191 – Fiction: All Tied Up

He woke me up saying, “My sweet Baby Girl, it’s time to wake up. Today is Sunday and I have a lot in store for us. Your day is going to be all tied up. So be prepared.”

I had no idea what that really meant, but my only response was to smile at my Sir and say, “I can’t wait to see what the day holds Sir.” And I meant it too.

I got out of bed, naked as always, and asked Sir, “whatever do you have in mind Sir? How should I dress for the day?”

As he raised his hand to motion toward me he simply said, “Exactly as you are now my love.”

I smiled and said, “ok, then I am almost ready to begin the day. May I go wake up with my (usual) morning coffee?”

He smiled back and said, “of course. But come to me when you are done and we will begin the day.”

“Yes Sir.”

I was intrigued by the way my day was starting and wondering what all it would entail or just how it would end, but … as always….. coffee first!

Once I was awake with coffee ingested, I went to the home office where my Sir was and kneeled on my mat beside him. He kept keying away at his keyboard, but he knew I was there.

It didn’t take long and he turned toward me. He opened his desk drawer and pulled a familiar object out. My collar. To be specific, my submissive slut wife collar. This was the collar I wore when we are about to have sexual activity and I suddenly knew that whatever Sir had in mind, I wouldn’t be wearing any clothes at all today!

Sir bent down and kissed me on the cheek, while putting the collar around my neck. He asked me, “are you ready for today?”

“Absolutely and always ready for you Sir!” And I was!

As he buckled the collar in its place, I noticed he buckled it a bit tighter than usual. He said, “I mean business today!” Just by placing a collar on my neck, and by it being a notch tighter than usual, I was already going to my favorite submissive headspace and knew today was going to be A-mazing!

As I heard the lock snap into place securing the collar tightly to my neck, I felt the first release of precum drip from my pussy.

That’s when his hand rubbed against my cheek, he smiled at me, and said, “You are such a beautiful bride and my soulmate. My heart, head, and my cock all love you dearly. You already look so amazing today my wife.” I loved it when he looked at me with such love in his heart and happiness on his face. My heart was racing with equal excitement and happiness.

He turned back to his desk and grabbed something else. He turned back to me and said, “Today I intend to tie you up. Literally. Little bit by little bit all throughout the day. So that by day’s end, you’ll be in the exact position I want and if all goes well, I’ll be so turned on by your obedience and positioning that I intend to fuck your brains out. How does that sound my sweet girl?”

I looked at my Sir and with the biggest grin, and feeling giddy, I said, “absolutely wonderful!” And I felt the second release of precum drip from my pussy, all for my Sir.

He said, “This is a new breast harness I’ve had made for you.” I could tell the basics of this breast harness were like a bra, but not too similar either. Instead of having arm straps, it had two straps at the top of it, to which he used the clip to attach it to the loop in the front of my collar so that the actual harness was now hanging down between my boobs. He then separated the sides and wrapped it around my chest and told me to turn around. On my back I heard a lock click into place where I knew Sir had locked me into this harness from the back. When he turned back to my front, he pulled the leather straps apart. I could tell there was one for each breast and they had a bottom curve and sides to them, something like a shelf bra but with a U-shape to it too. He moved each breast so that it sat on top of the shelf and was squeezed inside the edges. It made my breasts stand on end and point outward for easy access to Sir. The U-shapes were kind of tight, but I knew it would only serve to keep my breasts perky and accessible to him and wouldn’t really hurt either. It really made my nipples quite obviously point straight outward, which I think was Sir’s intention really.

That’s when he sat back and smiled. He grabbed his phone and said, “I intend to take pictures today as I create my masterpiece. I do not want you to smile in any of them. Just look at me and express whatever your mood is at the time.” And I did. I hoped my look expressed exactly how much love I was feeling at this moment as I sat taller on my mat with my collar and chest bound and pointing straight outward. And he snapped the photo.

And as he did, I was so proud of who I am and that my Sir saw my pussy was dripping wet for him!

Without another word, he turned back to his computer and did some more work while I sat still on my mat for a good long time.

I started to doze off as the time ticked by and my posture became slouched. Sir apparently noticed as I suddenly felt a sharp squeeze to one of my nipples and he started talking saying, “So apparently this part of things has grown comfortable already.”

He brought a familiar nipple clamp with chain out. Each nipple had a clamp attached to it and he said one word, “Open.”

I knew he meant my mouth, so I did. And he placed the chain in my tongue and said, “Close”.

Now when I moved my head my nipples would feel it. And I couldn’t exactly talk too well with my mouth full also.

It wasn’t long and he said he was moving to the living room and I was to follow. I have a mat there too that I started to kneel on when he said, “No, stand beside the couch and spread your legs.”

