOT my decision. That’s when i’ll be made to wear it. And should i decide i need to do so, it is better to lock myself into it and/or ask for it prior to making an error in judgement (aka: masturbating without permission!) than to be found out afterward. This is much more desirable than to choosing disobedience for the rules Sir has laid out, and made very clear.

So when it arrives, i’ll wear it for awhile. Not sure how long that is, but he will put it on and lock me in it and he will have the key. The only key.

Thankfully it has holes in it so i can use the bathroom without too much trouble really, but that may be even better to keep me locked up even longer without anyone ever knowing. (i’ll keep you posted what i think after wearing it for a bit).

In the end after thinking about it for a couple of days now, i’m actually good with this. Honestly, i think this is a good compromise. It gives me the ability to be disciplined without Sir having to do much, but it could be used for orgasm control too. i think it could be a good solution to forcing me to ask permission to touch myself. And it will cause me to recognize the authority he has in my life and what i’ve voluntarily given up.

And just looking at it, i’m kinda turned on and ready to have a new adventure with this new ‘rule’… and bringing back the old rules already just feel like i’m sliding into an old glove that fits oh-so-well!

So now – back to our normal. The way we do things fits us well. And i’ll tell you about the two spankings i’ve already gotten — maintenance really – in my next posts. But not tonight… you’ll have to wait. i know the spanking types will come back for that! 🙂



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  1. I think it might be nice if all listed our most common rules here. If may help new couples to get started on this road. Our rules changed each year– we had an annual rules review- and new rules were made to handle problems and thing no longer a problem dropped off.
    Here is a sample of my rules.
    1. Not to be late. not late for dates. not late to Work, not late to Church, not late to Dr appointments
    2. Done cause our checking account to be overdrawn (one spank per dollar charged to us)
    3. Spending limits (not more than 200.00 without discussing it with him. or 300 dollars in day (except at Christmas time))
    4. No cussing in front of children 
    5. No yelling at husband. 
    6. No nagging, no bitching.
    7. No keeping promises to him or other people.
    8. No lying.
    9. Out with girl friends home by 10:00 or calling him.
    10. No breaking any laws
    11. Accepting my punishment without a fuss, cooperating with my spanking.
    12. No spanking of the children without a warning or breaking a standing rule for them.
    13. Never wear pantyhose or even bring pantyhose into our home. 
    14. Follow all Doctors Orders.

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