DAY 7 : YOUR TOYBOX…What’s your favourite toy or item of equipment?

i know i am behind… work has been crazy and has caused me to be away from you… so i will try to get caught up.

My favorite toy is the rabbit vibrator.

i love being told “start masturbating and don’t cum until i tell you.” And using my rabbit.

It’s a basic toy. i know. But sometimes, go back to the basics.

This is the second one i’ve had. i can cum faster than anything with that toy!

And just so you know… i have a large toy box.. handcuffs, finger cuffs, ropes, spreader bar, a lot of monster dildos, one that is custom made, inflatable dildo, a fist dildo, remote control bullets..

Oh speaking of bullet…Besides the rabbit, my 2nd fav toy is the remote control bullet. It is controlled by an app. Anywhere in the world. And when David takes control, it goes on/off at random times and is amazing!



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