He had the spreader bar that had thigh cuffs on it. A tight metal bar forces my legs apart on the inside of my thighs, while held in place by the cuffs at each end that are attached to my thighs. Sir applied each cuff individually, locking those in place too. Now my legs were forced apart and held in place by this bar that was locked to each thigh. He reached down and touched two fingers to my clit, which was so easily showing on display now without any ability for me to close my legs or deny him access. Sir smiled and said, “I love my masterpiece already! Don’t you my sweet girl??”

And he raised his phone and said, “Another picture is in order.” And started snapping away. Even if I’d wanted to smile, with a chain in my mouth and my nipples starting to throb, it really wasn’t possible.

That’s when he said, “Turn around.” And I did. I had my back to him and was facing the couch. I felt him come up behind me and he wrapped his arms around my waist and with his head near my ear he said, “you are the most amazing submissive slut wife I could’ve ever asked for!”

He let go of my waist with his right hand only and I felt it go to my back and push me forward. With his left hand still in place on my stomach, his right hand was bending me over at the waist.

He said, “put your head on the couch and your arms in the small of your back.” And I did.

I felt his hand go between my legs and rub on my clit. His fingers were finding their happy place and my cunt was sucking up his love! He made a sound of happiness and he said, “oh, I love how wet you are my dear. You know I love it how you are always ready for me. I’ve worked so hard to train you to always be ready and I’m so pleased it works now every time!”

He released his touch and proceeded to put a leather cuff on each wrist and I heard the clip attach one to the other. I was handcuffed behind my back. While I knew he didn’t actually lock them together with a lock and key, he didn’t need to. The way the cuffs were made, and behind my back, I couldn’t get myself out if I’d wanted to either.

He stood me back upright and turned me to face him. His hands on my shoulders and he took one step back to look me up and down where he admired his handiwork. He smiled and said, “time for breakfast now.”

He told me to take a seat at the breakfast table while he prepared our meal. When he was done, he made one plate and came and sat beside me. He said, “Because you won’t have the use of your hands, I’ll be doing most all of your basic functions for you today. I know you recognize me as your dominant master, but sometimes I need to know you rely on me to make your every decision and to care for you fully. Today will be one of those days.”

He continued, “Now obviously you can’t eat with a chain in your mouth so spit it out and release it for me now.”

I did.

He took hold of the chain and with a devilish grin he was pulling back on the chain, causing my nipples to be pulled towards him too, he said, “are you ready??”

I cringed as I knew what was coming next but I had no power to change my destiny either.

He pulled it taut causing a jolt of pain to go straight to my nipples and said, “I asked you a question and I expect an answer Little Missy!”

I responded honestly, “Nooooo Sir, I am not rea-d-yyyy.”

But as I got to the end of the word “ready”, it was too late. He jerked hard on the chain and just like that, my nipples were freed from the captive teeth of the clamps. The blood flowed fast into the tips and they burned like fire. I yelled out as the pain was so intense and my nipples throbbed with such intensity I thought they could explode. I so wished I could reach to them and give them soothing comfort to ease their pain, but with my hands tied behind my back that was nothing but a mere wish.

Instead I looked down at them expecting to see something different, but they looked the same as always: perky and upright and yet now very red too.

I heard the familiar sound of the camera click. Sir was taking more photos of me. And he was loving every minute of his time with me this way too.

After putting down the camera and picking up a fork full of eggs, he said, “Open.” And he began to feed me like a child. Just this simple act made me keenly aware of how dependent I was upon him and how much power I had willingly yielded to him. And yet, even if I’d been told at the start this was where I’d be I’d have yielded my power just as quickly too.

He said, “Don’t make me tell you to open for every bite. After you chew and swallow, reopen your mouth willingly and wait. I will feed you when I want to, and how much I want to too. I want this meal to be filled with silence this morning as I enjoy my meal and your predicament.”

I knew this wasn’t a time to say a single word, so I just did as told and reopened my mouth. He smiled and said, “That’s my good baby girl. You ARE my baby girl right now, helpless and dependent upon your Daddy Sir to provide for you. You do know that, right?”

I didn’t respond here either. We both knew it was a rhetorical question and required no response at all.

We ate in silence and Sir gave me plenty of food and drink both. I’ve never worried about his judgement or ability to meet my needs and today wasn’t a day to start either.

When our meal was done, he said, “I imagine you need to use the restroom and empty your bladder so go to the toilet and I will be there shortly.”

He has never wiped me before so I wasn’t sure how this would go really and was embarrassed at the thought, but I had no other options with the use of my hands restricted too. And he was right, my bladder was aching for its release too.

As I was finishing he came and said, “stand up now. Since your legs are spread already, this will be easy for both of us.”

