34 – National Orgasm Day

Is today! i wasn’t aware, but David was sure to tell me. And he let me celebrate in a hugeeee way! 😋

Who makes these things up anyway? i mean, like who decided “we need a day to recognize and celebrate sexual activity?” Wouldn’t that be like EVERYDAY?

Did you get to orgasm today? If not, there’s still time left…. tick tick tick…..get busy!

That was the good news. Now the bad.

i begged for more than one orgasm… and i got it! But my greediness did cost me. What i didn’t know was there would be consequences to that. i got told to sleep with a butt plug in. He made me go get it, bend over, and he put it in. Then said, “don’t touch it!”

i’ve never done this before. So i’m really unsure if success will allude me. (Or perhaps just sleep will allude me.) But if i don’t wake up with a plug in tomorrow, i have no doubt it would land my ass under a paddle, and i’ll be giving you all a zinger of a spanking story by tomorrow. (Maybe Sir just wants to have a reason to spank… but then that’s what maintenance is for too, so i dunno. What i do know is it’s going to be a very long night.)

Stay tuned.




  1. Can’t wait to hear how it is all night!?!? I don’t mind mine for a few hours, but then it starts to pinch a bit. I think it might require a little training to get used to it? Dunno? I’ve not worn one long enough. Good luck!! 🙂 Glad you got your orgasms in! 🙂

  2. National orgasm day? And I missed it?! I’m taking pain meds for a leg injury and I passed right out last night, so I missed out on any celebration. Might have to make up for that later 😉

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