237 – Pretty in Pink.

i told you about how David approved a new chastity belt to be bought. Well, i was planning to buy a $$$$ value, custom-built chastity belt but when it came to pressing the button to “submit” the order, i chickened out. (Catch the play on words… i submit to David, but not submit the order online?! Lol)

i started thinking about allllll the what-IF’s. What if it doesn’t fit right, what if this is a “phase,” what if i am allergic to the metal it’s made with, what if someone discovers my belt … how do i explain this…. Why am i crazy to want this..…. What if…. WHAT IF….. Anddddd what IF…..

And after the what-ifs became so many, i decided to instead order a cheaper $$$, but new, Chinese version. i told David i wanted to try to wear it more frequently and not just as a cute, sexy play toy or as a punishment. But rather, a regular occurrence with the purpose of limiting my own access to my own pussy to keep me more ready for him and to ensure i don’t have orgasms without permission.

While David doesn’t think a belt should be necessary and he thinks the chastity belt looks “really uncomfortable,” he does agree that i have zero self control.

Ever since ordering it (the cheaper version belt), i have been daydreaming nonstop about having it on. i have thought, “i wonder what it will be like i do this (whatever “this” is!) while belted.” And, “i wonder if David will want to be my key holder. i hope he takes the keys and does not give me the opportunity to just get out of it just anytime i want.”

And in the midst of all my thoughts…. it arrived.

The Chinese versions come disassembled and are quite adjustable. (i am not sure how the $$$$ custom-fit ones would arrive.). It’s great, as i don’t need to worry about whether i measured and ordered the exact-right-size. Giving me yet another opportunity to determine what the true, correct measurements for the really nice, $$$$ quite pricey, and quite-specifically-fitted belt should be.

It has taken me two days to get it set to where i think it’s the right fit. It was no easy feat! i wonder how many people would just give up!

But today…. It went on.

It is 8:40 pm as i write this. Been locked up for 30-minutes. i have no idea how long it will stay on.

It fits so snug. i can’t really reach my clit at all. Yes, i already tried. i had to know. But that’s the point, right?!?

i walked out of the bedroom with it on. Nothing else.

David was like, “oh wow! My wife is all locked up and looking so sexy!”

And he held his hand out. i was like, “what?”

He looked at me like i was the dumbest thing on the planet, rolls his eyes, and says, “keys??”

“Oh. Yeah. That.”

He smiled and said, “uh… yes. That. They belong to me.”

So i went and got them. Dropped them in his hand. And he smiled.

(That answered one question about whether he would be the key holder!).

He asked, “comfortable?”

i answered honestly with, “so far. But it’s only been a few minutes.”

He said, “we will see if you think it’s still comfortable next week.”

i admit… i am not entirely sure if he is thinking i will not come out of the chastity belt for an entire week or maybe i will be wearing it a lot, but not non-stop, and maybe by next week the shiny new toy isn’t so shiny then. i hope it is the latter. In fact, i am quite sure i won’t be able to put it on, and never have it come off (for a week straight), that quickly or easily.

My ultimate goal is to be locked up as long as David wants, without reason to take it off. To be more specific, i hope we get to the place where i am locked up anytime i am away from David (like work, grocery store, girl’s night out, etc – so neither i nor anyone else being able to touch me) and when David goes to sleep (to keep me from playing with myself at night).

So i wonder if the belt will come off tonight yet…. Small trial. Or will it stay on overnight… longer trial.

The belt is comfortable, fits quote snuggly, but does not hurt one bit. At least right now anyway. While it may start hurting at some point, its not supposed to hurt, if it’s fitted correctly anyway. Its supposed to fit tight enough to stop sex and/or masturbation. In my case, perhaps both but especially masturbation. So having a longer trial already so soon is really A-OK by me.

As we start to get ready for bed now, he announced he has hidden the keys. He continued by saying if i want them back or to have the lock opened, i have to ask nicely.

So i asked if i can have the keys to take it off for the night, and he smiled and said, “nope! You can sleep in it tonight.”

And now we are talking about ordinary things like whether the doors are locked, how our day went, what book we are each reading, about him having sinus congestion and that he has taken Tylenol PM… and will be asleep soon.

i will admit… i should’ve asked for an orgasm before getting locked in. As that’s now all that i have thought about for many minutes here tonight too!

i won’t lie though … i am happy. i wanted this. And i think it will be good for me. i know this will save me for David. It will make me be quite patient, submissive and receptive to David’s mood and needs. That’s the part i most look forward to.

And if this trial with the cheap $$$ belt goes well, i will indeed order the permanent $$$$ belt with glee.

We shall see if i agree with all these same sentiments by this time next week! Of course, all it takes is a little discipline…and my ability to O-B-E-Y!!




  1. Nice! All of your sweet (and owned) intimate womanly parts
    thoroughly covered and under control young lady…Love the photos 🔥

  2. So exciting Marie. Looks very sexy. Wonderful also that David has taken your keys! The naughty girl can’t rub her clitoris all hours now!
    Looks quite tight on… are you going to be able to wash etc?

    • Thank you Merksmith. I have already talked to David about hygiene and we agree it will have to come off regularly to keep clean, but yes, I can urinate in it and get (with a lot of work) myself dry. In theory, I can poop in it too as there is a large hole for that express purpose (or could be for anal sex, either one!), but admittedly that makes me nervous about cleanliness.

      • You will have to figure it out Marie. I get the feeling that you are going to be spending some long time in it. Guess that a shower after pooping will be an option. The extra effort and challenge of getting yourself dry each day will be a nice mental tick about your submission… 🙂

      • I agree. About all that you wrote. About being in the belt a good bit, about learning to clean myself (and poop), and about a nice mental check. I’ve said before that frequently submission is more about NOT doing things (not being bad, not breaking rules, etc) so it’s actually a good thing to have a doable action sometimes too. Hugs!

  3. I never cease to be impressed with your devoted submission to David.! Although he likes your submission you seem to take note of every opportunity to give him more and more obviously devoted submission. You may not be perfect butt you are one of the most dedicated determined and devoted submissives I am aware of.

    I believe that may be what makes your blog work for me. Your deep submission is the very cornerstone of what you write about. It seems to be a consistent theme throughout your posts and I really love it!
    I have an awful lot of awe and respect for you.
    Thank you for your inspiring posts.

    • Oh wow, thank you Paddlefan. Such kind words! You just made me smile so big, and you just made me so happy. (Careful, I may get a big head now! Lol). Seriously, I am grateful and awed. Marie.

  4. I am seriously impressed, Marie! What a beautiful device and it certainly looks like you are locked up tight for your man. I will look forward to reading how this affects your submissive mindset, as well as the logistics (keeping clean, bodily functions, etc.). Great post! XOXO

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