209 – Happiness is a warm (chastity) blanket

i really don’t know that i can explain my fascination with chastity but i am going to try…..

When i wear my belt, it gives me comfort. Kind of like a security blanket. It makes me happy. It makes me crave more of it.

We put things we want to keep under lock and key. Our car, house, valuables in a safe, are all locked up when not in use. So when i wear a chastity belt, it is a tangible, visible, and especially physical reminder that my pussy is not mine at all. And it’s valuable enough to want to lock it up, and to be kept safe, until it’s use it needed or required.

i especially think it is super submissive of me to lock myself in it (consent), and to hand over the key willingly (control) to Sir.

i actually think it looks super sexy when it’s on too. i really like watching around the house with nothing on except the belt. It is a very visible reminder that what is locked up is not mine.

** Side note: i have been chatting online with two possible additional Doms . i have told you before that David gives his consent for me to find another Dom. In fact, i think to some degree he would like that very much so that he wouldn’t have to always be the enforcer and he would also get a break/relax while I am still held accountable. Any who, if/when i actually go meet either of them in person, i intend to ask David to allow me to wear the chastity belt. i do NOT want to be tempted to meet and fuck on the same day. … and that’s expansion for another day’s post… back to today…

Today i found a blog for the first time ever, of a chastity belt “armor” daily wearer. Until she stopped. Wendy Warrior wore chastity regularly, even did 30-day challenges to stay locked the ENTIRE time, and blogged about it.

i truly hate it that i only just found her, as her most recent/last post was to tell her readers she’s done with armor. No longer fascinated or desirous of it. i get it. We grow older and wiser and our interests change. None the less, i enjoyed reading her entire blog from the beginning to the end.

What i learned was that: 1) she mostly wore chastity overnight. Some people put on PJ’s, she put on armor. 2) she challenged herself to wear it 30-consecutive- days with no (or very extremely limited) breaks. 3) she did the challenge FOUR different times with four different belts with critiques of them along the way.

For most people, it would likely cause you to turn up your nose, or raise your eyebrows, ask “WHY” or maybe even literally run in the opposite direction! Not me. i am drawn closer to it! i am in awe of Wendy, but more enamored even yet of chastity! It inspired me even more. And i want more of it.

While i didn’t provide the specific site to David (i seriously don’t think he’d care to go read it anyways!), i did tell him about it.

By the way, he’s not entirely sure he understands my extreme interest in chastity either. But he supports me and wants me to be happy and if locking up my parts so i can’t touch them while giving him the key, so he can if he wants to, then he’s on board.

He’s so much on board that he has made a declaration now that i should start sleeping in chastity. And nothing else.

He’s known (for a long time!) that i am most turned on and “needy” for Sex just before sleep and shortly after waking up. i rarely sleep naked, and usually wear a shirt/shorts (or pants in the winter) combo because it (somewhat) limits my access and distracts me from the interest of playing with my sex. That’s apparently about to change!

Before now…. When we go to sleep, while we get in bed together we both read for a bit, and then David tends to be the one to actually fall asleep first. He knows i like to read (sex) blogs and erotica, and as i do, i tend to masturbate right beside him. Sometimes with permission, but admittedly sometimes without. (Not cool, but… yah know!).

And unfortunately, i must admit the truth to you…. i have had orgasms this way too. Yes, some with permission when he was awake, but some without. And even less pleasing, more shameful, i haven’t always told him the next day.

And then there’s the times that as i wake up, i am surprised to find my hand rubbing on my clit. It’s a half-awake effort, so i know i’ve never seriously done anything in my sleepiness. But….. i have learned i am quite aroused in the mornings and frequently at night as well.

After i told him about this girl and how she sleeps in chastity, he feels that would be good for me too.

Starting tonight, i am to sleep naked save wearing the chastity belt. i will put it on before he goes to sleep, and hand him the key so that i am not allowed to just escape ( or masturbate) any ole time i feel like it before sleep. And well, by default, then i will also be required to ask him to release me in the mornings. And even more by default, i won’t be allowed to play with myself with or without an orgasm.

i am excited about this. Today. But excitement is easy now as i am just thinking about it. But then as it goes on tonight …. And becomes my new reality…. by tomorrow …. Or the next day…. Or THE NEXT DAY….. i wonder how excited or good i’ll feel about it then. Maybe not so much.

It will be interesting to see if my fondness grows or dissipates. i wonder if i will (really) love it or come to hate it.

Only time will tell. i will keep you posted.

Btw – i have typically worn the belt during the day in/out of the house. While i have slept in it one other time, it hasn’t happened but once to date. That happened when i wore the belt a full 24-hours without being allowed release. And i loved it. Sleeping in it was of no major consequence and was no problem at all. While the metal is (obviously) rigid and unforgiving, when i turn over it did cause me to wake from my sleep, but like everything i suspect i will get used to it too and be more able to sleep right through those moments.

Honestly, wearing it at night seems more logical as a purposeful activity anyway. i mean, seriously, other than as a tangible reminder all day long, it’s not like i typically am going to be at work and rub one out at my desk. Nor in the car driving. Or shopping at the grocery store. Or any other public outing type place. (Of course, as mentioned above, if i were to actually go meet some other potential lover, i do think that would be a good time to wear it out. Until said person is vetted by myself, and especially approved by Sir, unnecessary distractions are…well… unnecessary!)

But at night, when my mind is less crowded with daily life, i read my smut, and get aroused…. THAT is the time that access needs to be limited. THAT is the time that i need to be reminded not to touch, and where it is SO easy to do so. THAT is the time that MY temptations need to be limited! So wearing it at night is the most logical for me to wear it, if we want to use it for purpose. Otherwise, daily wear is a-ok and sexually arousing too, but not exactly purposeful either.