He gently and kindly wiped me clean and it wasn’t nearly as humiliating as I’d actually imagined in my mind.

And this is how our day progressed. After lunch, he said, “I want you to take a nap and rest for what I still have planned to come today. You will nap in our bed until I come for you.”

I said, “Yes Sir. I understand Sir. But… may I ask…..”

He said, “Spit it out child. What do you have to ask me?”

“Sir, my arms are aching from being tied for so long behind my back. May you please release them?”

He thought for a minute and as he made a motion for me to turn around, he grabbed the clip and released my arms from one another.

I took the moment of freedom to stretch my arms and rub my forearms. And shortly thereafter, he said, “put both arms by each side now.”

That’s when he clipped each one to the thigh cuffs pinning my arms to my sides. Again, no need to put a lock and key on them because I couldn’t reach the clip with just one hand if i had wanted to! And just like that, I was pinned once more, but now in a different position at least too.

He turned and slapped me hard on the butt and said, “Now off to nap time with you young lady.”

While getting myself comfortable was a challenge, I started to drift off to sleep. But before I was able to get to a full sleep, I heard Sir come in as he was talking on the phone. He said, “Just a minute Julie, I’ll see if I can find her.”

After muting the phone, he said in a questioning tone to me, “Apparently you told Julie you’d spend some time with her today?”

“Oh crap! I forgot. I did! I told her we could go to the mall and have an afternoon of drinks too.”

Sir said, “well, not anymore you aren’t. You need to tell her something now to get yourself out of this commitment and I’ll put the phone to your ear. You have 2-minutes and I’ll watch the clock and hang up on her at that time, so make it short and to the point or else she’s going to think you were a rude Bitch who just hung up on her.”

“Yes Sir.”

And he put the phone to my ear and in my sweet southern lady voice I said, “Oh hi Julie. …… Yes, I did forget………Oh yes, I know it’s been so long indeed but I’m a bit tied up at the moment.” (Pause) “well, you know, with things that I just can’t get out of right now.”

Sir looked at the clock and I could tell my time was about to be up.

“Julie, we will just have to reschedule. I sure love our friendship and I know you’ll understand.”

With that, Sir was taking the phone from my ear and I spit out the words, “Take care and I’ll call you tomorrow.”


Sir patted me on the head and said, “what a good girl, now take a nap and rest your eyes for awhile. I’ll be in soon enough.”

“To be sure you do as you are told, I’ve decided I want to secure you to the bed. He reached up and grabbed the rope that was securely attached to the bed frame that he’d installed last year, and he clipped the end to my collar. And since my arms were secured to my legs, there was no need to attach a lock or key as I couldn’t reach my arm to my neck to release myself, not that I wanted to anyway really.

As he backed away from me, he walked backward while facing me. With phone in hand, he snapped even more photos. When I started to smile to him, not for the photos but to my loving husband, he was quick to say, “Turn your face away! I told you I didn’t want you to smile so look away if you must.”

As I thought he was going to leave, he must’ve changed his mind since he then said, “you know what? I want to tie up those breasts even further. Turn onto your back now.” And he moved into our closet.

When he came back he had a rope and he said, “I’m loving the harness but those tits just aren’t sticking out enough. I’m going to bind them tighter with this rope.”

That’s when he started winding the rope around each breast and then through the middle to wrap the other. He created a perfect figure eight shape, while wrapping each breast tighter and closer to one another. He continued until they were protruding straight away. He tucked the rope and finished it off. As he did, he stepped back and grabbed his phone once again. He smiled saying, “I love it! So damn beautiful!” Click, click, click.

With that, he turned and as he was leaving he said, “sleep well!” Although i had no real idea how I was going to do that at all! So instead, I found myself wondering about what Julie really thought. I’ve never gotten on and off the phone with her in a mere 2-minutes, which has always been irksome to Sir and it’s been a raw topic between us over the ages.

Despite the bindings, I put that thought out of my mind and found myself drifting off to sleep. I’d have to try to explain it better to her when i see her next time…. probably tomorrow.

When I woke, it was to having my Sir’s mouth attached to a protruded nipple and his fingers quickly found their favorite spot further south. I’m always wet for him, even with just a moment’s notice, so his fingers slid right into my pussy without issue.

As his tongue released my nipple from its grip, he said, “Time to wake up and perform your services for me now. I’ve finished my work and I am needing to bury my cock in this wet needy pussy. My cock needs to be worked out and drop a load of cum deep into your cunt. You’re okay with that, am I right my sweet slut?”

I smiled as I opened my eyes and said, “Absolutely Sir. You know my body is always here to provide service to you and give your cock with the deserving home it seeks!”

