35 – Moment of truth

If you read my last post, it ended with me headed to bed with a plug in the butt. While i’ve worn them before, many times for many hours, i haven’t done it overnight. And i wasn’t too sure i could do it.

And i was right. i went to lay down at 10:00. i read in my book (ebook.. does anyone read paper books anymore at all??) for about 30-minutes, while being distracted the entire time and not able to really relax or get comfortable.

Wearing a butt plug while standing upright is a significantly different feeling than laying flat on a bed, on your back, on your side, or on your tummy. Ok, i take that back… not on the tummy. i’ve been in that position before… i mean anyone doing ass play has had “something” in that hole while on the tummy. (Wink, wink!)

But i digress. So… i put the tablet down and proceeded to try to ignore this butt plug and go to sleep. And the more i tried, the less it seemed to be working.

At midnight, i took melatonin. At 1, i took another. At 2, i gave up. i took it out.

Got in bed and within 10-minutes was sound asleep.

When i awoke, i dressed and went to work before David was even awake. (He slept in, i wasn’t avoiding him!). And about 30-minutes later, i got a text. It read, “well?”

Moment of truth.

At this point, i KNEW i could lie and say “oh yeah, it stayed in.” Or, i could have said, “no, it slipped out while i was sleeping.” Either way, he would have never known.

i mean really, he literally would N-E-V-E-R know ….. unless i tell him.

What would you have said??




  1. I’m a horrible liar! I’m pretty sure I’d have attempted a lie, but I’m also positive I’d have either told on myself or slipped up and exposed the lie through my many “tells”. My husband says my ears get red when I’m lying 😬

  2. Do you desire his honesty?
    Do you desire his leadership?
    Can you fairly desire his honesty without giving him yours?
    Can you fairly desire his leadership without giving him your submission?

    Submission here is not about what you did overnight, it is about giving him a clear, honest disclosure at the appropriate time and in the appropriate tone. Leadership, submission, honesty, fairness and the health of the relationship lie in the handling of the discussion that follows.

    Just something to consider ma’am.

      • Thank you for your kindness ma’am.

        You have had much to say as of late and I often have thoughts. There is a “but” however, I always want to strengthen a relationship and I never want to be an interloper so, unsure if my words will improve upon the silence, I sit quietly. Besides, who am I kidding, I know that my head fades quickly here and I am always concerned that what I write won’t come out correctly. Regardless of that I hope y’all enjoy today!

  3. Whenever I’ve made mistakes or broken rules, I’ve usually told on myself before being asked. It’s always faired better for me when I did than when I didn’t… or certainly tried to lie. They’re like moms… they just KNOW!!! lol

  4. I would expect my lady to admit it before I asked. She does confess what she has done wrong, sometimes before I ask too. That scores her browny points. She’s told me, though she’s still in trouble and gets punished. But it is to her credit.

    And your question about if people reads actual books. I would rather read a real book instead of being on line. But I’m old school and traditional on just about everything. So I would rather holding onto a real book. And my niece is 14 and would rather hold onto a real book too. So there are some of us.

    • I’m glad we are in agreement about truth.
      I’m happily surprised to learn there really are people still reading paper books! Good for you!! ☺️

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