87 – Got my wish

This pic and it’s words are Soooo true. And sooooooooo exactly what happened tonight. Sir used me in a way that pleased us both!

And i didn’t say a word to him. i just decided to trust him and be happy in it. No matter what came of it…. or didn’t. And he allowed me to orgasm over and over.

(Thank you D for your comments… it made me think about trust, about letting him be in control, and about the sub mindset…. and i appreciated it so very much!)

i’m very pleasantly happy as i go to sleep!




  1. Yay Marie!! I’m so happy reading this. I’m glad that my words helped! Sometimes our minds can be our own worst enemies. Hubby once said to me “if you want to plan everything, then email me my script.” He felt like his efforts were wasted when I’d keep giving him “helpful advice.”


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