250 – Please Sir, may i have another?

“NO! You may NOT. In fact, your only choices are chastity belt or self control. Which do you think it should be?” My Sir asked me tonight after he touched his beautiful pussy with his hands and let me cum.

This was after he arrived home last night and did NOT touch me or allow me to orgasm. i did not make it the entire time he was gone in chastity, but he was ok with that. i was allowed to take a 12-hours break, from 9p to 9a. And then from that time, until he arrived home at 8p, i was locked in tight.

And when we got home from the airport, he said, “while I’m tired and not going to touch you, you may take off the belt too.” And last night i did have self control. i was relieved to be out of the belt when i was allowed the release as it was starting to chafe a bit in a few places, and while i was disappointed no sex or sexual activity, i was still grateful he was home. And i saw the release from the belt as a privilege and a reward to be cherished. No way was i going to mess things up or disappoint him!

So tonight, i knew his day at work today was rough, so i was just trying to stay out of his way and went to our bed to watch tv where he then came in and joined me. He didn’t care one iota about the show, but he did give a lot of attention to my clit!

He pulled the covers back, exposing my pretty, clean-shaven, pussy. (He FINALLY let me shave it again yesterday. He said he had been testing me to see: 1) how long it would be before i asked to shave, 2) if i would bug him about it, 3) if i would just shave it anyway, with or without permission. When i was a good girl and didn’t do any of those things, he was pleased. So the first time i asked if he would consider letting me shave it, he said yes that i could. And i did!)

His fingers felt magical. It has been far too long since he’s touch HIs pussy! He found my clit so quickly too, where he caressed, and lightly played and even flicked at it. It wasn’t but a few short minutes (like TWO!) that i was begging to cum. He said no, and kept at it. It was another 30-seconds and i begged to cum again and he still said no. My legs started to shake out of control. i was starting to panic as i was just so close to orgasming without permission. i finally just said, “Sir, please allow me to cum or else please stop before i go over the edge.” And he said, “okay, you may cum.” And i did! Nearly on command at that point!

And just like that, he stopped. No more touching. He was done. And he said i was too.

It was then that i begged for just ONE more. He said no again. i said, “But Sir, you didn’t even penetrate me. i would really love it if even one finger would go inside.”

He said, “I’m aware that I didn’t stick my fingers, or any other part of me, inside your yang-yang.” He had never called it that, so it stuck with me.

He then continued, “I’m thinking maybe I don’t let you cum again until you can learn to squirt.” I have squirted exactly twice ever, both my accident, and it surprised even me!

i said, “i am fairly certain you’d have to penetrate me. We could practice it now if you want….”

“Nah, that’s ok. You’ve already orgasmed once now. That’s enough.”

Of course, i was hoping he’d still touch me again despite his words. So i left my legs spread and my bare pussy exposed there.

With my legs wide open and my pussy on display, i let my fingers just start to roam. i stroked his arm, down onto my thigh, up to my crotch and across the top part of my mound. When i was about to test my luck and move a slight bit further south was exactly when i heard him say, “what are you doing?”

My response was straight forward, “hoping to entice you to touch it again Sir. To have you open me up wide, stick as many of your fingers deep inside me as possible, and let my pussy cum all over you.”

He then said, “lift your hands up.” And i did. He grabbed the bed covers and pulled them up. He covered up his pussy and he said, “now put your hands down on top.” And i did.

That’s when he said, “I said I was done. That means you are too. THIS is better. Now you can’t see it and can simply distract yourself from it. Start reading, watch tv, or go to sleep, whatever you want, but don’t touch! And if you insist on pressing things any further, we will have to do some punishment.”

i really was about to start pouting or maybe even crying! i really wanted to orgasm from penetration too! In an attempt to NOT be bratty AND to show my thanks for the one orgasm i was allowed, i decided to lean over to kiss him and said, “Thank you Sir.” While i meant it fully, i think he doubted my intentions. He was just looking at me and then said, “you are welcome, but the answer is still no.”

“Please Sir, can i touch it just a little bit more and make it orgasm all on my own?!” Apparently he was right to doubt me!

That was when he said, “self control or chastity. Which will it be?”

i thought i could employ self control (surely i am able, right?), but as i started to read i felt my clit brushing against the bed sheets. i was feeling it raw and whole. It was just barely touching me, yet i felt every bit of it! And i was struggling. i told David and he said, “you really have NO self control, do you?!”

“Not much Sir.”

And he shook his head and said, “I guess it’s the belt for you for tonight.”

And i went to put it on.

So i will sleep with it on tonight. You may think this is terrible and a punishment of sorts, but that’s not how i see it at all actually. In fact, five or so minutes after it went on, David asked me, “will you be able to sleep tonight or are you too frustrated to relax?” Notice he didn’t ask if i was comfortable in the belt… or ask me if i wanted to have it off…

i thought about my answer for just a split second and answered honestly with, “Yes Sir, i will actually sleep better now with it on than with it off. i can relax knowing i am kept in check, in chastity. i am happy to be restricted and have my ability to touch myself taken away. This way, i have extra help but i will be in compliance too. This belt is like a life vest, a life saver when it is needed, and tonight i needed it.”

i surprised him with my answer. i think he thought i would see sleeping with the belt on as more of a punishment than a reward, but i truly see it as a life vest. It saved me from myself tonight, to which i am grateful!

Sometimes, we just need a little help. And that’s what i got!




  1. I believe many women would have.become resentful and quite likely defiant in the face of what you went through that night. You had been without him for a week and he wouldn’t make penetration.. Yet you obeyed him implicitly and found something good in his leadership to boot!
    I hope the squirting rule has not been put into effect.
    When it comes to submission you are the queen! I fully believe you married very well. You are blessed to have him. But I hope he realizes what a treasure he has in you.!
    One more thing–seriously consider writing a book. The posts you have written over the last year or two would be themselves provide the framework.
    Thanx bunches for this post!

    • Paddlefan, I suppose I could be resentful, but I’ve always tried to take the high/positive route rather than the negative/low route. Life’s just too short!

      So far the squirting rule has not been a thing (thank God!).

      Book – what exactly would be the plot?! Other than saying, “this is how I’m a submissive” can’t imagine what the climax plot point would be! 😉

  2. Marie u both have a wonderful relationship, each knowing what the other needs and wants and what you can give, you are very fortunate to have such a loving and caring relationship Sir

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