36 – Moment of truth – part 2

So i left you hanging a bit in the last post and i thank YOU for commenting. i was impressed/surprised at how male or female D or s, the consensus was all the same: tell the truth and do it now, on my own, without being prompted.

i was surprised because i expected someone to say the opposite or at least a “maybe I wouldn’t tell” kind of response. But 100% said “The Truth Will Set You Free.”

And that’s what i did too.

i told the truth.

What were my motives? Well, i’m a terrible liar. Always have been. Even my Mom immediately knew i was lying as a kid. So there’s no point really!

But mainly, i did it because my conscience was holding me accountable. i mean, really, i agreed to submit and obey. That doesn’t mean “sometimes” or “when it fits my agenda”, but always. And part of submission is for him being able to trust me. And me putting all my trust in him, that even when i screw up, i know it will be ok in the end…. even if it means punishment to get to “the end” of the situation.

But remember, i was at work and he was at home. And we were texting. So i told him via text.

His response?


Yikes! This won’t be good. i can’t wait to get home… or maybe i can!

Then… a few hours later, just before noon, he texts and says he is going out of town today (instead of tomorrow, which was the original planned flight and i already knew about). He will be gone for the next 4-days. And because he has to leave for the airport before i will be home from work, he will stop by the office on his way to the airport.

Now he didn’t say “why” he’d be by my office, but i knew he wouldn’t do any discipline there either. So i didn’t quite know what would happen now with respect to this transgression.

He came by and greeted everyone (my office has 15 people), kissed me, and whispered in my ear, “be good while I’m gone. You did good to tell the truth, but that doesn’t erase the transgression. But being good in these days ahead just might save your ass when I get back too.”

And off he went.

Now you would think i would’ve been on best behavior… nope, i wasn’t as good as i should’ve been.

Let me tell you what i first did. He has set a “no bra” rule (except mon-fri, 8-5) for me (read prior posts for details). And the next day was Friday. So i had on a bra to go to work. Then i needed to return a dress at the mall and went straight there after work.

At 5:22, i got a text from David that simply read, “Proof”.

i KNEW that meant i had to send a pic of myself right then showing no bra on. Not necessarily a topless pic, if whatever shirt i was wearing would reveal nipples enough to show no bra is on.

But i was at the mall. So i told him the truth. (It will set me free… right!?) i told him that i didn’t take it off when leaving work and so i couldn’t provide proof. (At this point, i’m thinking, “what kind of dumb ass am i? Am i wanting to be spanked?” Because it really seems like it!)

He again texted, “hmm”.

Well among a few smaller things, these were now the things that were landing my ass in hot water.

And he came home tonight. And what happened next was NOT what i thought would happen. At all.

i’ll leave you there for now. i’ll tell you about it in the next post.😋



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