253 – Wait for it…..

On Saturday, David arrived back home. Because it was daylight hours, a weekend day, and we have a teen in our house, i knew nothing regarding discipline for my poor choices would happen. Not to say David couldn’t find a way to get he/i alone if he needed to, but it was easier to just wait.

As we were heading toward bed, i was starting to feel anxious and asked, “Sir, are you going to punish me?

He said, “I haven’t decided yet.” i see.

And we went to sleep.

i usually wake before him, and Sunday was no different. i fully expected that once he was awake that on morning, he would indeed spank me. i was ready to accept it.

When he woke up, i had decided i would make his coffee and have it ready for him. i had already been thinking i ought to start doing that as another way to serve (and submit to) him. He was impressed and loved it. i was glad he didn’t honk i was trying to just kiss his ass in an attempt to avoid punishment, as that really wasn’t my intent at all!

And then throughout the day, nothing any different than the day before. We went about our day, our son was in/out, and no spanking or other punishment at all. The longer the day went, the more anxious i became. i even asked a second time, to which i heard, “maybe I am making you think.”

He didn’t have to finish that sentence or thought outloud. i knew he meant it to say that NOT getting a spanking, yet anyway, is definitely part of his plan and his punishment. He was making me think about my actions, be in tune with him, be accepting of the punishment… even the patience to wait to receive it … if “it” was to be a thing at all!

Towards the end of the day, i relaxed into it and decided, “i guess punishment won’t happen after all.” And i couldn’t quite decide if i thought that was a good or a BAD thing!

David was watching a tv show in the living room that i had no interest in, so i went to our bedroom and turned on the tv there. We do that sometimes, without issue for anyone. After a bit, he came in to see me. He got up near the bed, and i thought, “oh here we go! Punishment time!”

Instead though, he came to me and took hold of the zipper to my shorts and pulled it down. His hand went into my pants, and i spread my legs to make room for his hand. Of course, he didn’t pull my shorts down, only the zipper, so there still wasn’t much room at all. So i decided to try to make it easier on him where i lifted my butt and started to pull my shorts off.

That’s when he said, “I didn’t say to take your pants off.”

“i was just trying to make it easier for you Sir.”

“If I needed help, or to make anything easy, I will let you know.”

Well, i wanted his full touch, so i smiled a sly, sexy smile, and kept pulling my shorts off. He didn’t like that answer. He said, “ok, well… you didn’t listen. So now I’m done.”

With that he pulled his hand out of my, 3/4ths of the way off my butt, shorts and he left the room. i was sorely disappointed. i debated “what to do now.”

i opted to wait. i didn’t even pull my shorts up for awhile. i just sat there and waited. At least until i had to go pee, which was about 20-minutes later. Afterward, i texted him from the bedroom to the living room (yep, one room away!) and i said, “you could come back now Sir.”

And he texted back, “And you could listen to me now too!”

Ugh, now he has TWO reasons to discipline me! NOT what i had wanted or intended at all!

So i texted back, “Very true.” What more was there to say really?

With my shorts (fully) on, about another hour later, he came back. It was such a veryyyyy long wait! And he repeated the process.

This time i didn’t help him at all. He tweaked my clit, teasing it til i begged to cum. He said, “Nope! You already did that!”

And he was done again and left the room again. Of course he did!

A few hours later, we went to sleep. Again. This time i was convinced, “ok, no spanking for me after all. Just a lot of anticipation and edging. Okay, i can deal with that.”

And that brought us to Monday morning. Work day. David works from home but i do not. So i was preparing to get ready for the day, and as i got out of the shower, David said, “it’s time.”

And like the dumb ass that i am, i was confused (because i thought it wasn’t now going to happen and had put it out of my mind). and said, “excuse me Sir?”

And i heard the words, “Assume The Position”

Oh geez. Here we go. Here i deceived myself to think it was NOT going to happen. i was in full cringe, dread, “don’t want it do this!” mode. But i did. i got into position in a hurry, as he was waiting on me to do so.

And he got the paddle out and started to spank. From the get go, it hurt. It stung pretty hard, and he wasn’t even smacking me any too hard. In fact, at one point he even commented to that fact. i knew he was right but i had also just gotten out of the shower, been out of practice (haven’t had many spankings at all in 2022), and wasn’t even in the right mindset. So of course, it hurt more than usual at this point too!

He swatted fast over and over. i didn’t have time to think or count. He asked, “do you know why we are here?”

i could barely talk as i was focused on staying still, accepting this with grace, and …. breathing without yelling out, all at the same time. So i didn’t respond any too quick, which wasn’t too good either.

i finally eked out the words, “because i didn’t listen to you… i orgasmed without permission and i took my shorts off… and i asked multiple times when this would happen.”

And he smacked a few times extra hard then and said, “Correct!”

When he was done, i was grateful and was glad it was over. i sat up and he said, “don’t you want to thank me??”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir for caring and loving me enough to keep me in line and deliver punishment when i deserve it.”

“You are welcome. Now kiss me and let’s go have a good day.”

And that’s exactly what we did!

Sometime mid-morning he texted me, “butt still sore?” So i was still on his mind!

i responded with, “Not really Sir…. While a fast and hard spanking is effective, if you want it to last more long term, you’d have to repeat it say 3-5 minutes later, or maybe after a warm up, then give a few really hard swats too. i am not completely sure, but that’s what i think.”

He said, “Good to know.”

And that’s that! Next time may be different, time will tell. And I will have to wait for it!




  1. Waiting must really be a difficult skill to develop.. I imagine your bottom wishes you would learn much more quickly.
    Thanx for the informative and educational post. I always enjoy the spankng portions.
    A very good story

    • Thank you. Yes, waiting is really hard. There’s nothing to do… but wait. It’s a passive activity, requiring active intentions.

  2. I’m glad he spanked you Marie. You’ve been a naughty girl. I’m hoping that he does some work on the “lasting” beatings!

  3. You and David seem to be in tune with each other, you know & feel each other’s thoughts, you can anticipate reactions and know which strings to pull or not, love and discipline conquers all. Sir

  4. This is really interesting. I have always wondered what topping from the bottom looks like. I should love to hear more as your dynamic unfolds, and I wish you suppleness in submission, to let go, and to embrace service

    • Girlieboy69, thank you for commenting. I try hard not to top from the bottom, but I think I’m not always aware. And I think I do it most when David doesn’t act fast enough for my preferences. 😉

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