27 – i got what i wanted.. spanked

Sometimes i think the idea of something is better than the real deal. Sometimes i know it’s for my own good. I’m not sure where this falls on the spectrum.

But i did get what i asked for…. spanked.

In terms of spankings intensity, this was very low in reality… but that’s all it took. It hurt! My butt was SO out of (spanking) shape, this hurt in a hurry!

Sir just took his time, swats all over my ass, and i jumped all over the place. That didn’t make him the least bit happy. So he kept going. And my butt got redder and redder. And tender. And hot.

And he said “are you going to be able to sit down?”

And I said “yes”

So he kept going.

Tears were starting to leak out of my eyes. i really wanted to beg for him to stop, but i had just (begged) for him to do this … and in my mind, i needed to yield to his authority. So i needed to let him tear up my ass as much as he wanted to.

And then it ended. And while it was a relief at that moment, not even 10-minutes later, i was craving more.

I feared that after such a long break from the DD lifestyle, that i’d get it back and really not want it after all. But … it was like a homecoming.

i welcome the next one and i hope my tears flow much more fluidly and thoroughly.

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