37 – Moment of Truth – how it ended

So i decided you’ve been in suspense long enough… third post is the lucky charm and i’ll reveal what happened.

But first, let me summarize…..

  • i was suppose to wear a butt plug to sleep. After an hour, i took it out. i told the truth about it, but still, the damage was done.
  • AND – David was out of town – and we have a ‘no bra, outside of 8-5, Mon-Fri’, which i adhere to. Except i didn’t.

THEN – Sir went out of town for 4-days….

(If you want to know more specifics, read the previous two blog posts and you’ll get the full scoop!)

So that’s the current state of affairs. That’s the situation i was coming home to last night. Knowing that while i told the truth, and that did count for ‘something’ at least, it wasn’t with full submission and obedience from the start. (hence, having to admit the truth!).

i got home from work and David was already home. i greeted him and was glad to have him home from out of town. And i went to change out of work clothes. (i already had the bra off because it now comes off AT 5:00, in the car, on the way home!)

But i took off my work pants and grabbed for the shorts when i heard Sir say, “Come in here.” And i knew it was time.

So i left my pants off. i figured the rest of my clothes were coming off too. And i was right.

i cringed hard, but knew it was time to pay the price.

i sat on the bed and he said, “Do you think you deserve punishment?”

To which i readily admitted and said, “yes Sir”.

And he said, “Good, we are in agreement. While I’m happy you admitted the problems readily, there shouldn’t have been problems at all.”

To which I said, “i understand.”

And he said, “turn over”.

And i got into position. i took off the remaining clothes and positioned myself with my feet on the floor, bent over the bed, with my bed and arms tucked underneath my upper body.

And i felt him smack my ass hard with his hand. And he did it again, and again. My butt was feeling quite warm and stinging, but it wasn’t a ‘true hurt’ yet either. He kept going for several minutes. And then he stopped and said, “This is a nice rosy pink color now!”

At that point, he went to get the belt. i felt it smack against my ass and it stung. As he continued to reign down the belt on my ass and i was starting to anticipate the sting, he said, “I understand why you took the plug out but you still should have tried longer than you did. And as for the braless rule – while I know you don’t especially like it, I do! A LOT! And you need to learn to like it and embrace it too!”

i didn’t speak. While i can speak during spankings, it is not expected and i was starting to feel the burn in my ass, so i chose to focus on it instead. As the belt came down many times over, i was starting to get very warm in the butt.

And then he stopped. And he said, “Go get all your bras for me now.”

So i did.

And he said, “I’m going to be keeping these now. You’ll have to ask me for one if you want to wear one and if I feel like giving you one, I will. Otherwise, you will be braless.”

That’s when he said, “Back in position now.” And i laid back down with my ass in the air and arms and body on the bed.

And he took out the paddle. i got 10 very hard spanks with the paddle. After each one, i started to yelp in pain, squirm a lot, and pinch my butt tight in anticipation of the next one.

He said very calmly, “Legs apart and quit clinching.”

And so i did. And it went on.

After 10, he said, “Have you learned your lesson that you should follow orders more readily?”

And i merely said, “yes Sir”.

Then it was complete. He hugged and kissed on me and told me i was a good girl and all is forgiven. And that he loved me. And i know he does, as i love him also!

But now, this week – at home AND at work – i’ve been braless. He said no to bras for work this week. And i’m having to adjust and figure out how to wear clothes to (a conservative office!) for work and not be obvious about my behavior or my looks.

Someone reading this might say, “why does she agree to this?” And the ultimate answer is, “because i love my husband, i love how he is in control of our house, our marriage, and my life. And the fact that there are consequences to my actions is reasonable. It’s really how life works. Consequences for bad decisions, and rewards for good ones. And i accept that. Not to mention, when the punishment is over, so is the transgression. Everything is done and better. The slate wiped clean. So if you really wonder why i do this, i’d actually turn it around and ask you… why don’t YOU?




  1. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It really does lift my day to read your posts. I’m still working my way through your story but this post raised a couple of questions/comments, for me? I apologise if these are too impertinant and please feel free to ignore them.

    In earlier posts (some time back now) you indicated that you were wearing a corset as a matter of routine and that this was something your husband approved of. In your more recent posts relating to being braless, no mention has been made of other underwear and I’m wondering if corsets are still in the picture?

    Also, given the conservative nature of your work environment, has your husband considered a ‘no panties’ rule instead. Not only would that keep your ‘encumbrance’ more discreet (assuming your skirts aren’t too short), but I would think it would provide a continual reminder of your submission through your day.

    • Hello Implacable,
      I apologize for the delayed response to your questions here. I only just saw this and will respond now…..
      Only when you asked about the corset did I realize I haven’t spoken about it in a long time. So you’ve inspired me that the next post will tie together the braless and corset together. (Thanks for the thought!)

      i’ve asked about no panties – he says he wants only thongs, no full-coverage panties allowed, but i have been known to go without anything too. But I think he likes the braless better because he can “see” it quite quickly and easily … along with others too! 😉

      So look for my next post as it will talk about corset and braless together.

      Thanks for following and commenting both!

    • Hi Sophia –
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I can understand how someone might perceive my marriage dynamic as abusive, but I can and do assure you it is not. There is full consent on both sides. In fact, I was the one to ask for domestic discipline from the start. If you read more of my blog, I think you might see that aspect too. And if you don’t, I can appreciate that as well. Many blessings – Marie

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