116 – Another hot date!

Quite literally, the temps in Tx are over 100! So it is a date that is hot. And i found a new weather app called “WTForecast”. It gives you crazy words to describe the weather upon opening the app.

Like just now…. this is what it said:

That’s funny! That’s the weather version of ME and my cheeky comments!

Ok ok… that’s not exactly what you want to hear about…..

Y-E-S …. we are on our way to dinner with our new couple. Date #2 – one week after the first date.

We’ve had an amazing week messaging back and forth and we are headed to another fun dinner with them now.

i’m super excited to see them too! It will be fun, we will laugh, be honest, and talk about everything imaginable!

At what point can i say they are our bg/gf’s?!?! Hmm. i dunno. Maybe not yet.

No, we don’t plan to have sex tonight either. Just dinner. But i do have on a skirt without panties, so it’s possible i may get some fingers inside me at some point.

But today IS Friday and we haven’t done maintenance for the day. So i have to be on best behavior too.

David told me he might bring the paddle with us and have them do it for him. When i asked him how that would happen, he first said, “I’ll make you assume the position at the table.”

i laughed and said, “i guess i’ll eat before we go so my stomach won’t be mad at me when i spend the night in jail!”

Then he said, “seriously …. maybe in the parking lot afterward.” i don’t think he would. i’m not worried… too much. Lol.

i do know maintenance waits for when we get home though, so it’s possible it could be more like a punishment if i don’t act right too. But i will. Cuz i want to! Cuz i know it’s going to be F-U-N!

So i’ll tell you more tomorrow!

PS …. their initials are “BJ”. i think that’s fitting!

Hugs –



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