133 – How VERY normal i am

i know the things i blog about are very much NOT the norm for most people. But that’s what makes it very crazy and very fun to read… and well…. to live and write about to.

But i quite literally tell you about the only very crazy part of my life. i don’t tell you the very boring parts. Why? Because they are quite simply ….very boring.

i live in a very suburban neighborhood, a very average suburban house, and work at a very normal day job.

i wear (mostly) very conservative clothing to work because i do live and work in Texas, a very (overall) conservative views state. And while people say my career is very boring, i like my job very much. i would be very sad if my job were to end.

In fact, aside from our marriage dynamic, i am a very boring, very average, very normal everyday person.

i am SO very average, that i have said for many years i must be a chameleon. i look like every other common person on the planet!

While it hasn’t happened lately, frequently over the years when i meet new people, they say things like, “I’ve met you before.” And they proceed to rack their brain for any commonality that could lead them to the ephiphany moment of where we met before. This happens while i sit thinking, “i don’t know you and …. oh no…. here we go again….. how do i politely tell them that no, we do NOT know each other??”

Once was i was in a grocery store, a complete stranger was so very sure she knew me and said hello. Then she realized i was not the person she thought i was, but was still so very sure she had met me somewhere. When i politely said i really don’t think we have met, she was insistent and became determined to figure it out. She asked me, “do you go xyz church?” (No) …. “Did you go to xyz High school? (No)

i kindly excused myself and went to the next aisle. When she turned the corner too (we were coming from opposite ends toward each other), she then asked if i had a child in xyz sporting event. (No).

And this continued in the next aisle too! Was i related to so-and-so? (No). That’s when i got smart and skipped two aisles and managed to avoid her after that!

i say all this because i think people think i am some very strange person to WANT all this DD in my life. i also wonder if you are in a similar D/s relationship and may sometimes think, “my Dom isn’t as good/ strict/good as hers” or even, “I’m not as good a sub as she is.”

Well, i think you’d be surprised to know, and i dare say, if you saw me on the street, i would be your very average girl/mom walking by. i am so very ordinary in fact, that you may not even take notice otherwise!

All that really means is that i keep my very crazy shenanigans on the very down low.

However, that’s not really very hard to do since all my very crazy activities revolves solely in my marriage too. It doesn’t spill into my very ordinary life at all.

Additionally, while i am talking about how very average i am, i want to say – so are you. And that’s a good thing! That means – we are very much alike.

So don’t compare what you read about my Sir/Dom to yours or compare your submissiveness (or your relationship altogether) to mine. Why? Because first, we are all different. But second, it’s really very hard to keep this D/s dynamic going on a 24/7 basis. And third, remember you are reading about the “newsworthy” stuff. That means we all very much have very normal lives. i just chose to tell you about the very crazy moments in my life. But the rest of it….. well…. it’s very boring!

So don’t read stuff on the Internet or in a book and think, “they have it altogether, all figured out, and ‘perfect’. I sure wish my life was that way.” Because no one’s life is that way. You are simply reading about the stuff they chose to tell you….. which in most cases is, “newsworthy.”

i love how very average and very normal and very chameleon-like i (and you!) am. And i hope you like you too!

[Did you notice all the times i wrote “very”? i recently had a conversation where a friend told me she hates that word and wishes it could be struck from the English language. It also reminded me of an English teacher in HS who said the same thing also. Here are some synonyms for very: extremely, precise, actual, immensely, tremendously, exceedingly, powerfully, extra. And i could go on. But i won’t. i’ll just tell you….. i really had a very, VERY, V-E-R-Y good time writing that word in today’s VERY boring, normal post about life! It made it VERY exciting and newsworthy!]




  1. I’m very interested in this post of yours. I sometimes wonder how many other very ordinary people have very adventurous sexual dynamics, such as ours.

    It’s very nice of you to remind us to consider more than the ‘cover’ when judging others. Wouldn’t life be very dull if were we all as ordinary as we appeared?

    Very thoughtful post of yours.
    It’s very appreciated.

    Hope you have a very nice day!


  2. I love this post! It’s so true that we only write the newsworthy stuff. Reading the mundane stuff would have us all switching off our electronic gadgets and going off to get in trouble so we had something interesting to write about! I love the ‘very’ comment, Miss D got in before me with the very in every sentence lol otherwise I was going there and doing that thing!
    I’ve met that woman who chased you around the store! Not her, but one just like her! She was convinced I had been at her sister’s wedding and I had tried to kiss the groom and had caused a boat load of trouble! I eventually managed to convince her she was mistaken, but I had to wait a good few minutes while she ranted until she calmed down enough for me to be heard. She was hugely embarrassed when she realised her mistake and kept following me around the shop trying to apologise. I was laughing my head off because the scene she had caused was being stored away in my noteworthy incidents note book I carry around to be used at a later date in a comedy script. 😛 xx

  3. Normal is such a judgmental adjective. I much prefer to use unique. While others may walk similar paths, none are exactly like mine. Plus living between a Rock and a Weird place, nary a soul bats an eye as we all dance to our own soundtrack. Hugs back to ya!

  4. I love the title, because I once felt very abnormal. I once felt I was the only woman/wife who got her bare bottom
    spanked like a child. That was in the early 1990ties, We had one sided Dr Dorothy Spencer plan but I didn’t believe anyone else did. I knew spanking helped me and our marriage but at the same time seem very abnormal.
    One of my major weakness, is comparing! But then in late 1990ties we got the internet and I discovered, I wasn’t that abnormal all. Thank you for all your post.

    • Jelena – thank you for posting. I had never heard of Dorothy Spencer until you posted here. I looked her up and found her ways very intriguing, especially given the time frame in which she wrote her ideals(1930’s). I felt a connection! Marie

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