In case you are wondering, i have NO idea how long this will last. i don’t know if this is a “for tonight only” or “until NO-vember is complete” or “why it’s forever of course!” i didn’t ask. Time will tell me what i need to know and the answer doesn’t matter as i’d do as instructed no matter what anyway. Hell, i may ask him if i can wear it more going forward too… which i can see as the most probable answer actually.

And… i think i’m gonna love it. i will keep you posted…..

i do think one day, if i do continue to love it, i’d like to work up to and challenge myself also to that 30-day challenge. (But if i get that far, i’m buying a top notch heavy duty $$$ one too! Like these MY-STEEL or maybe these FANCY STEEL. 🥰🥰🥰) .

UPDATE: i didn’t even have a chance to post this yet, and i find myself locked up. David and i had an amazing date night where i drank most of a bottle of wine all by myself. i got drunk. David approved.

When i get drunk, i get VERY turned on and i flirt heavily. i was (literally) humping David’s leg, hand, and on top of his pants … he didn’t allow me to actually have penetration. i heard him make statements like, “NO orgasm for you!” And “You better stop!” And “if you orgasm, you WILL regret it!” Admittedly, i was pushing the EDGE of acceptable. Not entirely sure WHY i did that. Ok, that’s a lie. i do know why. i was drunk, fucking hair you, REALLY wanting an Orgasm, and i was hoping if i got him aroused enough too he’d consent. i also think i may have wanted to test him. AND did i mention…. i really wanted to orgasm!

He indulged me for a bit, let me suck his cock, kiss his lips, and he fingered my pussy for a hot second (it was quite literally a SECOND. Enough for me to think, “oh hell yah, i have him turned on and he’s gonna let me orgasm.” And it was over! NOT long! And that’s when he said, “Now. Go. Get yourself ready for bed.”

Because he had already told me WAY earlier in the day i would now sleep in chastity, i KNEW when he said “get ready for bed,” those words were interchangeable for, “Now go get yourself locked up.”

As much as i didn’t want to stop trying to seduce him, i went and put on the belt. By the time i returned, he was already reading in our bed. He didn’t even look up but knowing my presence was near, he held up the palm of his hand.

i wasn’t dumb, i knew i had to hand him the key. As i placed it in his hand, his fingers curled up around it and slid his hand under the covers.

As i saw his hand disappear under cover, i asked what he was doing with his hand/key. He said,”don’t worry about it.” Which may as well have been code for, “it’s none of your business!”

After which, he said, “now go lay down and get ready for sleep.”

i won’t lie… it was at this moment that my alcohol high, along with my sexual attempts to get an O high m came to a screeching halt. Back to reality. NO-vember is still in full effect! And he was done indulging me.

We always read before sleeping. And that’s what he did, like every other night. Just prior to actually turning out the light to sleep, he asked me, “do you need the key?”

Because we’ve been together so long, i knew what that meant too. He meant, “Are you ok? “ and “Will you be ok?” To which i responded, “only if i can orgasm. Otherwise, I am good to have you keep it Sir.”

That’s when he turned out the light, and in the dark, i heard the words, “Ok, sleep well my love… MY good girl.”

And i said, “you too Sir.”


Here i am.

Locked up. And he is sleeping beside me. And i find myself thinking of NOTHING other than: I WANT TO ORGASM! And yet, it ain’t gonna happen!

And while i truly DO want it that BAD, i won’t lie…. i’d be severely disappointed had he NOT made me put on the chastity belt AND give him the key AND denied me what i really want. He made statements that he was on board with NO-vember and that this is how i would sleep now…. And as i have mentioned before, i love it when he’s consistent and true to his word! So while i am disappointed i was not able to get what i wanted (orgasm), i did get what was promised (NO-vember and chastity belt and that makes me happy.

i did ask him before we officially stopped talking for the night if this would be the “new norm or just occasionally or just until the end of NO -vember.” His response, “I haven’t decided yet. Maybe it will be forever and only when i want to fuck you will i allow you to be unlocked!”

While we both know that’s not likely or maybe even possible (??), the idea of only being allowed out to be used for his pleasure is seriously arousing for me too!

What i do know: he’s serious about NO-vember. Dec 1 can’t get here fast enough!! Will he at least allow me to orgasm once on my birthday?? i turn 50 on Thanksgiving… 5-days before month end! And if he does, will the “month” start all over again?! i will have to pray about this… yes, i will literally be praying!”

So like Linus with his blue happiness blanket, i have a silver metal chastity belt happiness blanket that i too sleep with all snuggled up against me tightly. i love my blanket and the happiness it brings.




  1. Hi Marie, I am enjoying reading your journey as you become even more immersed in your desires for greater submission. Your analogy in describing how the chastity belt locks you up just like we lock up other valuables was so perfect and really explained how you view it. I wonder if edging or wearing the belt arouses you more. Is there anything specific you are hoping the potential dom will provide that David doesn’t. Look forward to continuing reading and getting the updates.
    Have a great day

  2. Dang girl, you are WILD for chastity! I am finding that I really disliked being controlled in this way. I get petulant and moody when I am on orgasm restriction. I do find the idea of a chastity belt exciting though…and they sure are pretty. Have you posted a picture of what yours looks like? I would love to see it 🙂

  3. Hi Marie,
    I am really enjoying the way you are sharing your submissive journey. The way you are giving up the last threads of any control to David is very interesting. You have really embraced the No-vember and I am impressed how everyday you find a new way to push your submissiveness.

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