4- Second Day (in a row) Second Spanking

Hello ~

So i haven’t been here in a few days as “life” has gotten busy, as is typically the case for the weekends in anyone’s life!  So there’s a bit of catching up to do…..

Second Spanking Second day in a Row.

Yes, i got two spankings two days in a row.  But this one was sexually charged and wasn’t really a “true” spanking, in my opinion.

Back-story on how i landed here…

i have a full-time job.  And sometimes i have to go to training for continuing education as a result.  This time i had to go to a half-day training.  And my husband works from home quite often, which was the case today (obviously since ‘virtual spanking’ isn’t a thing!)

So i was home by 2:00 pm.  Our son had after-school activities and wasn’t to be home until 6:00 pm, which left me with several hours of ‘free-time’.  Free-time can be good and bad…. too much and i get lazy  but too little i get stressed.  Either way, i have issues!  Which is, in part, why DD is a better lifestyle for me than pre-DD.  Because now, lazy and stress aren’t really tolerated and i have an outlet to get those behaviors to be dealt with.

Upon arriving home.

I greeted Sir with the familiar kiss on the cheek, and smile, and announced i was home.  i asked him if he preferred clothes on or off… as we don’t have an official policy just yet.  We are still new to DD, as i started blogging – literally – the day we officially started this… and while we will ultimately end up with a contract, we don’t have it in place yet and are still exploring what we like/ don’t and how this will be long-term .. and we are both okay and prefer it this way … for now anyway.

He said it was “entirely up to you” (me).  i was a bit disappointed in this as i want him to make decisions, be in control, tell me what to do, take away my ability to ‘think too much’ and well, dominate.  But i also recognize we aren’t in a M/s relationship, nor do i think (there i go thinking too much again!) i want that.  So maybe having ‘some’ decision making authority is good *(?!)*

i ultimately decided on nothing.  i wanted to be naked in our home and prance around to see David’s reaction.

David’s reaction was good.

And i got what i was looking for.  He reacted all right.  He saw i was naked and told me to go outside and throw the dog’s ball (our dog is obsessed with ball throwing!) and i think David half-way expected me to object, but since it is in our fence-enclosed-backyard, i didn’t.  i just did it.

And i think that turned him on.

Ordered to the bedroom.

When i came back in, he said (in a quite firm and calm tone, but with no hint of sexual prowess either), “You are to go to the bedroom, insert a medium sized butt plug and assume the position.  I’ll be there soon.”

i had no idea what i’d done wrong.  i equally didn’t know how long ‘soon’ would be.

Our “position” for discipline is with hands on the bed, elbows straight, head down to stare at the bed sheets or my feet, feet on the floor, spread shoulder-width apart.  So i did as told.  (Come to think about it now, maybe i might need to add an element of getting the paddle out and maybe laying it on my back to rest until he comes in to retrieve it.  But is that “topping from the bottom”.  I dunno!)

As you have guessed, Sir says he prefers the paddle.  His hand gets tired and sore when spanking with his hand, which is of course, NOT at all desirable for him!  The paddle hurts.  i’m not sure in comparison to ‘what’ exactly (yet) but i’ve no doubt that at some point (soon) i’ll find that out as well.

i waited.

I heard him come into the bedroom.

It seemed like a long time until he arrived, but it gave me time to relax, to think, to pray.  i prayed for his leadership, his guidance, that God would make him the man that God desired,and that our marriage continue to grow in a way that is pleasing to God.

You might think i was praying for me – that it wouldn’t hurt too much (or that it would), or trying to figure out what i did wrong to be here – but i didn’t pray those things.  i decided that i would exercise truth.  If Sir asked why we were there, i would simply state, “i’m not sure”.

And that’s what happened.

He asked.  i stated.  He said, “you were naked on purpose to taunt me. So i want to now use you to my pleasure.”  i knew he was right, but i’m not sure that was exactly “bad” either.  (Frankly, i think this was just a way to get me to the bedroom and have a reason to spank me, but i was ok with that!  He was leading our marriage and doing what he wanted with and to me and i welcome that!)

