236 – The drought has ended…maybe. Hopefully!

i would certainly not say the flood gates have sprung wide open but beings as i was caned this afternoon, the weather forecast seems to have changed too.

My in laws are in town and I have been flirting with David the entire week they have been here. I’ve done it in a nonchalant way that could have gone unnoticed by most, including my in laws, but not by David.

Yesterday i inserted an anal plug in my ass, and texted David a picture. His response was a “hmm.” i admit, that response fully annoyed me. i wanted (needed!) more. A L-O-T more!

i left the plug in all afternoon. When we went swimming, i made a point to tell David it was still inside and swimming with us.

i have tried before to train my ass to accept a plug for a full 24-consecutive hours and to date have not succeeded, i do hope to get there one day.

i haven’t a clue why this is such a recurring goal for me…… Except i suppose i do know why after thinking about it a bit. It feels like an achievable goal to be able to manage and control my own body by pushing it past a limit that my body seems to want to maintain. i won’t do anything so extreme to cause myself to have medical issues, but i know i can master it. It is a power of mind over body that i want to gain. And as such, it is a great turn on for me.

That was probably a squirrel trail though, as it wasn’t too relevant to today’s topic of … weather. Which has shifted a bit. For the better. Even though it seems to be rainy.

While in our backyard pool, with our son and his parents inside, i tried to get David to sexually touch me and get me to orgasm. He got annoyed. He didn’t get completely angry, but definitely not happy either. The clouds were setting in.

And i did not get the O that i was seeking.

When we got out of the pool, and we’re in our room drying off, he said, “Take off your swimsuit. Get on the bed. On all fours, where your ass will face me so I can see the plug.”

i smiled and eagerly complied. i was happy to do as told, as i didn’t think this was leading to anything bad or negative. Why would i have assumed that? We have been in a severe drought mode lately! i assumed i was about to get my wish for him to have sex with me, in some form or fashion, and i’d get that orgasm after all.

But you know what happens when you assume, right?

He got the cane out. Ut oh.

i get asked frequently about whether being spanked with the cane or spanked with the paddle is better or worse. And which one of the two that i like (or hate) most. i would say that neither is better or worse, they are just quite different from one another. The cane has a very different, dialed-in, specific sting when it makes contact with my butt, compared to the paddle that is a very broad, all-over smack. They both hurt, but in very different ways.

The cane is very silent. It’s quiet effective for times when there are other people in the house. He told me to accept this caning with the same volume from my lips as the cane, which meant he expects to hear nothing. That is always a challenge.

As he delivered the swats he told me how i have been a bad girl flirting in front of his parents, in such overt ways that likely made them uncomfortable. When i started to squirm, i grabbed a pillow and buried my head in it to keep from making audible noises.

And that’s when i felt his touch. The caning continued with one hand, while his other hand explored my sex. He made a comment about how wet i was and that clearly i am turned on.

Pleasure and pain. i felt them both. And it was indeed a turn on.

i was physically turned on by his hand, but i was also mentally turned on with the idea that of his dominance had possibly (finally) come back to me. i enjoy submitting to my husband, and i know he enjoys having it. But words without actions frequently are moot, or maybe even mute. So the idea of being caned was quite a turn on for what it may now mean might be returning to our marriage. (The actual caning hurt like crazy!)

He urged me to give him that orgasm that i so wanted to have. And so i did. It flowed hard and fast from my body, all the while i bit down on the pillow to keep from making any noise at all. The orgasm flowed, while my butt was turned a bright red from the cane.

So the rain came down and i enjoyed it. i let the lovely wet feeling completely encompass my body, mentally and physically.

i continue to pray his dominance will return in full. While i am unclear yet if the drought has officially ended, i do know there was wet rain falling today! And it felt good!




  1. loved reading your story….so honest and telling it like it really is….you express yourself so well

  2. I read in a blog once (or twice) that a spanked wife is a happy wife. I hope you get downright joyful for days at a time! Maybe even dancing around holding your bottom as you dance. You deserve it (that being said in a nice way of course 🙂

    • Paddlefan, I would completely agree that a spanked wife is a (deliriously) happy wife. I’d love to be delirious! ❤️😉

  3. Lovely! I’m so glad Marie. At least you now know that bratting works, but you need to persist!

    • Lol. Bratting works… for a bit. I have to be careful though to never go too far. That’s usually when I truly do find myself in trouble! 😉

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