I heard his pants unzip. He said, “I’m going to move you to the side of the bed so your head will fall from the edge. Then I’m going to jam my cock into your mouth and you need to suck my cock until it’s rock hard.”

I was already on my back, so he loosened the bed rope attached to my collar to allow me to move sideways. He pulled me so that my neck was on the edge of the bed and I let my head flop to the side. I opened my mouth instinctively and immediately I felt his cock his the back of my throat. I almost gagged on such a fast intrusion, but I know better than to gag on my Sir’s cock. Such an act would’ve been perceived as rejection of the gift he’s provided me today, and I’d never insult him in such a way!

As he started to throat fuck my mouth, my nose kept touching my Sir’s ball sack. I felt his balls move back and forth I found it hard to stay still for him to fuck my mouth. I started squirming trying to move where my nose would be clear to breathe.

I felt his hands grab my tits and use them as leverage to push back and forth. He was intent on his mission and as I moved he commanded me to, “Stay still you fucking cunt. I need to get hard already!”

That was the exact moment when she came into our bedroom and I heard Julie spit out the words, “What the fuck is going on? What the hell did you call your WIFE and my friend??”

She started coming at my Sir and tried pushing him off of me. She obviously heard the last sentence where he called me his favorite pet name, his cunt. She saw me tied up and must’ve jumped to conclusions of abuse. Maybe she thought I was being held against my will. I said, “Julie, it’s not what you think! I’m ok. I promise you!”

Sir got pissed though and said, “She IS my wife and what the fuck are you doing in our bedroom? I have every right to treat her the way we are accustom to.”

Julie started to stutter and said, “the garage door was up and your car was here, so after she hung up so rudely on me i came to see what was going on. And now I see she’s being abused! I won’t let you do this to her!”

There it was. I was right. She assumed what she saw was against my will. But she was so wrong. Obviously I couldn’t go to her, so I just said again, “Julie, this is my desire. I am his submissive slut wife, and I LIKE it.”

She then started to show reduced anger and it was replaced with confusion. She said, “when I knocked and no one answered, I came in looking for answers. I wanted to know what was so pressing that you had to cancel on me.”

I said, “what was pressing was actually my Sir’s cock in my throat. The very same one I was about to get fucked by when you interrupted us.”

I heard Sir say, “Julie, she told you she was all tied up. She wasn’t lying.”

Julie looked in shock and said, “You said you were all tied up, but I didn’t take that literal!”

Julie looked at him and said, “obviously.”

That’s when her anger truly subsided and she said, “I guess I need to go. I’m… I’m…. sorry.” She was now embarrassed and at that moment, she just wanted to get away.

But Sir grabbed her by the arm and said, “Julie, all is well here. You know that right?”

Julie started to look at the ground as she was now going into shock at what she’d seen. I said, “Julie, I’m fine. Actually I’m better than fine. I am in my favorite place, serving my dominant Master Husband. If you want to stay, and watch to see that I speak truth, I feel like Sir would welcome that.”

Julie looked at me in surprise and said, “You… you… you want me to stay???”

I smiled and said, “well… yes.”

Sir handed her his phone and said, “I’ve been taking pictures all day. How about you take pictures of anything you see that you like… or rather maybe something you think we would like….”

Julie stared at the phone and barely spoke. All she could say was, “oh, well, Uhm… thanks, but … uhm….”

I laughed and said, “surely you’ve seen people have sex before! And surely you wouldn’t show dishonor to my Sir by saying no to his request.”

She reluctantly took the phone and said, “oh wow. Uhm. Well. Ok.”

And with that, my loving husband looked at me and said, “it seems your friend now knows how submissive and slutty you really are. Put on a show for her to have some picture worthy moments.”

I said, “Yes Sir!”

That’s when Sir said, “Now, open that mouth and let’s see about getting my cock ready to fuck your cunt once more.”

I opened my mouth and he started to fuck my face with even more eagerness than before.

My husband started talking as if Julie wasn’t even present by saying, “What an amazing day this is shaping up to be…. Woman, suck my cock hard! You make me a happy man. And while your mouth has talent, what my cock really wants is to be balls deep in that pussy of mine. Are you ready?”

I mumbled, “Yes Sir” since his cock was still jamming deep in my throat. That’s when he pulled his rock hard cock out of my mouth and he said, “So Julie. You think you can get some great shots of my submissive slut devouring my cock right into her needy pussy?”

She said, “uhm, I think so. But I may need to move to get a better shot.”

My Sir said, “That’s the way to think! Go for it. So move anyway you want and take whatever pics you can. She won’t object, will you my beautiful slut?”

All I could manage to say was, “Like I told you before, I’m all tied up today… and I have nowhere to go!”

All from then on, all I heard was the familiar sound……. click, click, click.

The end.




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