26 – i asked for a spanking

Technically speaking, i asked David to tell me “how serious” he was about DD, because if he wasn’t, i wanted to know and if he was.. well,…. i wanted to know.

i didn’t have the courage to actually ask him face-to-face, so i did what everyone else would do… i texted. 😉

Me: “so i understand why we’ve gotten away from DD as of late, but i miss it. And i understand if you say no, but if you are still wanting this type of marriage/life, i am asking to be spanked.”


No text back.

He hasn’t even read it. Yet.

Can i delete this? “Recall”?

Am I stupid? Why do i WANT to be spanked?


Oh …. he read it… oh there’s the three ….’s….he’s texting… . what will his answer be? Why do i feel anxious about this?

Sir: “there’s more to discipline than JUST spankings, you know?!”


thinking: oh wow. Careful what you ask for.

Texting: yes Sir.

Maybe things are back on track ….soon… ready or not, here we go! And that means a sore butt…. but happiness galore!


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