227 – Party (and Maintenance) Friday

S-U-C-C-E-S-S! Our Christmas party was a grand success indeed.

Ultimately it was! Of course, not without some trouble during the day… naturally no day is ever really perfectly organized.

And today was no exception.

We started the day with a Maintenance Friday (MFer!) of grand proportions. David had promised it would be a more difficult maintenance spanking, and it was.

At first, David said he was too busy and maybe we wouldn’t have time for it. It didn’t take but a minute though for me to stress out about rather small things and for David to become completely aware that indeed a rather intense maintenance session was needed.

i was setting out all the alcohol for the event, and it was much. i felt compelled to organize it by type and was stressed about the exact place,ent of it. Thinking of it now seems rather silly actually, but in the moment, it was important to me.

As i was preparing for the party, i was doing so nude in an attempt to be completely exposed … and calm. When i am naked, i have no physical place to hide. Literally. And usually, it keeps my minds calm too. But…. Not on Friday morn.

As i was in a tizzy about the alcohol’s organization, David saw me and asked what i was doing. When I told him, he became rather perturbed. He said, “Maintenance is sorely needed! Go get on the bed now. I will be there when I’m good and ready!”

i kept organizing the alcohol though, and David grabbed up my hand, and looked at me square in the eye and said quite sternly, “Go get on the damn bed NOW!”

So i did.

He left me there for many long minutes. i said prayers as i waited. i asked God to make me calm, to bring David’s hand to help that too, and to let me relax and accept the spanking as i needed to.

And i did. i accepted it. In truth, i needed it. Spankings ground me. They bring me to THAT moment. i can’t mentally or physically be anywhere else. It causes all other stress, thoughts, angst to evaporate. i was actually rather happy to have it.

As he spanked my bottom quite red, in no time at all, he talked to me. He was saying things that required me to focus on his words rather than the intensity of the swats he was delivering.

He said things like, “is there any reason to stress about alcohol?”

And, “You will be calm today, won’t you?”

And, “Does it matter if the alcohol, or anything else, is not organized precisely?”

And, “you have co-workers who can read to find their own alcohol preferences, correct?”

And, “you’ll stop acting like a crazed woman now, won’t you?”

And, “if you do NOT calm yourself, I will bring you right back here tonight and spank your ass for all to hear, even during the party. Do you want that?”

And, “Do you believe that I’ll spank you for all your co-workers to hear?”

And finally, “will you be a more calm, better woman now?”

And with that response, my ass was stinging and bright red. Tears were forming, but not flowing.

He sat me upright, kissed my lips and said, “Now. Will you my good girl today?”

While many of the questions required a yes or a no, and i had to focus on the question at hand to answer properly while in the midst of each swat hitting my ass with extreme intentional intensity, the last question was clear and i answered just as clearly…..

“Yes Sir.”

With that, we continued to prepare for the party. After lunch, the tenuous started building again. David said, “it’s time. I can tell your stress is rising. And with that, you need to be reminded to be submissive. Go put the plug in now!”

So i did. It went in quick, but not without any pain. Sometimes it feels bigger than it is. And of course, of all days, this one it was feeling particularly large! So on top of my ass being turned red on the outside earlier, now it was about to be turned red on the inside too.

i was able to get comfortable with it in, but i knew the night would be long too. Thankfully, it was no time at all and we were off to the restaurant to pick up the food that we had ordered. As we drove, David intentionally went quickly over the speed bumps. When i mentioned how intense the plug felt he said, “that’s good. It will remind you to be submissive even more!”

When we got to the restaurant, the food was NOT ready. In fact, the restaurant seemed confused about the order at all. When David produced the emailed receipt and details of the order, they immediately set about getting the food started. But the timing of the party start time was looming large and the amount of food we needed, made me think we simply didn’t have time. People would be arriving and we wouldn’t even be home!

i said absolutely nothing. But David knows me well enough to know i was am absolute mess inside! With a plug inside and knowing i was to be submissive, i was trying desperately to keep myself in check.

At that moment, i was grateful for the plug! i decided to squeeze my anal muscles on the plug, and release immediately once again. I decided to do it over and again as a reminder to be calm, and to remain Submissive!

David looked at the restaurant staff and said, “she needs a drink.” And he proceeded to take charge of the order and me. He ordered a large, frozen strawberry margarita. When they sat it in front of me, he looked at me and said, “the food will be ready in about 20 minutes. We have plenty of time. We are here early for this express purpose. You need to trust me on this. And you also need to drink this drink in its entirety before we leave here.”

i said just two mere word. “Yes Sir.”

And i sat and drank. And let him be in charge.

Things ended up working out exactly like David said. We were back home in plenty of time. We enjoyed the party thoroughly.

My ass was filled for the duration of the party. i can’t lie, the alcohol did as much for my insides as the plug did. The alcohol allowed the plug to feel so much nicer too! Both the alcohol and the plug allowed me to be the best submissive wife all night long. i stood by David’s side, spoke with kindness, refused to be argumentative, and was calm.

As i climbed into our bed at the end of the night, he praised my ability to be calm. And submissive. Then David touched me sexually. He brought me to orgasm almost immediately. i relished in the feeling as it washed over me thoroughly.

As we turned out the lights he said, “I am sure this was a successful day. We need to do this exact thing every time in the future. Would you agree?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Next party will be so much better now. Sleep well. I love you.”

“I love you too Sir.”

And the lights were turned off and we slept quite well.

See…. It turned out better than the last party! All in all…. an amazing day!




  1. The most noteworthy thing about this story to me at least was this. David is an amazing Dominant! He used several approaches to help you get through the party prep– the paddle, the plug, his calming words, and alcohol .As a result the party went well and you received an orgasm to boot. Although your submission was notable, I vote for David as the MVP of the day. You married well!

    • I agree Jerry! David definitely had my best interest at heart and in his kind all day long! So while my ass hurt inside and out, it was effective and he was the best husband to me!

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