The Butt Plug.

He stated, “The plug is here for me to know how much you clinch and how much you release.  The plug is NOT to fall out.  If it does, that will add to this punishment.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir”.  (And with that, i was dripping!  i was so turned on i wondered if i’d cum before he was done with the spanking!).

The Wooden Paddle                                                     .wooden paddle

i felt it steady against my ass.  i felt him smoothly rub it around on my ass.

Then it pulled away and swatted me.  It was an easy-warm-up swat.  (i politely asked after Spanking 1 if he could consider some warm-ups before the ‘real deal’ next time.  When i had asked, he merely responded with “I’ll consider it”).  i had a handful of those, which served to mentally prepare myself for what was next.

The paddle then moved away from my ass and i was cringing – both my butt cheeks and my facial cheeks – expecting it to be “the-one” but instead, i felt the (small/side) edge of it touch my clit.  He rubbed it between my legs and up through my butt crack.  THAT got me sexually charged.

And when it moved away from my body, he said, “I see you are very wet.  You got my paddle wet!”.

And then i felt the hard SMACK to my ass.  It came hard and swift.  I flinched.  I felt the butt plug go deeper with the smack, but almost slip out with my flinch.

He laughed as apparently he saw the plug movement also.  He asked, “Is it going to come out?!?”  And i simply wasn’t sure.  i supposed it would depend on how long this paddling lasted.  But i didn’t state that outloud.  i wasn’t sure if:  1) i was allowed to speak, 2) if i really wanted him to know that information.

SMACK.  Harder yet.  And i fell to my elbows on the bed.  And i heard, “I didn’t give you permission to move or rest on your elbows” and

SMACK.  Harder even yet.  i raised up and heard, “Good girl” with a lighter SMACK.

i’m not entirely sure how many smacks i got.  But i do know that my ass was on fire in a short period, especially since it was still a bit tender from the day before’s spanking.  And the intensity of his SMACKS and with the butt plug in added to these sensations i was experiencing.

Sexual part.

i was sexually charged from the start.  Afterall, i was naked from the start!  And now i was filled with a plug, showing my ass to my husband, and he has already commented on my being wet.

But now he was sexually aroused also!  He put the paddle down and i heard the easily discerned sound of his zipper.  And i heard his shorts hit the floor.  Then his hands grabbed each (firely-stinging) ass check and pushed me onto the bed onto all 4’s.

He immediately pushed his cock into my pussy, while fingering and pushing on the plug to make it go deeper yet.  i was beyond arroused!  i was filled and happy!

He pushed back and forth, in and out.  i was

i typically ‘help’ at this point.  i move my hips, i reach between my legs and feel his balls, i touch my clit, etc.  But as i started to move my hand, he stearnly said, “NO!  DO NOT MOVE!”.

i found this erotic, but a difficult challenge to follow.  i’d always helped.  it was to ‘help’ us both.  But this time, NOT happening.  But i kept trying.  He then smacked my arm with his hand, and grabbed my arm and pinned it on my back.  And said, “I SAID NO!”

And that’s when i cummed.  i wasn’t sure if i was even allowed to cum or needed to ask permission.  (Again we haven’t exactly finalized “the Rules” yet).  But he loved it and was pleased, (Phew!).  With that, he pulled out and told me to keep the plug in until “Further notice”.

And i asked “Permission to suck your cock Sir”.  And i did.  More heartily than i’ve ever done before.  And he loved it.   And it pleased us both.

With that, back to work.

So was THAT a punishment or a reward?     i think both.  What would you say?!?  (and for the nay-sayers about DD, is THIS really BAD?!?!  i think not!  again, what would you say?!)

And that’s when he went back to the office (at home) and started working while i got on my laptop and did the same….

still naked.  still plugged.  until further notice.  😉




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