Day 6 of 30: My Submission

DAY 6 : FANTASIES…Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Well… this could get interesting reading what others say about their “most interesting sexual fantasy”….

So here’s mine…..

While i don’t have a desire to be a slave or a “little” full time, i do fantasize about it all coming together on occasion.

Submission… with a little slave… with a little of little… my version told like a read-able fiction story…

He said, “get on your knees like a good girl should be.”

And i dropped to the floor. i know to have my legs spread and my hands turned – palms up – while they rest on my knees. And of course, i already stripped all clothing off when i heard the garage door open. My eyes downcast toward the floor, and back arched so to make my boobs stand out instead of sagging inward.

He steps toward me putting one foot between my legs. He is so close that i feel the tip of his shoe against my clit. i immediately get wet between my legs because i’ve been trained to be ready for him at all times and now the slightest touch sets me off.

He leans down near my face, puts a hand under my chin to pull my face upward to him and he says, “what a good girl you are. Has my little girl been good enough to get a reward?”

i feel my pussy juices flow even more with his touch on my face and his words directed at me. i am pleasing to my Master and husband, which makes me fill with joy in my heart and cum in my pussy.

i calmly and quietly say in my best little girl voice, “yes Sir, i have been.”

He says, “good. Then i have an evening of fun planned for us both. And we have to get you ready now. I need you to get on all fours on top the coffee table.”

i just say “Yes Sir” and do as i am told. And i wait.

Sir leaves the room and comes back in a short minute with toys in hand. i look to see he has a mouth gag, a blindfold, and a spreader bar. The bar that has two sets of side-by-side cuffs attached to it on either end. i know that means my ankles will he strapped into the outside cuffs and my wrists will be strapped in the inside cuffs, with my arms stretched down between my legs.

i turn over to be on all fours where Sir straps on the mouth gag. He’s not speaking to me but that’s ok, i trust him. And he strap my ankles into the outside cuffs and snap the locks. i turned back over onto my knees and slide my arms down between my legs so that my shoulder is on the table with my ass is in the air where Sir straps my wrists to the bar and applies those locks also.

Then he puts the blindfold on. i can’t see anything. But i hear everything.

And i wait.

i didn’t have to wait long.

i heard the doorbell ring.

i heard Sir go down the entry way hall to answer the door.

i hear men’s voices.

i recognize them all.

It is all of Sir’s golfing buddies.

In total, i know he plays golf with about 10-different guys, and it sounds like at least half of them have come to our house.

After Sir welcomes them into our house, i hear Sir say, “yes, of course she’s ready! I already told you she would be. Come see for yourself.”

And i heard the footsteps coming down the hall to open into our living room where i was on display. My heart races. Sir has never done this before. i am suddenly grateful he put the gag in my mouth so i can’t object and the blindfold on my face so he can’t see my worry.

That’s when i heard a collective gasp, with a “oh wow!” And a laugh too.

And Sir said, “can I get you all something to eat and drink? Watching football today is going to be an interactive sport gentlemen. Eat, drink, and use my wife in any way you desire. She’s here to please. Aren’t you sweetheart?”

And through my mouth gag i try saying, “yes Sir” but it came out all garbled. Everyone laughed. And i heard Sir say, “well, you heard the woman… no objections! Men, let’s have an amazing Sunday to remember!”

And i heard a whole lot of zippers coming down……


  1. Hi Marie, you have such a fun blog. I read one entry and was hooked on reading all the rest of them. I’m always looking for you to post more. I understand you don’t post any photos of yourself but was wondering what you looked like. Blonde or brunette, blue eyes or brown eyes, large chested or small, tall or short etc. Just curious.

    • Thank you for the comments and reading/coming along on my journey.
      I am a dirty blonde, shoulder length, very straight hair. Dark Brown eyes. 5’2” (yes, quite short). Large chest, natural. And we live in Texas. 😉

  2. Hello again Marie i wanted to tell I believe this is my Master’s favorite up till now Lol he LOVED it(so did i) i think this is his fantasy to do with me someday😳😬😊

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