24 – Playing without permission

Speaking of playing without permission, i decided to do just that yesterday.  i was in my own mind, having a fantastic fantasy, and decided to “play it out” in real life.  Problem was:  it was NOT with permission.

Here’s what happened ….David was tired, on a Saturday, and decided to take an afternoon nap. i was not tired.  And my mind wandered.  And i got horny.

i imagined my Sir saying, “while I am napping, I want you to lay on the bed next to me. Do NOT wake me up.  But DO play with yourself.  Get yourself wet.  VERY wet.  But do NOT cum.  You are NOT allowed to cum!  Do you understand me?”

Me: “Yes Sir.  But Sir, i don’t know how long you will sleep.  That could be hours!?”

David says, “I’m glad you understand.  But do you really think I care that you don’t know how long it will be?  I gave a directive and I expect you to follow it!  Any reason why you can’t??”

Me:  “No Sir”.

Sir: “Good!  Now be a good girl and help me have some good dreams and wake up to an amazing reality.  You are allowed to use any toys you like.  You are simply NOT to cum or wake me.  Now do you understand?”

Me: “Yes Sir”.

So i got out my inflatable dildo.  And i inserted it.  And i pumped it up.  And pulled it in and out.  And inflated it more and more.  i counted how many ‘pumps’ i did.  i got to 10 before it felt tight.  So then i did 5 more!  It stretched my pussy so much it hurt.  i made myself hold that pain and stretch for a count of 60-seconds. i wasn’t sure the tears wouldn’t fall, but i held them back. 

And i released all the air. It deflated.  That’s when i touched my clit with one hand and pulled the dildo in and out with the other.  i was getting seriously aroused and very wet indeed!  

That’s when i repeated the inflation.  And again, i counted how many pumps of the dildo that i did.  Since i did 15 before, i did 15 again. It was SO completely large and tight. i had to use one hand to hold the dildo in while holding the pump with the other.  And i pumped it 2 more times.  And held it.

ALRIGHT – TIME OUT – insert sound effects — screeeeeetch … roll back tape.  SO what exactly is reality and what is fantasy?!

WELL – all of the above actually happened… the EXCEPTION being for the actual conversation with and direction from Sir.  THAT part was in my head.  The rest – the dildo, the pumping, the holding, the stretching, the touching my clit – THAT part – that all happened in real life.

And THAT was when Sir woke up!  OH NO.  WHAT WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCES?!? (insert sound effects:  Dun, dun, Dun….)

So i’ll say – What did NOT happen was Sir waking up at that moment and in that position and saying, “Oh my Good Girl!  How fantastic! You know I’ve been stretching you in anticipation of getting my entire hand in that pussy of mine!  I am SO pleased you used this time to make that pussy of mine so ready for me!”


Me:  “Sir, can i explain?”

Sir:  “What’s to explain? It looks pretty obvious to me!”

Me: “Well, i had a fantasy….” (and i told him everything i told you above).

That’s when i heard him say, “Hold that pose.  Do NOT move”. 

That’s when he got off the bed (in real life) and disappeared into the bathroom.  When he came back, he took the dildo out. 

i was fully anticipating getting my ass beat raw.  But that was NOT what happened either!  Instead, he had lube in one hand, rubbing it onto his other. 

He said, “For this to work, you have to be VERY still and VERY relaxed.  Do NOT clinch your muscles or move your legs or ass one bit!”

Me:  “Yes Sir”.  (What?  i’m going to get my fantasy to become reality?!? And NOT get in trouble?!?!)

And he roughly and quickly pushed 2-fingers into my pussy.  i flinched.  And my muscles tightened.  That’s when the look on his face grimaced.  And i heard him say, “What part of ‘relax’ didn’t make sense?  relax.  NOW!”

Me:  “Yes Sir”. And i did. 

And all 4-of his fingers inserted into my cunt.  i focused on staying very relaxed and very calm.  i focused on my breathing.  

i heard Sir say, “Oh what a tight feeling.  Good Girl for not flinching that time.  Now just my thumb remains!”  And i felt it touch my clit for a second before it also went in.

WOW – that was SO tight. My back arched.  And that caused my pussy to also move positions.  And Sir took his free hand and slapped my tits. Followed by a hard squeeze of the nipples.  

i let out a yelp.  He said, “you deserved that!  Your movement caused my hand to hurt.  Do NOT move again or you will feel the same pain I feel!  Am I clear?!?!”

Me: “Yes Sir”.  And i kept repeating the words in my head “relax, relax, relax.  loose.  loose.  loose.  Wet.  wet. wet.”

And his hand pushed harder and further inside me. He was able to get about 3/4ths of it in.  And he wiggled his fingers.  THAT was such a turn on.  i was about to cum.  i could feel it.  i was already so wet and so turned on and now being in this position with David stretching inside me it was all too much.

i asked “Sir, may i cum now please?”




And that was the very second he pulled it out and said, “You didn’t have permission to play with my pussy.  And now you are not allowed permission to cum either!”

Then David said, “Put the dildo back in.  Inflate it again. And turn over”

i did as i was told while he disappeared to the bathroom again.  i heard running water.  He’s cleaning up.  i heard a drawer.  i knew that was the paddle coming out.  

He said, “since you are so determined to have that cunt so stretched, I’m going to spank you hard now and you are NOT to allow that dildo to come out!  Do whatever you have to do, but it will NOT come out or we will start again!”

“Yes Sir”

He spanked me senseless and without mercy.  i deserved it.  i’d be lying if i didn’t admit too that i am glad i did it.  That fantasy come true was SO worth it.

But now today my ass is still sore as i type this.  But i’d do it again for THAT result!  🙂


  1. Wow if only my husband would do that to me, I fantasize about every thing to do with sex and sexual pain!

    • I fantasize more than my husband delivers. He could do a LOT more and probably still not reach my fantasy world. But we are getting closer everyday! I hope you can get closer too!

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