283 – “Your shoes aren’t a symbol”

^^^^^ THAT was my conversation earlier tonight with my Sir. About my Chastity belt. And me wanting to have the key to take it off.

i won’t lie, i basically threw a temper tantrum today. i wanted the belt off. i lost. The belt is still on.

Sir won.

Officially he should always win. Unofficially it doesn’t always happen. Today it did happen.

Yes, today…. SIR WON! i know i already said that, but it was worth repeating.

i even looked for the key in all the areas i thought it would be. i really wasn’t sure as i looked if:

1) i was going to be able to find it,

2) if i did find it, would i actually use it,

3) if i wouldn’t use it, why was i looking.

i stopped looking. i don’t think i do want to find it. And it was not in any of those usual or expected places anyway.

Sir hid it well. He won there too.

He’s right in that the belt isn’t uncomfortable really, just getting (more and more) annoying. The way keeping my shoes on when i get home is annoying. But he is right, my shoes are not a symbol. The chastity belt is.

The chastity belt represents a literal and real power exchange. A total power exchange that i have willing done without regret. i would do it again too.

i completely trust my Sir and i give him my all. Until i want the belt off. Until i want to take back the control but to which he does not allow.

i am glad he has not succumbed to my wishes.

In the end, i do NOT want to be in charge and i am glad Sir is. Just sometimes, i want to win. Like today when i have wanted the belt off.

He’s home tomorrow at about this time (7p) but now (based on his comments above), i am unsure if the belt will even come off then.

This is good for me in the end. This total power exchange reminds me of how small i am and how small i should remain.

i write all this while sitting on the couch, in my chastity belt. i have given up asking for it to come off and will submit the way i should. Hopefully anyway! And if i don’t, i suspect i will still be in my belt but then ALSO have a red ass to go with it!

(And did you see the part about my fiction story? i am working on another one. Maybe tonight yet … or tomorrow. Will see.)




  1. Do you think you’ll ever do a write up on things like hygiene and using the bathroom with the belt on I know it’s not the the sexiest content but I can’t hell but think about it whenever the belt comes up

    • Matthew, I think so too. Seriously, why would you be complicit to remain in such a thing for multiple days if you can’t clean your vagina and rectum to be very specific. For intelligent people, I am surprised that you would compromise that! I understand kink but seriously, no, you can have play that doesn’t compromise current day expectations of good self care or what two people in a respectful relationship should look to each other for

      • Msjacquot, I’m not entirely sure if your intent was to disrespect me, but it does feel that way as it seems you are implying I am stupid and there’s no respect in our relationship. I can assure you my hygiene is not compromised. And David and I respect one another quite thoroughly and completely. I sincerely hope your intent was not of malice or similar negativity and that I’m just reading it wrong.

        I’ll do a full post on hygiene but like I told Matthew a second ago, I didn’t think anyone would want to read about that. When I write, I write about stuff I think people want to read …. Or about stuff that when I look back on and want to re-read about. For me personally, it’s usually about my feelings or opinions about it rather than the daily life of it.

        Many blessings today and hugs too, Marie

      • If you’ve been reading this blog long I believe she would as you say remain complicit because she and her husband love each other and and strive to make each other happy. And just because she has not said she can clean herself does not mean she can’t

    • Matthew, I can do that kind of post. I didn’t actually think anyone would want to read about it, but since you asked it seems I’d be wrong. I’ll work to get that done very soon. Thanks for the comment and asking. Marie

      • Thank you I think you’d be surprised what people are interested in hearing about it’s rare that people are so open about this lifestyle as you are. And I think your getting people interested chastity so I doubt I’m the only one with thede questions

      • I’m glad you spoke up and said this. And yes, I’ probably be surprised to know what people are interested in. I’ll be crafting a post on this soon.

      • Hello Marie

        You are correct, my comment was disrespectful. I apologize for being inappropriate. I truly don’t know what I don’t know. I will try to remain more open minded. I do understand that you and your husband are in a deeply loving and committed relationship and that you are both professionals and very intelligent.

        Again, my sincerest apologies

      • Thank you Msjacquot. I appreciate and accept your apology, AND your perspective too. I acknowledge that I truly didn’t think anyone cared about the finer points (like hygiene with a CB). But now I have a topic for another post and will be doing that soon! Take care and many blessings!

  2. Ok, hygiene never crossed my mind (what does that say about me? hmmm) but I did wonder: how do you peeee?? Or do the other thing? Cause I know nothing about chastity belts, but I’m trying to imagine how a contraption keeps you from touching yourself but still allows you to pee. I need to know.
    And while I’m trying to imagine such things, I start to wonder, “Dang, if this thing is locked up against certain areas, can’t you just rub the thing back and forth on that area if you really want to be subversive and use the device itself against its own purpose? Or is it more dome-like than that?”
    Ok, but I gotta say, I love the way your text conversation ended. “I willingly accept that answer in full then, for whatever period you deem the belt to stay in its place.” Beautiful, Marie. Well answered, shows you for the submissive you truly are.

    Oh wait, there’s a post 284 on the logistics of chastity belts? I go to read it now. But this comment is too fun to delete so…

    • Inquiring Minds, thanks for commenting! And I love how you ended it “this comment is too fun to delete. “ ha! You made me laugh!

      You probably went over and read my newest post about logistics, but there’s one thing you mention here that I failed to talk about over there. That being “can’t you just use the device itself…”. And the shirt answer is no. Some CB’s are in fact dime shaped. I have a fitted one (www.FancySteel.com) on order that the dome-shape is exactly how it is made. My current one is flat. But it is flat and smooth. And it fits right up against your private parts so moving around doesn’t do anything at all. The device moves with you, so as you move, it moves. This means that it doesn’t allow for any friction, which means no stimulation. Think about two pieces of wood fit together in your hand. Now move both pieces up and down. No friction, no stimulation. But now, hold one piece of wood still and move the other up and down against the first. Now there is friction and stimulation. That’s how the CB works… two pieces (you and it) moving together and no stimulation.

  3. It seems to me that you are still naughty. You try to break the rules all the time, like taking off your belt when you weren’t allowed to, or masturbating when you weren’t allowed to. Therefore, you are constantly being punished.

    • Hi Mary,
      I readily admit I’m not perfect, but I wouldn’t say I’m “constantly” punished either. I can certainly see why it may seem constant, but that’s also the times that I actually have something to post about too. But … definitely not perfect either. 😉

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